Boid, A Twitter App That Fills The Void.

Recently in the past few months Twitter bought Tweetdeck and has been scarce on updates. We have used several Twitter apps for our Android devices to include Plume, Issimo, Twitter for Android, Tweetcaster and Twicca. In the Twitterverse recently, people have been raving over Boid. Boid is a new and intuitive Twitter client that we cannot just look over without telling you about it, something has to be said, and by all means, it’s great.

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As you can see above, there is a metric ton of difference in feel and style of Boid. Some of you have probably heard of this client as well, little do you know all of the developers are 17 years old. This app for being in just alpha/beta, has captivated thousands of users and from what we can tell, it just happens to be one of the best out and available.

If you would like to ask the developers for new features or if you have any bugs to report, instead of leaving a one star rating, give them a chance and head on over to the thread as well to discuss this new and awesome Twitter client. Also did we mention there is a contest?


  • This app, while in just beta, is extremely stable and fluid. The pull to refresh feels smooth and efficient.
  • Boid is a small group of developers who want to hear directly form the users, not a company fulfilling a vision.
  • Looks great and minimalistic, yet seems to have more than enough features to hold you over for updates.
  • This app has been receiving updates almost daily with vast improvements on the fly.

The BAD.

  • The app has force closed only a few times, but that is definitely ROM dependent as it seems. No flaws here on AOKP.
  • This app requires Android 4.0+.
  • There is no donate app, we love to support the devs!
  • No widget, but this is still an early build.

Contest Details:

Boid is looking for a new and creative design for their app, and to help boost them, the winner selected by the end of next week will be given a $50 gift card to somewhere special to pimp out your Android device!

Here are some of the requirements from Boid themselves:

  • It must include a character of some sort – something which you can see having the name Boid
  • It must comply with the Android Design Guidelines for iconography
  • It must be 512px by 512px
  • It must be awesome!

Don’t know if you should try? Leave a comment and tell us how your experience so far has been!]]>

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