Koush’s Superuser App now integrated into CyanogenMod

On March 3rd, Koushik Dutta (aka Koush, developer of all that is ClockworkMod) announced via Google+ that Superuser was live on Google Play for all to enjoy. As good as that news was, Superuser still had something brewing. Today, Koush and CyanogenMod announced that they took Clockwork Superuser and merged it into CM. Now this is not a simple merge of just adding Superuser to the other applications – they actually integrated the application into the system. So do not fret when you go looking for it among your apps and can’t find it; it is no longer an application on CM but an option (“# Superuser”) under Settings.

The integration does not affect the overall functionality of the application but simply makes it look sleek and professional. Other custom ROMs will probably follow suit with the integration. Paranoid Android has announced the switch to Koush’s Superuser app, and we expect to hear more developers do the same in the coming weeks.

The new Superuser settings are already merged into the CM nightly builds as of March 6. Those of you who use CM and for any reason do not want to use this specific Superuser have nothing to worry about; you’re still able to install and use another SU application (SuperSU, Superuser by ChainsDD, etc). Check out the new integration and let us know what you all think.

If your ROM doesn’t have Superuser integrated or comes with ChainsDD’s Superuser or SuperSU and you’d like to give Koush’s implementation a try, we’ve linked it below.

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Superuser (by Koush) is available for Free at the Google Play Store


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