[CONTEST #8] Tweet And Follow

Have you ever wanted to cuddle with the bugdroid? Don’t be weird, you know you wanted to the second you seen him. Well we are giving out 8 Android plushies for 8 days. Each day will be a separate contest with either a question to be answered or problem to be solved or maybe even a poem. These things are unique and awesome, so take a moment to check these out and leave a comment!

Contest #8 – Tweet And Follow

Use Twitter to follow us for the final give away!

Make sure to Tweet us and/or share on Google Plus or Facebook!

“Get your favorite Android plushy from @RootzWiki: http://bit.ly/yvLM0V

The rules are simple, sign up and follow the rules for each contest.

Down at the bottom via Disqus.

You will have a choice from the following colors:

2x RED
2x Green
2x Blue
2x Yellow

Have fun and keep it clean.

WINNERS: (Please send an address and contact information to Staff@RootzWiki.com)

Contest 1: Haiku – Taylor Hunt

wipe data wipe cache
always do a nandroid first
flash rom and flash gapps

Contest 2: Where is plushy going? – Adam Outler

Plushie will go on my desk and perform the duties of software production manager. He will be assigned to a team of 1 (that’s me)
Duties include:
1. Ensure frequent commits to GPL and Apache standards
2. Provide entertainment for family members
3. Most importantly, look adorable!

Contest#3: Tweet us out! – Keyan X

The same unmentionable things I did for those damn Klondikes…

Contest #4: Fill In The Blanks! – Lucas Johnson

I would turn into a firehorse and blend my way to the thunderdome!

Contest #5: Give A Dev A Plushy. – Fattire

I would give the Nook Tablet Developer Fattire a plushie because of his amazing contributions to an initially hopeless seeming device. He has stayed with the community when many other devs have left and he has been helping a few of the non-devs start to get into kernel compiling. He is a great mentor and i cant wait to see what he will discover about the Tablet next. – Myke Bates

Contest #6: Name The Next Android Flavors. – Trevor Vass

Jelly Bean
Key Lime Pie
Lava Cake
Mint Chocolate Ice Cream
No Bakes
Orange Jello
Pecan Pie
Quit Trying Apple
Raspberry Doughnut
Sugar Cookie
Upside down cake (Pineapple edition)
Vanilla Fudge Popsicle
Watermelon Taffy
Xtreme Chocolate Chunk Brownie
Yellow Layer Cake
Zebra Stripe Cheesecake

Contest #7: Intervention for Android – ChilWill

Contest #8: Tweet and Follow. – @d1l777 Please contact us with your details by emailing us @ staff@rootzwiki.com (Specifiy color)]]>

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