Cruzerlite Announces Series 2 AOKP T-Shirts (Designed by Tha PHLASH)

Cruzerlite is at it again. Think about this: Cruzerlite + Tha Phlash + AOKP = Android Swag goodness. Cruzerlite brought us Android beanies, Android plushies, Android cases, and now they have t-shirts. Cruzerlite has teamed up with Tha PHLASH to design the AOKP series 2 t-shirts, and the final product is pretty snazzy.

For every series 2 AOKP t-shirt sold, Cruzerlite will be donating $2 towards Team Kang’s Development fund. When purchasing Android swag is it great to hear that you are also helping supporting the developers who brings us the custom ROMs we love. For your purchase, you will receive an AOKP shirt designed by Tha PHLASH & one free AOKP icon pack from Tha PHLASH. The price for these t-shirt is $35 and includes free shipping anywhere in the United States.

Go HERE if you are interested in purchasing & supporting this cause. Your colors of choices are black, blue, green, grey, orange, pink, purple, red, white, and yellow.]]>

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