Google Opinion Rewards wants to reward you for your thoughts

It seem like Google is really interested in improving their products based on consumer suggestions and opinions, not solely on Google’s own vision, which is a great thing. Google is backing its interest in rewarding you for your opinion with actions, in the form of Google Play credits. All they ask from you is to download an app on your device, Google Opinion Rewards, and answer surveys.

The app, which was announced the Google+ page ‘Google Consumer Surveys‘, just recently popped on the Play Store. Once you download it, it will ask you to give some information about yourself (gender, age range, occupation, etc) just to help categorize answers, and then explain the process of rewards and the timing of surveys. Some surveys will be worth nothing while others will reward you with Play Store credits, which you can then use to buy (or defray some of the cost of) apps, books, music, TV shows and movies. If you don’t have Google Wallet setup with your account you will have to do that (no worries though, it’s included in this app’s setup wizard).

According to the wording of the app, it seems that there will only be around one survey a week. You will be notified in the notification bar when a new survey is available. The surveys seem really short so far, having up to 10 questions, and the questions range from “Which logo is best?” and “Which promotion is most compelling?” to “When do you plan on traveling next?” Just make sure you take your time with answering or the app will give you a warning telling you to slow down.

Google is also planning on letting others use this type of surveying using their model soon, stating:

For researchers, the new mobile solution will be available to you in the next few weeks and is priced on a sliding scale with each respondent answering up to ten questions at a time. You get your results in days, with easy to read aggregated and analyzed data through the Google Consumer Surveys interface.

If you’re interested in “trading your opinion for a Katy Perry song” or “Maybe you need help completing a level in Candy Crush, but would rather pay with your time instead of money for much needed boosters” then you can download this app and tell Google what you really think.

Google Play LogoGoogle Opinion Rewards is available for free in the Play Store.

Source: Google+ Google Consumer Surveys

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