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From the creator of SuperOneClick, ShortFuse, we now have (at least the beginnings of) an integrated messaging client that fuses your phone’s text messaging and Google Voice messaging. Things are still a little flaky (read: beta) but so far things are looking very promising. If you happen to be a heavy user of both Google Voice and an avid texter, then it is highly recommended that you follow the progression of Fusion Messenger.

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What started out innocently enough with a “What should I write for my fifth cakeday” post over on Reddit, ShortFuse ignited a frenzy of interest in any number of possible applications. However, the one that kept standing out and was the most fleshed out was Google Voice integration for messaging. An idea that many people believe would be exceptionally useful, and something that honestly should be more integrated into Android itself. However, if you can’t count on Google to do something for you, then go ahead and scratch that itch – which is exactly what ShortFuse has started doing.

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The initial build that has been released to the Google Play store is still a little rough around the edges, but it’s enough to at least get an idea of where things will be heading. The developer highly recommends that if you already have the official Google Voice application installed that you should uninstall it temporarily and install Fusion first as things will work better that way. This would be one instance where it’s a good idea to completely read the pop up that shows when you first launch the application.

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Right now, Fusion isn’t much to look at and there aren’t a whole lot of options. You can change up the look and feel through a few theme choices and opt for a split contacts view in landscape mode. There is also an option to disable ads should you choose to do so. Feature-wise, you’ve currently got sending and receiving of SMS/GV, so no MMS as of yet is included. It is on the timeline, though, and should make its appearance when the final product comes out.

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If you are looking for a replacement for your current messaging app, this is currently not it. But if you want something to pull together your SMS and GV inbox, then Fusion is an application that you should definitely keep on your radar. The developer has some very grand ideas for where Fusion should be heading, and I for one am pretty excited to see where this road leads.

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Fusion is available on the Google Play Store

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