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The question often comes up when sitting with friends and talking about movies or television, “What other show was that actor in”? Often times now, we go to IMDb to get the information. Even better for us in this mobile age is the ability to quickly access and find this information on our Android devices. The app itself has gone through quite the transformation on our phones and even our tablets. Here is a list of enhancements now available for all of us:

Sharing – check in on Facebook & Twitter to share what you’re watching
Recommendations – discover other titles you might be interested in
Mobile IMDb message boards – join in the discussion on your Android phone or tablet
Filming locations & soundtracks – learn even more about the movies you love
Similar titles – discover new movies and TV shows
Metacritic – now see both the IMDb user rating of a title as well as how the film critics scored it
Amazon login – log in using your Amazon account

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It’s obvious that IMDb is much more than a search engine now to recall an actor’s name or find out the other movies or television shows he or she has starred. It’s also a social sharing service with easy access to the actual content for purchase. It’s clear that they are meeting their goal of not only providing trivia knowledge, but also allowing users the ability to check in when watching a program or even watching it on demand on their devices. The ability to easily jump from seasons to other episodes also makes this an even more useful tool.

The IMDb forums are probably one of the larger outfits on the entire web with over 2 billion unique views a year and bringing that accessibility to the apps are helpful for those seeking more information about something they’re watching and with a new and well oiled recommendation engine, discovery becomes a hidden gem within the IMDb ecosystem.

Has anyone taken time to check out the new features on their phone or tablets? I’d love to hear some thoughts from the IMDb faithful in the comments.

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