Galaxy S III Rumor Recap

Every so often a device appears on the horizon that promises Android fanboys a treasure trove of futuristic features. Even if none of the leaked information is actually legitimate, the rumor mill can pick up steam fast and sometimes spin out of control. Enter the rumor recap, your favorite place to read speculation wilder than a Jersey Shore cast member on St. Patrick’s Day. In this special edition we’ll give you the full scoop on a device that promises to be the king of the droids, no matter which crazy spec sheet you’re guessing with, the Samsung Galaxy S III.

Even in the super hyper Android world, it is seldom for a single device to have as many purported “leaks” as the latest entry in the Samsung Galaxy S series. The Galaxy S II (and its variants) are some of the most popular Android devices on the market and it only makes sense for the new version to crank the anticipation knob up to eleven. First, let’s take a look at the various potential designs we’ve seen so far.

Attached Image: bezeless.jpg

The Bezel-less

Attached Image: buttonless leak.jpg
Attached Image: ultra thin.png

The Ultra Thin Buttonless

Attached Image: repeater.jpg

The Repeater

So far we’ve seen several different concepts of the S III, some of them touting some pretty radical changes, others not so much. The bezel-less design (above) has been “proven” to be a fake but it brings touts a drool-worthy architecture that you can bet your bottom dollar someone is attempting to cook up in a mad science lab in some deep, dark pit somewhere. It’s doubtful we’ll see such a small bezel just yet for mobile devices but the ultra thin button-less design is definitely a potential reality. This design is almost a hybrid between the current S II and the Samsung Galaxy Nexus with its lack of physical buttons. We’re shocked that the button-less style hasn’t really re-appeared since the Galaxy Nexus and we won’t at all be surprised to see it re-emerge with this new flagship. The “repeater” design shown from the leaked slide above is also a possible direction for the device but it mostly seems like a slightly thinner rehash of the Galaxy S II design although the picture does not illustrate the depth of the phone very well. It’s also rumored the body will use a ceramic case design similar to the one featured on the upcoming HTC One S.

Aside from the copious amounts of leaked physical photos we’ve seen, there’s been almost just as many leaked spec sheets to go along with them. It’s fairly safe to assume the device will rock some competition busting internal components, but just how super can one super phone be? Here’s whats been rumored so far.

Processor: Quad Core Exynos 4412
Screen Size: 4.7″ or 4.8″ Super AMOLED (3D capabilities also rumored)
Camera: 8 or 12 MP rear, 2 MP front
Ram: 2GB
System UI: Stock ICS, Touchwiz, or switchable stock/touchwiz
Other: 4G LTE

Those are most definitely some dreamy specifications but we’d be impressed to see all of it under one roof. Another interesting rumored morsel is the ability to switch back and forth between Touchwiz and stock ICS built right on board. If there’s one mythical smartphone out there capable of living up to the hype, it’s most definitely the Samsung Galaxy S III.]]>

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