Lenovo K900 shows off Intel Clover Trail+ benchmarks at MWC

The Lenovo K900 recently made an appearance at the Mobile World Congress, showing off some impressive benchmarks for its resident Intel Clover Trail+ processor. Competing well against the likes of the Exynos 4412 and even the Snapdragon S4 Pro and 600 chipsets, Intel is showing that the company is serious about expanding its presence in the Android world.

Benchmarks, of course, are rarely indicative of real-life performance, but they are often used by us bloggers to distinguish one smartphone/chipset from another in a standardized, quantitative way. This is especially so with new devices, as the press usually has access only to pre-production models at the time of product announcement, and they usually only get to play with the devices a few minutes.

Now that I’ve gotten the overly-detailed disclaimer out of the way, you can see in the following screen grabs taken from GSM Arena’s site to show how Intel’s 2.0 GHz dual-core Clover Trail+ chipset competed against some of today’s top Android handsets:

Attached Image: Antutu.png

Here you can clearly see Intel’s strength, as the K900 outperforms last year’s Galaxy S III (Exynos 4412) and HTC Butterfly (Snapdragon S4 Pro). Surprisingly, the Clover Trail+ chipset also outperforms this year’s flagship phones in the AnTuTu benchmark, including the Sony Xperia Z and the HTC One.

Attached Image: Quadrant.png

The Quadrant benchmark is the one that brings the K900 back down to Earth (although the Quadrant scores also underscore wide performance gaps between phones having the same chipset). The K900 narrowly beat out last year’s Snapdragon S4 Pro-powered Nexus 4 (surprised?), the Tegra 3-based LG Optimus 4x HD and the Exynos 4412-powered Meizu MX 4-Core. However, all three chipsets get their revenge via the Samsung Galaxy S III and Note II (Exynos 4412), the HTC One X and One X+ (Tegra 3), and the Sony Xperia Z (Snapdragon S4 Pro). Beating all of them by a wide margin is the HTC One (Snapdragon 600).

Attached Image: SunSpider.png

The SunSpider benchmark shows off Intel’s Web browsing prowess, with only the iPhone 5 and the Windows Phone 8-based Samsung ATIV S and Lumia 920 beating out the K900 (running Android 4.2 Jelly Bean). All other Android phones tested (including the HTC One and the Intel Medfield-powered Motorola RAZR i) proved inferior to the K900. On a side note, the brand new Xperia Z and the Nexus 4 placed last by a wide margin among all of the phones tested.

You can see a hands-on video courtesy of Android Authority below:


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