HTC One X Rooted Ahead of Launch

The rooting community never ceases to astonish us. It usually doesn’t take but a blink of the eye for a developer to achieve root access on a device, once the device is launched. It is a little rarer however for a device to be rooted before it’s even out for mass consumption. Famous rom developer Paul “MoDaCo” O’Brien has done just that with the latest flagship device from HTC.

The One X is the highly anticipated upcoming phone from HTC, and this bad-boy boasts some serious specs. While this first-to-appear root method isn’t exactly the RootzWiki way (learn basic ADB people), MoDaCo has used superboot to achieve superuser access on the device. Superboot is a type of automated script file. So while it is much more reliable than your standard “one-click”, just remember it is automated, meaning the process is ultimately out of the user’s hands once started. This method is quite simple however. Connect the One X to your computer of choice and enter bootloader mode. From there run the downloaded .bat or .sh (depending on your comp) and voila. Say hello to your fresh newly rooted HTC One X. Er, when you can actually get one that is.

It’s exciting to see this method surface so early. HTC One X owners can get an extra wink of sleep knowing they’ll be running every mod under the sun before they know it. So how about it fellow rooters, does this cause even more salivation now that you know you can have day one root access?]]>

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