Google Drive to Launch Next Week?

Google Drive Features

Google Drive will apparently offer 5 GB of free storage to start, eclipsing the 2 GB Dropbox offers new users. Google’s cloud storage option will also apparently provide folders integration to both WIndows and Mac users, along with in-app editing for your documents via Google Docs. The service is also expected to provide client apps for both Android and iOS. Google Drive is expected to launch with several partners, including the online chart-drawing and storage service LucidChart (which could indicate in-app editing features for LucidChart and other third-party services as well – interestingly, LucidTree CEO Karl Sun was formerly a Google exec before assuming his present role).

Posted Image
(LucidChart screenshot leaked by VentureBeat)

This could also prove to be an advancement of Google’s strategy to replace (or at least augment) local storage for Chromebook users with online storage and a constant Internet connection. Like Dropbox, Google Drive is expected to offer the ability to provide direct links to files stored online rather than requiring that they be sent via Gmail or similar services.

Potential Caveats

As with competitors such as Dropbox, Amazon Cloud, iCloud, SugarSync and, it remains to be seen how practical cloud storage services will be in a tiered-mobile-data world. Furthermore, this could expose Google (and other cloud storage services) to further scrutiny related to file sharing and intellectual property rights.]]>

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