Google Developers Live Launches Alongside IO 2012 App

As busy as Google is with all of their projects, keeping up with what they’re doing can be a real hassle for developers. Whether you’re developing for Android, or working with one of Google’s own programming languages, or you’re just a tech blogger catching all the latest press releases, product announcements, or events, keeping up with Google can be a full-time job. Thankfully, Google has realized this and has put together a new site that went live today which is aimed at keeping devs in the loop on all the latest news year-round.

The new Google Developers Live website is the new home for everything developer-related from Google. It’s like a mini IO conference that’s on the web 24/7, keeping you up to date on the I/O sessions, as well as offering information on office hours, upcoming live hangouts with the Google crew, press conferences, and major development announcements. The featured topics appear both in list form, as well as on a calendar that can be clicked for further information on your topic of choice. Past shows are also archived for later viewing. There are currently 7 categories: Ads, Android, Chrome, Cloud, IO, Google+, and Maps.

Along with the launch of the new site, Google has also released the app for Google IO 2012, complete with session guides and agenda to help you map out which ones you’ll need to hit. That is, if you’re going to the conference. The app has some new tweaks this year to include integration with Google+. For example, you’ll be able to visit the profile for the different speakers at IO, as well as +1 different sessions. Sessions can also be replayed after they’re over, in case you missed one.

Here’s a little tidbit that Android Central picked up on this morning, as well. Take a look at one of the screenshots from the IO app.

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Now, if we can draw your attention to the Google search bar at the top, you may notice a small difference from stock ICS. The white border of the integrated search bar has been removed, and it’s now more transparent. As the search bar is integrated into the ICS launcher, that means that this launcher is, perhaps, an updated version. This is leading to speculation that we may be hearing about a new Android version, which includes a new launcher, or merely an incremental update to ICS. 4.1, perhaps? We’ll find out very shortly, as IO is just around the corner.

Download the IO 2012 App:

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