Explore Your Nandroid Backups with Nandroid Browser

In our rooted lives, we have all have to deal with a mess of backups and restores. There are times when we want to flash new ROMs, then only restore certain apps, or files from a previous ROM. There’s a few utilities that offer selective app restoration, sure, but it would also be great to be able to browse each of our backups and pick out single files to restore or send to other devices. That’s where Nandroid Browser comes in. Nandroid Browser is now available from Paradise Android in the Google Play Store.

Nandroid Browser allows you to manually browse the contents of any nandroid backup, and then perform several functions with any of the individual files within. Using the browser, you can extract individual files to your device, share those files with your dropbox account, copy them to another folder on your device, or open them directly from the backup. Currently, the browser supports backups in the yaffs (.img) or ext4 (ext4.tar) formats, which includes Clockwork Recovery, and several other types of custom recoveries. Add this one to the list of essential root tools.

This does bring to light a security vulnerability, as well. That’s the lack of encryption on these backups, which could open a doorway for malicious apps to steal data. Accessing the backups requires no permissions, aside from SU access, and while it’s not a reflection on this app in particular, it should be noted.

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