Amazon Appstore finally leaves the Gingerbread era behind

The Amazon Appstore is by far the most popular mainstream non-Play Store marketplace within Android. The application itself though has always left a lot to be desired and operated with a long outdated user experience. The update to version 7 gives it almost a Holo experience, but still keeps its Amazon feel very much intact.

appstorenewThe last version before the update, version 5, featured a menu interface that we were all well familiar with on Gingerbread and earlier versions. The latest version provides the more modern ellipsis UI at the upper left of the main screen allowing users to access their recommendations, downloaded apps, search, and settings.

Many have stopped using the Amazon Appstore unless they own a Kindle Fire, but a lot of us spent a good amount of time downloading free daily applications and still keep it around. The daily offerings have been lackluster lately, but there have been occasional gems which has kept me attached to the application to this day.

The latest update actually makes the Appstore mostly usable again. Sifting through the applications saved at Amazon used to be daunting. It would take minutes for the application to scroll through the cloud apps. It also took way too many taps to check for updates on the apps that were installed on my device. The latest update seems to fix those UI issues and the overall feel of the application is considerably less clunky.

If you’ve downloaded the update, let us know what you think.

Hat tip to Android Police for posting an APK. Source: Amazon Appstore

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