Chromebooks get some Android love, apps and notifications

Normally at Google I/O the presentations and announcements are centered around Google’s two main platforms: Android and ChromeOS. This year was somewhat different, with sub-platforms like Google Fit, Android Auto and Android Wear joining the fray. Another new addition this year is a unique bridge between Android and ChromeOS – soon you’ll be able to run Android apps and receive Android notifications on your Chromebook.

Screenshot_2014-06-25-17-27-32This crossover will be available when Android L is released, as that version has the APIs to enable apps to be adapted to ChromeOS. When it does arrive it should be an exciting new feature for Chromebook owners – for example when supported apps are installed from the Play Store to your Android device they will also be automatically installed on your Chromebook. The same applies to app updates – when you update them in the Play Store on your Android device, they will automatically update on your Chromebook.


Notifications should also be an added convenience for Chromebook owners. One scenario presented during the keynote address involved the Chromebook owner getting a low battery notification on his Chromebook as soon as it appeared on his Android phone (which was somewhere out of view, so this proved to be a useful reminder). Incoming call notifications will work much as they do now, allowing you to actually answer the phone with your Chromebook (this functionality is already present in the Chrome browser for PCs).

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