Android Kernel Source Released for the Touchpad

As a gesture of goodwill to the android community, HP has released some very useful information to the team working on CyanogenMod 9 for the HP Touchpad: a test version of the android kernel and a few other components are among the goodies that will go towards the already impressive port.

“HP supports the community and was kind enough to provide us with the Android kernel source and some other GPL components that they modified for the few Touchpads that were accidentally released running Android.”

green has uploaded as much as he can to all the usual places, as detailed in the post on our forum.

We’ve also possibly learned some of the back-story behind the Touchpad’s development:

“What’s interesting about this kernel is it seems to be a totally separate development from the webOS kernel (this was suspected from the very beginning), but now the comments in the code seem to imply that HP had another team working on Android port to Touchpad and that team appears to be totally separate from the webOS team. I wonder if that means there was a plan to ship the Touchpad with Android that were then preempted by webOS plans after Palm purchase.”

Unfortunately official Wifi support is not part of the bundle provided, but that may be on the horizon.

[Thanks to green for the heads up.]


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