HTC to Release New Developer APIs

In their first appearance at the Mobile World Congress, HTC has decided to embrace the developers a little more. No, not by fully unlocking their bootloaders. They don’t love you THAT much. They have released some new APIs into their OpenSense SDK, though, giving you even more customization of your HTC devices.

Sense gets a lot of flak. It really does. It’s not exactly the most efficient nor dev friendly oUI out there. However, However, with these new APIs, devs might have an easier time customizing HTC’s phones to their liking. So if you’re a developer, keep an eye on HTC’s dev portal for the new API updates, which are:

  • Beats Audio API
  • Lock Screen API
  • Mobile Device Management API
  • MediaLink API (coming soon)

Of course, in the right hands, these APIs could help developers port some of HTC’s custom software on to other devices. After all, we’re sure that people will love the thought of Beats audio on Samsung phones, or that wonderful HTC ring lock screen on an LG. The sky is the limit with these. Now if HTC would only S-OFF their bootloaders completely, then we would really be in business. But we don’t suggest holding your breath for that one.]]>

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