Apple’s Latest Litigation Litany Round 3: Return of the Moto (Update)

According to Bloomberg, the Apple lawsuit against Motorola has just been scrapped by a federal judge who rejected the validity of arguments presented by both sides. More information as it becomes available…

Rejecting damage claims by both sides in the Apple vs. Motorola lawsuit in the U.S. District Court in Chicago, federal judge Richard Posner prevented the case from even going to trial (trial was set to begin June 11). Apple alleged violations of four patents by Motorola, while Motorola accused Apple of infringing upon one of its patents. This was not entirely unexpected, as FOSSpatents had speculated last week that the scope of the trial could be narrowed considerably or even eliminated entirely if Posner were to deny any more motions filed by each side. Posner said to both sides, “You have to prove injury,” which fittingly summarizes his opinion about the validity of each sides’ claims.

Just yesterday, it seemed that Apple had a major advantage going into the last day of pretrial motions, but as it turns out, Posner really didn’t believe either side had supported its arguments sufficiently to go to trial for damages. However, either side could still be granted “injunctive relief” by Posner, or declaratory judgments regarding patents that will not result in remedy. If Posner decides that either side may possibly have a valid argument for injunctive relief, the case will go to a bench trial (one in which the judge renders a verdict on his own, as opposed to the just-canceled jury trial).

UPDATE:Judge Posner has now dismissed the case in its entirety with prejudice, ruling that neither side warrants injunctive relief either. Neither side can file lawsuits based on the patents presented here in federal court again.

This is a much bigger victory for Motorola than for Apple, as Apple had several patents yet to be decided on in its efforts to ban sales of Motorola hansets in the U.S., and Motorola only had one left in its countersuit (which was mainly filed to gain a measure of leverage against Apple should they win an injunction)

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