HTC One X Photo Revealed

For those not in the know, we recently hinted that HTC’s 2012 lineup was uniting under a single banner name called “One”. We’ve heard about four “One” phones so far, the One X (Endeavor), One S (Ville), One V, and the One XL. We’ve seen concepts of a few of these phones but more recently Pocketnow has managed to snag a leak of the first press photo for the HTC One X.

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You knew it was coming, and this latest snap shot points to a green light for this little number to appear at the upcoming Mobile World Congress. This leaked image is a bit different from the initial Endeavor photos floating around, but the overall form factor pretty much remains. The biggest differences here are the changing from the old four button style to a new three capacitive button setup reflecting Ice Cream Sandwich. It’s interesting that HTC still doesn’t seem to be embracing the dynamic on screen button style introduced on the flagship ICS device, the Galaxy Nexus. Also, we get a solid shot of the Sense 4.0 home screen in action, reassuring us that you will definitely want to root that thing down the road. Just Kidding… but not…

The One X will be the first HTC device rocking a Tegra 3 quad-core, and there are many rumblings that it will come equipped with the ever popular 4PLUS1 core to save juice when you’re not using it. The X also come equipped with a 4.7 inch 720 display, 8MP rear camera, LTE, and sub 9mm thickness. This is a beauty of a device from HTC and the hardware changes for ICS are a great bonus. MWC kicks off in Barcelona this Sunday and expect to see One X there with bells on. How about Droid-heads, will the HTC One X be the next device to grace the palm of your hand?


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