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It would be safe to call most webmasters control freaks. They want to know who’s going on their site, how long they’re at the site, what they’re looking at, and gauge any revenue that visitor brought to the site. Google Analytics has done a great job of feeding that need to report visits, monitor traffic in real time, and even provide these webmasters the flexibility they need to create custom alerts. Google has released Analytics into the Play Store for download. Here is a quick list of the features I saw while using the application to track my own personal blog:

  • Ability to view a primary blog.I only have one site, but it appears you cannot add others at this time.
  • From the main screens I can see real time active visitors to my site, top active pages, and top referrals.
  • I’m able to tweak and place many different types of graphs on my dashboard. I can add a graph to show impressions, revenue, unique visits. track adwords, page/event tracking, and and chart how search has led to my site.
  • Custom and automatic alerts. This helps for people who run campaigns on their sites. Probably for most of us, that would be relatable to a poll or a giveaway. Alerts like this can post revenue or if there is something going on within that page that is affecting visitors.
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The Analytics app, I think is off to a great start, but there are probably a few power features that can be added in the future. Having this optimized for tablets would be a nice improvement. I’d even venture that this would look like fun on my Google TV. I’d just load up real time visits and watch the world come to me. There is a lot of room for improvement.

I’d be interested to see how this has worked for people who have greater traffic than I do to their sites. I only draw a few people a month to my tiny blog, so there isn’t much to report. Do sound off in the comments if you’ve given the app a try and if there are any features that are missing.

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