Code Anywhere on Honeycomb with Codeanywhere for Honeycomb

Popular remote coding service Codeanywhere is great for the programmer on the run, or for working from a number of browsers. However, the native Android app has never been great for tablets, where one would expect to do most of your Android coding. A new release has now been published, which brings the power of Codeanywhere to Honeycomb.

Though Ice Cream Sandwich is the new kid on the block, there are still a huge number of Android tablets out there running Honeycomb, so this new release is not all that late to the party. We have tested it, and it is able to run on Ice Cream Sandwich tablets, as well.

The Honeycomb version of Codeanywhere has all of your favorite features, including the ability to connect to FTP servers and edit PHP files. In addition, you can expect the following feature set:

Code editor for Android Honeycomb feature list:

  • PHP Editor, HTML Editor, CSS Editor, Javascript Editor, XML Editor.
  • Edit your files with the built-in editor and post your changes.
  • Undo and redo.
  • Find and Replace.

FTP Client for Android Honeycomb feature list:

  • Browse, upload, and download from your S/FTP servers.
  • Download to your stored files from either an FTP server, or from a website.
  • Wirelessly sync your account across all Codeanywhere platforms.
  • Upload pictures and videos.
  • Use CHMOD to adjust the permissions of the file on your server.
  • Use SSL to transfer files from your Android Honeycomb securely.

If you’re ready to get your code on, head over to the Codeanywhere site and check it out.]]>

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