Google Enables Smart App Updates for Google Play

When Google Play came up during the Keynote at Google I/O 2012 one major feature that was announced was Smart App updates. Google explained that this feature will make updating applications faster and efficient. When updating an application it would simply download the portion of the application that was updated and install it rather than re-downloading the entire application once again. The wait is over, users can enjoy their feature with the recent update to Google Play (Version 3.8.15).

Update: Google Play version 3.7.15 is said to be working with the micro-update system as well

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The positives include faster updates, less data usage, and happier users. Those who are shackled by data caps can now update your applications with less worry of passing your limits. For example, Instagram was update today with an application file size of 13.25MB. Instead of downloading the entire application again, my Galaxy Nexus downloaded 2.93MB and jumped to the installation process.

It’s time for use to enjoy some faster updates! Have you noticed a difference? What version of Google Play are you using?]]>

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