How To Force Android Market Update to Google Play Store

Yesterday afternoon, Google began rolling out the new Google Play content portal across the globe, and many of you have been getting the update automatically to your device. For those that haven’t here’s the quick trick to get the update on your device. If you’re running at least Android 2.2 or better, your device can switch over to the Google Play Store. The update won’t actually change anything or give you new features, just a shiny new Play Store icon in place of your market app. To force the update here’s what to do:

  • Head into your settings, apps, and find the Market app.
  • Clear the data
  • Relaunch the Market, and it should update to the new version, after you accept the terms

There are varying reports about this working for everyone, but you can also try this alternative:

  • Download any of the Play apps, such as Play Books, Play Music, or Play Movies
  • Go into settings, apps, find the Market app
  • Clear the data
  • Launch the Play app you downloaded
  • Tap the new icon for the Play Store

That should also force the update. If neither of those are working for you, just give it a little time. You’re not missing out on any new features or functions by not moving to the Play Store, so it’s not a big deal. Some of us just can’t stand not having the latest update, though.

If you want to install the new market manually (which might just be easier), you can just download the APK!]]>

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