Breaking News: ICS for Skyrocket Leaks, We’ve Got The Link (AT&T)

Samsung’s Galaxy S II Skyrocket fans have been feeling left out in the cold with all the ICS love their fellow GsII devices have been receiving, with the wait for a morsel of information seeming to take forever. We don’t have any information on when it might be released officially, but we are proud to offer you a fully functional Samsung-crafted Ice Cream Sandwich release for the Skyrocket. Let the downloading commence!

The build.prop file for this leak points to this being an official release, but as with any phone tied to a US carrier there’s never any guarantee. 4.0.3 IML74K 107 release-keys

The build date for this leak is March 14, 2012.

Attached Image: q8yB.png
Attached Image: o1kv.png

Attached Image: 9odT.png
Attached Image: 7MyN.png
Attached Image: skyrocketinfo.png

Install via Odin, give it a try, and let us know what you think! We’ve got a full preview of ICS on the Skyrocket coming very soon, so if you’re a little hesitant

Download (Odin): Official Samsung Skyrocket ICS Leak
MD5 (I727UCALC4_OneClick.exe) = 6e26fa1c0c45ea9d3b0abc599af623c9

Download (heimdall): Heimdall Files
MD5 ( = 6dbfc5b20f017070e8a41aa80158ddf8

FULL Build.Prop

RootzWiki would like to thank our unnamed source for this leak; you have made many people very happy tonight!


UPDATE 2: this is reported working on the t-mobile sgs2 as well! nope

UPDATE 3: Reports that NFC and Google Wallet are fully functional. Seems like we’ve been getting conflicting reports on this one, so Wallet may not work yet

UPDATE 4: flash recovery and superuser zip to get root!

UPDATE 5: added Heimdall Files]]>

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