Just another WordPress site Thu, 15 Aug 2013 02:38:48 +0000 en-US 1.2 Google Looking to Buy NFL Sunday Ticket Rights Wed, 21 Aug 2013 21:30:30 +0000 http://3146 Kevin Ethridge
Do you subscribe to the NFL Sunday Ticket on DirecTV? Are you aware that the contract between DirecTV and the NFL is coming to an end after the 2014 season? Would you like to see Sunday Ticket come to one of Google’s services? If you answered yes, then you have the same opinion as Google, who are allegedly having talks with the NFL to buy the rights to Sunday Ticket.Sunday Ticket currently costs DirecTV $1 billion annually, a price that Google could easily afford or surpass. With the current deal with DirecTV expiring it makes sense for the NFL to start taking bids on who gets the subscription football package next. DirecTV will likely try and renew the deal, and other companies would probably love to make a bid for it as well.With Google CEO Larry Page and YouTube content boss Robert Kyncl talking with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell today, this is probably more than a casual interest, however a Google rep has declined to comment.Would you be willing to watch NFL football via Y...]]>
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Google Keep Finally Adds Reminders Wed, 21 Aug 2013 20:27:27 +0000 http://3138 Mike Lewis
In an unapologetic move on Wednesday, Google blatantly copied the reminder feature from most note taking applications and added it to Google Keep. The application previously did not have an easy way to set reminders, and for most, worked as a dumping ground for storing mental notes. With the update comes the option to snooze alerts and more, bringing this application well into the 2010's. My disappointment aside, the potential of this becoming a central application for phones and tablets is still very possible. The user interface is clean and simple, the sync is effortless, thanks to Google Drive, but it just needs some more modernization for it to replace an Evernote or other task-oriented apps. Features such as multi-user collaboration need to exist in Google Keep. I have great hopes they continue to expand on this property and not let it go the way of Google Notebook.Per the Android blog post on Wednesday, "Google Keep can remind you of important tasks and errands at jus...]]>
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A brief hands-on with Koush's AirCast app Wed, 21 Aug 2013 11:49:57 +0000 http://3122 Eli Ramos
If you're an Android fan, then you've most likely heard of a developer named Koush (Koushik Dutta). He is most recognized for being a lead developer for CyanogenMod, ClockwordMod Recovery and his application backup app, Helium. He's been hard at work on a new app called AirCast, which let's you stream your personal videos, straight to your television via Chromecast.When Chromecast was released a month ago, they flew off the shelves, and are still on backorder for many customers. If you were lucky enough to snag one (or two) then you've probably turned into a couch potato as I have. Chromecast has given us the luxury to stream Netflix, YouTube, Google Play Movies and Music directly from our Android devices and our laptops. It's hard to believe that such a small piece of tech pretty much replaced the likes of the Nexus Q and possibly even Google TV.As great as Chromecast is, it's still limited in what it can stream. This is where Koush comes in. He's b...]]>
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Paranoid Android quickly jumps to 3.98 Fri, 23 Aug 2013 12:31:49 +0000 http://3130 Mike Lewis
The developers that work on the popular tablet/phone hybrid Paranoid Android Rom announced the release of version 3.98 Tuesday, just days after the bump to 3.97. As they rapidly inch towards their 4.0 release they bring a handful of enhancements to almost 30 devices.Here is the rundown of the latest improvements included with PA 3.98:Halo: new animations, improved multi touch handlingPhone: center accept/reject call button (Google's bug)Settings: as some sections have become kind of messy we cleaned up a little, created new categories and moved around some thingsPA Gapps will include updates to the following Google Services:- Updated Maps to v7.1.0- Updated YouTube to v5.0.21 Halo and Pie controls are certainly two attributes many enjoy today on other ROMs or independent installs. It will be interesting to see what they have in store for version 4.0. With 3.97/3.98 already being based on Android 4.3, one can only imagine what changes w...]]>
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Google Maps Update Soon to Waze Hi Tue, 20 Aug 2013 15:07:25 +0000 http://3114 Mike Lewis
