Device Rumor Recap (2/11 – 2/17)

It’s that time again. Time to speculate wildly and throw caution to the wind dreaming of the amazing devices of the future. That’s right, it’s Friday and that means another excellent edition of the Device Rumor Recap. This week we’ve got possible successors to the Kindle Fire, Atrix and Galaxy Note plus a crap ton of phones from that manufacturer that continues to promise to scale back on phones! With MWC around the corner, the rumor mill only gets crazier…

Galaxy Note 10.1
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Since the genesis of the original Galaxy Note, people have wondered if the device is truly a phone or a tablet. Well it seems Samsung maybe using the star power of the Galaxy Note name to push a new full sized tablet, complete with a Note type stylus. The Verge was the first to drop the rumor citing the above developer invitation. To further push the mill, after digging around a bit, the site found a casting call for a “teen student” who would be a Galaxy Note 10.1 user for a Samsung Commercial. So much for bluring the lines between phone and tablet…
[Source: The Verge]

Motorola Atrix 3
Attached Image: atrix3.jpg

Talk about a superphone, the guys at Androidandme think they have stumbled upon a blogpost of the upcoming Motorola Atrix 3. This device has some incredible rumored specs:
– Ice Cream Sandwich
– Tegra 3
– 4.3 1280 x 720 display
– 10 megapixel camera (dual led flash)
– 3300 mAh battery
– 2 GB Ram
The specs are so dreamy we’d be shocked if this was more than a concept phone. With the recent buzz about Motorola developing Intel devices, it’s interesting to see their old Tegra buddies still hanging around on this new unicorn. Oh, and hopefully if that picture is any indicator Moto is finally getting in on some dynamic on-screen button action.
[Source: Androidandme]

Galaxy S II v2
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Excited for the Galaxy S III? Too bad, says German retailer Cyberport, you’re getting more Galaxy S II first. The site had listings this week for a phone seemingly known as the Galaxy S II v2. The unit is pretty much the same as the original S II but this time there’s a 1.2 GHz dual-core TI OMAP processor under the hood and will feature quadband GSM/GPRS/EDGE support, as well as quadband UMTS/HSDPA+/HSUPA. Guess we’ll have to wait for the S III just a wee bit longer.
[Source:The Unwired via Androinica]

The HTC One Series
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HTC has stated many times that this year they would revamp their mobile scheme quite a bit and we’re beginning to see glimpses of that plan with their latest rumored devices. All of the phones in the HTC lineup seem to be uniting under “one” banner so to speak. We told you about the HTC Endeavor a little while ago and the latest predictions have that phone being launched under the guise of the HTC One X. The HTC Ville we told you about may have taken up the mantle of HTC One S. In addition to the X and the S, the HTC lineup may also include the HTC One V, which would be a beats audio focused device similar to the rezound. Rounding out the purported One series is the rumbling of the HTC One XL which, like the Sensation XL, would sport a bigger screen. So that’s four rumored phones from HTC and we expect at least two or three to surface at the upcoming mobile world congress. But really we’re just waiting for the announcement of the HTC One XVSXLZQRT. THAT phone is going to be the hotness…
[Source: SlashGear and Pocket Lint]

Kindle Fire 2
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With the latest numbers having the Fire now holding 14% of the the tablet market, it’s no wonder Amazon would want to move quickly on a sequel to their smash hit device. Well, Ubergizmo reports that the company may be doing just that, and it may drop sooner than you think. Rumored to launch as soon as May, the Fire 2 is also said to made out of some cheaper materials for this iteneration. We know that Amazon takes a slight loss with each Kindle sold so it’s pretty believable that the company would want to minimize that gap. The Fire 2 with a May launch could also be a way for Amazon to quickly “fire” (see: two bad puns, one article? check.) back at the rumored upcoming Ipad 3.
[Source: Ubergizmo]]]>

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