Galaxy Note Headed to T-Mobile?

Over the weekend, a couple of leaks surfaced that peg the Samsung Galaxy Note as heading to T-Mobile. One story is based on a user agent profile (yeah, we know about those, don’t we?). The other is based on a series of leaked screenshots. There is little reason to doubt that T-Mobile could get the Note, as fellow GSM carrier AT&T’s exclusivity on the Galaxy Note ends this month, but how do we gauge the reliability of these leaks?

The User Agent Profile

Attached Image: UserAgentProfile.jpeg

TmoNews published a leaked user agent string that shows a “SGH-T879” is bound for T-Mobile with a 1280×800 screen resolution (identical to the AT&T Galaxy Note – by contrast, the Galaxy SII HD and the Galaxy Nexus are 1280×720). Although “SGH-T8x9” model name is normally reserved for tablets, TmoNews gives various reasons why this user agent profile likely refers to a phone rather than a tablet. One reason is that the user agent string is identical to that of the AT&T Note (save the “SGH-T879” instead of the “SGH-i717”). Another reason is that the SGH-T879 is classified as a phone by BluetoothSIG and the Wi-Fi Alliance.

The Screenshots

Attached Image: Screenshots.jpg

TmoNews has come into possession of a series of leaked screenshots that also indicate a T-Mobile Galaxy Note, and has once again given several reasons why the screenshots could be real:

  • The screenshots are scaled down from the Galaxy Note’s native resolution of 1280×800, meaning that the aspect ratio (height-to-width) of the screenshot is identical.
  • The build number prefix at the bottom of the first screenshot (“IML74K”) is identical to a leaked ICS build for the AT&T Note (the model number in the same screenshot is identical to the model number in the user agent profile above).
  • The build number suffix (“.UVLD3”) refers to the baseband, which indicates an official stock build, whereas the “.144” at the end of the leaked AT&T build indicates the 144th custom build. It’s apparently unlikely that someone posting a fake screenshot would have included that detail.


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