Bump App Update Allows Desktop Sharing

There are many ways to share information in this mobile age. People routinely email information and photos to facilitate sharing; some upload them to cloud sharing services; a third group just activates an app and bumps their phones together. Bump has been an information sharing novelty for Android, letting users swap information and share apps with just a ‘bump’ of their phones. With recent updates, photo sharing has been added and now a user can bump their keyboard’s spacebar to transfer images without the use of cables or other configuration schemes.

Bump really is as easy as it sounds; all it takes is two phone users with the Bump app installed. Two Bump users can bump their phones together and swap as much or as little contact information as they choose. Users can also share apps and photos, which I’ve found to be a nice feature. Sharing (free) apps you enjoy is fun to do when all it takes is a quick tap of the phones.

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With the latest update we’re now able to bump our phone with our desktop. Just select pictures from your phone, go to the Bump website, and follow the instructions on when to bump your phone against your spacebar. With an effortless experience that seems more like voodoo magic, my pictures quickly jumped to the desktop. There is a connection that needs to be established, but it was basically effortless. I tried this on my Windows/Ubuntu desktop and my Chromebook, all without issue.

Bump is not reinventing the wheel with this update, but the app and photo sharing does make for a nice addition to contact information sharing. Along with the cross platform support and new features, Bump is making a case to be a standard sharing application across the Android ecosystem.

Are you bumping with your friends or is this just a nice novelty that holds no practical place in information sharing? Let us know in the comments below!

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Bump is available for free at the Google Play Store.


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