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Shane has been intrigued by Android ever since he first heard that Google had picked up the little known company that was behind the OS. He remembers thinking what an awesome new world it was going to be once Google got into the mobile device market, and he still thinks that. Shane has been running Android since the days when he had to run it from an SDcard off of his HTC Kaiser II and was ecstatic when he was finally able to flash a working ROM to the old beast. He currently sports an HTC One on T-Mobile (with a Nexus S for backup) and is looking forward to all the cool new devices coming out soon.

Amazon App Store is giving away over $135 in freebies

For those of you who might be on the prowl for some bargain bin prices on your applications, utilities and games, you might just want to take a quick look over at the Amazon App Store as they currently have quite a deal going on.  They currently have just shy of 30 free titles, ranging […]
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