Last Call: Verizon Announces Final Month to Upgrade OG Xooms to LTE

Last year’s debut model Xooms were rushed to market with a few key features not working, or not yet in place. One of those was, of course, LTE. Instead, OG Xoom owners lived with 3G on their devices for much of the year, while those that held out were given LTE out of the box. OG Xoom owners now have only a limited time to get their device in for upgrade to LTE. If you’ve been putting it off since the upgrade process started last year, Verizon is calling your Xoom home for the last time.

The time to have your LTE radio installed is now coming to a close, with Verizon and Motorola announcing that the final date to receive that upgrade will be March 31st. The time for stalling is at an end. You can follow the link to Verizon’s upgrade site and get details about where to pack your Xoom off to. A couple of weeks later, you’ll have it back with a speedy new LTE connection. Before you send your tablet in, however, you’ll want to make sure you back up all of your files, and clear all of your personal data off of the device with a factory data reset. Motorola has published a handy “getting ready” guide, as well that covers all the common sense basics. Once you get your Xoom back, you should be able to restore and move on with your life.]]>

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