Google Games Coming after Google Play?

If Google Play has hasn’t already been pushed to your phone, or if you haven’y already impatiently cleared your application data on your old Market app, you still probably know by now that Android Market is dead, long live Google Play.  Word coming out of the Game Developers Conference going on in San Francisco implies that Google’s desire to incorporate all of its hats under one name isn’t stopping with just apps.  Apparently, and according to Punit  Soni, Google+ Games Product Manager, Google Play and Google Play Music is just the beginning, and next year users can expect gaming to also be solidified across the many platforms Google users have access to.

By next year, we will not be here talking about Google+ Games, Chrome Web Store games, Games for Native Client and Android games. We will be talking about Google games.

Punit Soni

If you ask us, the success of games is greatly dependent on the quality of integration and level of buy-in across Google’s many apps.  First of all, Google+ would have to become much more popular and acceptable as a notification system and advertiser of the games (via +1, and Hangouts to name a few).  Secondly, games would have to function well and quickly on Native Client or HTML5 on Chrome, and synchronization of app data and continuity would have to be seamless between mobile gameplay and the desktop.  This is a tall order, and while we all may love Android and what it has done to the mobile landscape, Google does have a hit and miss record regarding application development success.  

Is Google Games (if that’s what it’s being called) success possible?  Absolutely.  For our sake, let’s just hope Google Games is more Gmail than Wave if you catch our drift.]]>

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