Google Play Gift Cards : It’s about time!

The topic of gift cards seems to come up a lot during Android conversations between fellow Android enthusiasts, especially during the holidays and other gift-friendly situations. There have been many times I wanted to purchase a movie, book, or even applications for family members but never could. The wait is nearly over.

Attached Image: Google Play Redeem.png

The people over at Android Central have uncovered a photograph of the Google Play Gift Cards many have been waiting for. The picture shows $10 & $25 gift card values for Google Play. There is still no word as far as when & where these gift cards will be available. It is fair to assume they will arrive at your local retail stores (Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy, maybe?) before this holiday season. There have also been screen shots of Google Play demonstrating a Wishlist and Redeem Option, which will likely be released around the time these gift cards will be officially announced.

How many of you have been waiting for gift cards to come about for the Play Store? Will you be looking forward to finding a Google Play gift card in your gifting future?]]>

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