Jellybean Rumored to Include Android@Home

We have barely had our first tastes of Ice Cream Sandwich and already we’re begging for more sweets. The Jellybean (aka Android 5.0) mill has been churning hard this week and the latest tidbit from SlashGear is a doozy. The site has strong reason to believe that the next iteneration of Android is going to include some incredible home automation features in the form of Android@Home…

Android@Home is coming, there is no denying that. The system was first announced at Google I/O last year but has yet to make a real appearance anywhere since. This home automation system allows users to control various appliances and lights around the home using your Android device. This is truly a geeks dream, but why do many expect to see this system integrated in Jellybean? Let’s break it down.

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With the recent announcement of desktop mode inside the next version of Android, it’s clear that this version is aiming for more than the typical font/color UI upgrades. Home automation inside Jellybean would be a powerhouse feature that could give Andy a nice sized leg up on the competition. The Android Hub that is said to control Android@Home has also been busy on the rumor circuit lately and it along with Jellybean have both been rumored to launch Q2 this year. Top tech site SlashGear is convinced that these two projects seeming to line up is not a coincidence and that Home features will indeed be a key focus of Jellybean.

Android@Home promises to bring some incredible abilities to mobile devices, and we couldn’t be more psyched to see these features finally manifest. Like most rumors though, you should take this one with a grain of salt but we just thought it was too juicy to pass up. What do you think Rootz readers, do you expect to be commanding your toaster from your phone by the end of this year?


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