Dot View Case Hacked to Show More Notifications

Android is full of options for customizing the already very open ecosystem that we are given, that not only includes apps and ROMs but also accessories. The latest in customizing (also known as ‘hacking’) involves the HTC One M8’s Dot View case, the premier accessory that HTC released alongside their newest flagship.

The Dot View case is a rubber TPU flip case that has tiny holes in the front cover – upon turning on the screen with the case closed you get a pixelated view of notifications. The notifications are limited to weather, (missed) calling and texts, and volume state. As you may notice, HTC could’ve added options to have more apps utilize the cases functionality. That’s where famed XDA writer and developer Shen Ye comes into play.

Shen has apparently been toying around in the app needed for the Dot View’s functionality and has opened up the case for more app notifications. Currently he has teased Twitter and Hangouts apps working with the case (albeit buggy), and has stated that the implementation of the feature isn’t all that difficult. He stated the process is simply: “[…]It’s basically fetching number of notifications and placing the icon I set for it.” He also says that you will need root for this modded app (if he indeed releases it) since the app’s signature would be the same as the stock version.


Since he’s already done two very popular apps, I hope he implements more more of them or finds a way to make it open for every app. If you want to follow progress on this project or just keep up with Shen Ye in general, check out his Google+ and Twitter profiles below. Keep up the good work Shen!

Source: Shen Ye (Google+) | (Twitter)


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