Device Rumor Recap (2/4 – 2/10)

It’s always an interesting week in Android rumor land, and this week is certainly no different. We’ve got new colors on previously released devices, new devices on previously released colors, an android camera and even a new media center powered by the little green guy. So sit back, strap on your speculative seat belt and get ready for a bumpy ride with the device rumor recap.

T-Mobile Galaxy Nexus
Attached Image: Tony Hawk.jpg

So what do pro skater Tony Hawk and Google’s flagship 4.0 device have in common? Hopefully we’ll find out soon as the sports star released an interesting tweet this week that was an Instagram of him holding a Samsung Galaxy Nexus with the phrase “I love T-mobile” at the top. There are some who say the phone pictured above is NOT the Galaxy Nexus but it’s clearly the Ice Cream Sandwich data control screen on a device that is much bigger than the Nexus S. Did Mr. Hawk just out a coming T-Mobile Galaxy Nexus? We believe he just might have…
[Source: Androidandme]

Mystery HTC 4.0 Verizon Device
Attached Image: HTC.jpg

The boys over at Phone Arena have gotten their mitts on a special new device from HTC running Android 4.0. This device looks damn similar to a few other devices in HTC’s lineup like the Droid Incredible and the Rezound. The Arena guys speculate that this is either the Droid Incredible 3 or the HTC Fireball but that is purely a shot in the dark. On the specs side this bad boy is rocking a 1.2GHz dual-core Snapdragon processor, 1GB RAM, 8MP camera in the rear, a VGA front-facing, LTE connectivity and an AMOLED screen. The Verizon 4g LTE logo is present and the system information screen seems to confirm as well that this unannounced device is headed to big red. This along with the HTC Ville, that makes two devices already leaked from a company that promises it’s scaling back on its number of phones this year. Gee, you’re off to a great start HTC!
[Source: Phonearena]

Samsung Galaxy Camera
Attached Image: TL220BPRUS_400x400.jpg

So, needless to say but the picture above is most definitely NOT of the Samsung Galaxy Camera. Hell, we’re not even sure there will ever be such a thing. But Samsung seems to be preparing for one or are just locking down trademarks as a hobby. This week, good ole Sammy applied for a “Galaxy Camera” trademark with the USPTO with the products marked as “Camera and Camcorders”. The Galaxy name is already used in phones, music players and tablets so it only makes sense for the company to use this umbrella if it is indeed cooking up an android powered snapper.
[Source: SammyHub]

Berry Pink Galaxy Note
Attached Image: gsmarena_002.jpg

Alternate colors for devices seems to be all the rage these days. The typical multi-colored offerings from manufactures are often either a black or white variant. But life is rarely so clear cut black or white, and Samsung has apparently decided to brighten up the scheme quite a bit by offering a “Berry Pink” Galaxy Note. You know, for the women or the super macho man who just happens to love pink in your life The device has yet to be officially announced but we’re pretty sure it won’t be making what would seem like an obvious Valentine’s Day debut.
[Source: GSMArena]

Android Hub
Attached Image: Android-Hub-300x142.jpg

Last but certainly not least swirling the rumor mill this week is Google’s plans to launch a specialized home media center that runs Android operating system. The Wall Street Journal has revealed that some of it sources inside the chocolate factory have reported that Google is most definitely launching a home entertainment system that wirelessly streams music throughout the home and will be marketed under the company’s own brand. Geek Sailor reports that brand is Android and the device will be known as the “Android Hub”. The pricing is rumored to fall in the $99 to $149 range and include features such as bluetooth, wifi, and maybe even a NFC chip. This sounds like some of the base ideas of Android@home that Google mentioned at I/O last year but one can only guess. Android is being crammed into almost everything these days so a media hub center running our favorite OS only seems inevitable…
[Source: WSJvia GeekSailor]]]>

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