Android 4.3/Sense 5 gets leaked for AT&T HTC One

If you have an AT&T HTC One, you can get your Android 4.3/Sense 5 fix a bit early, courtesy of RootzWiki developer designgears and his anon source. A leak of what might be AT&T’s next OTA was posted late Tuesday night (Wednesday morning on the East Coast) in our forum. If you don’t feel like waiting for the OTA, and if you aren’t interested in using HTC’s ROM Update Utility, you can also flash this build in ClockWorkMod recovery, thanks to the efforts of fellow RootzWiki developer birdman.

A couple of warnings must be made though: the leak is not rooted, no bloatware has been removed and it has not been deodexed. It’s exactly as if it was an official OTA from the carrier. Also, if you use the RUU method of installing this leak, you might lose the ability to achieve S-Off via RevOne or Moonshine. If you already have S-Off, however, the RUU method is safe to use. In short, if you don’t already have S-Off, I recommend that you use the CWM-flashable zip file to install the build on your device. Also included in the leak thread is a CWM-flashable radio file.


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