Google and Adobe to bring Photoshop to the Chromebook

Chromebooks were designed to be easy-to-use and always-connected devices. You usually don’t have to worry about viruses and you rarely have to worry about losing documents because they weren’t saved locally. While it seems like Chromebooks would be the perfect option for people going to school or traveling, there have always been some limitations to Google’s Chrome OS.

One of these limitations is that Chromebooks lack the ability to download full-fledged applications, an advantage still held by Windows and Mac OS PCs. For some, that might be a deal-breaker. Things are starting to change in this respect, as Google announced Monday that a streaming version of Photoshop is heading to Chrome OS, available to people who have a Creative Cloud subscription. Adobe’s lowest Creative Cloud subscription for all of the beautiful apps is $29.99 monthly. This version of Photoshop will be compatible and integrated with Google Drive, so you won’t have to worry about having to download a full native, storage-hogging application to make it work.

This isn’t available everywhere, though. It looks like Photoshop Streaming will only be available as a beta for people in education right now. The beta gives you access to Photoshop Streaming, a place to voice your opinions and an in-app panel that helps teach you about the app’s features. To sign up for the beta, check out Adobe’s education sign up page here.

Adobe also mentioned that other products with streaming capabilities will be coming soon.

Source: Chrome Blog

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