All in One Thunderbolt Toolbox by Trter10

For such an aged device (by modern standards), HTC’s Thunderbolt still has a very enthusiastic following. RootzWiki recognized developer Trter10 has created an all-in-one tool for HTC Thunderbolt users. The tool is a utility for users who are currently rooted or are looking to root or unroot their device. Users need to have access to a computer running Windows in order to use Trter10’s tool.

The Thunderbolt Tool can be found in the RootzWiki Thunderbolt Forums. The RootzWiki forums are a great place to find utilities and other useful applications – like this tool.

The Thunderbolt All-in-One Tool is a really useful utility for HTC Thunderbolt users who are looking for one place to go to for root options for their device. It is a nice application to have as it puts all rooting/ADB/recovery functions in one place. Skilled users should be able to use to utility to get them out of jam if there is problem with a ROM, which they are using, not loading properly.


Thunderbolt All-in-One Tool offers users the following options:

  • S-OFF and Root
  • Unroot
  • Flash CWM, CWM Touch, TWRP, or 4ext recovery
  • Boot menu: Reboot, Hot reboot, Reboot recovery, Reboot to fastboot, Reboot to hboot, Power off
  • Disable HTC OTA Updates
  • Run an ADB/Fastboot Command Prompt
  • Install Busybox

Users who need have to have a warranty repair done on their Thunderbolt will like the unroot feature included with the tool. When users choose the unroot option, the tool flashes the stock 2.11.605.9 RU on their device.

The developer has indicated that more features will come in the future. One of the upcoming features, will give users the ability to resolve a soft brick of their device. It will be interesting to see what other features Trter10 will incorporate in future versions.

Most Thunderbolt owners should find a use for this utility at one point or another. I know I can think of several past situations where this tool would have come in handy. Check out Trter10’s Thunderbolt All-in-One Tool thread in the Thunderbolt Forum.]]>

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