Androidified Case From Cruzerlite

CruzerLite is known for bringing unique cases to a variety of devices. Thanks to their effective protection and cool designs and color selection, CruzerLite cases have taken the Android fan world by storm.Let us see what Cruzerlite has to offer. If you’re an Android aficionado who enjoys flashing the Bugdroid logo at every opportunity, then CruzerLite has a case for you.

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The Androidified case fits great which is exactly what you want from a TPU case. Unlike some other TPU cases, this one has cut-outs for volume rocker & power button to make them more accessible for use. The edges of the case have a rugged finish that helps with gripping the device with ease. The TPU is tough but with some wear and tear will loosen up. My experience so far has been great. I have been getting positive feedback and compliments on the case. To see the case on the device and in action check out this YouTube video.

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Not only do these cases look amazing their price is fair. They cost $9.90 each at; there is currently a promotion where purchasing two cases will give you a third case for free. The Androidified A1 & A2 (seen in this post) cases come in multiple colors so I am sure there is at least one for everyone. To see what devices are supported check out Its rare that a product makes me channel my inner Frye and think “Shut up and take my money!”, but this case series had me hooked at first sight.

At these prices you can get 3+ (B2G1 Promo) Androidified Cases for your device for the price of one Seidio, Otterbox, or others. If you are looking for a case that provides a decent amount of protection but also looks great then the Androidified Cases from Cruzerlite seem like the logical decision.

Not only does Cruzerlite have the Androidified line of cases but they have recently announced a new series of cases called “Persona of Andy”. They have teamed up with Andy’s Threads to bring a vast selection of unique cases. To see what they have check out Cruzerlite Persona of Andy.]]>

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