Google Releases Stencils to Help Developers

The folks on the Android Design team have released some rather useful new stencils to help aspiring developers with the look and layout of their application. By using the stencils, developers can very quickly put together a paper prototype or mockup and identify issues in any layout before they’ve spent endless hours coding, rather than after.

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When Android Design launched back in January, it gave application developers three design principles to help emulate Android’s look and feel:

  • Enchant Me
  • Simplify My Life
  • Make Me Amazing

After a large demand from the community, Google has released a stencil pack. Compatible with Adobe Fireworks and OmniGraffle, Google hopes the pack can help to arrange better interfaces, so that applications will blend in with the rest of Ice Cream Sandwich.

Drag and drop your way to beautifully designed Ice Cream Sandwich apps. The stencils feature the rich typography, colors, interactive controls, and icons found throughout Android 4.0, along with phone and tablet outlines to frame your creations. Source files for icons and controls are also available.

Android Design

We love the work being done at Android Design, its another fantastic example of Google providing for the their developers.]]>

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