In a blog post on Thursday, Google made the reasoning of their purchase of Waze abundantly clear. To no surprise, traffic alerts that come from Waze users will start to push into Google Maps giving them a real-time advantage over competitors. Waze in turn will be receiving search functionality along with Street View. The post from the Google Lat Long blog states, "Users of Google Maps for Mobile will now benefit from real time incident reports from Waze users. This means when Wazers report accidents, construction, road closures and more on Waze, the updates will also appear on the Google Maps app for Android and iOS in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, France, Germany, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Switzerland, UK and the US." At least the initial rollout is beyond the US only.The marriage between Waze and Google Maps will continue to be a beneficial one for us end users that rely on these services to get to work on time. Judging from early indications from their post, W...]]>
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YouTube gets bumped to 5.0 with a major facelift Fri, 23 Aug 2013 11:56:33 +0000 http://3106 Mike Lewis
The YouTube app for Android has made a slow but steady evolution. It is far and away different from the original stand alone application that was first released two years ago. The application now features a card interface, multitasking (PIP), improved toggles, and a crisper all around user experience. Here's our first look at version 5.First, the changelog for the latest version:A beautiful card-based user interfaceIn- app multitasking. You can turn any video you’re watching into an overlaying window on the bottom right of the screen over any app you want.Playlist searchQuick access to history, favorites, playlists, uploads, and watch later in a slide-out menu on the right of the screen.A fully-functional landscape UI for tabletsA new app icon The opening screen which usually offers suggestions looks almost identical to the last version. Holo-like menu options appeared as I searched for a video to watch. Upon finding a video, the two biggest changes to this update appear. First th...]]>
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CyanogenMod introduces Accounts, aims to give you better device security Fri, 23 Aug 2013 12:21:41 +0000 http://3098 Kevin Ethridge
In an effort to offer a more secure alternative to Google's Android Device Manager, CyanogenMod has revealed that they are working on an end-to-end encrypted service to both find your misplaced phone, and, if necessary, wipe your lost or stolen phone (including SD card data). The new service will be optional for any users of CyanogenMod, but will focus heavily on security for the users who do sign up.The changes include a continuing effort to bring Secure SMS to CM, which will also be integrated into the account service. The developers at CM stated in their blog post that the existing solutions on the market “are inherently insecure, enabling company employees or malevolent attackers to access your location data, or other information, without your permission.”These new features will not be available immediately in the nightly builds, but they have released the code so that others can test and review it. CyanogenMod has also added a privacy policy and insists that they have no intere...]]>
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ParanoidAndroid gets bumped up to 3.97, brings Halo 2.0 Sat, 17 Aug 2013 00:43:00 +0000 http://3097 Max Moss
The ParanoidAndroid team pushes out new features and updates with quite the amazing speed, which is nice because they always give me something to write about. Friday they updated one of their star features, HALO, and gave it even more functionality.ParanoidAndroid announced this afternoon an update to version 3.97 and HALO 2.0. This update to HALO brings some awesome new features and makes it all the more useful. Instead of just showing text, it now shows the entire notification and it is now interactive. PA explains it pretty well:This opens up a whole new spectrum and this may even be interesting for plug-ins and add-ons.HALO shows the actual notifications now, not just a lame text. The coolest thing, it supports multitouch so you can go in there and interact with these notifications while you task. It's easier than you may think, in the worst case you use two hands or don't interact - just lift the finger as always and you get your floating window.There are tons of improv...]]>
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Verizon finally gets its One on 8/22 Fri, 16 Aug 2013 21:35:29 +0000 http://3073 Eli Ramos
It looks like Verizon has finally made it official Friday by tweeting the release date for their version of HTC's flagship, the HTC One. Just a few days after their sign-up page went live, the HTC One trots its way to Big Red's roster on August 22nd.The latest rumor had alleged that the HTC One was coming to Verizon's network on the 23rd of August, which is the closest date predicted among the various "leaks." You can finally get the One on Verizon for $199 on a 2-year contract. According to Android Central , Verizon spokesperson Albert Aydin confirmed through Twitter that it'll ship with Android 4.2.2 and will be the 32GB silver model. There's no other information to whether or not they'll be getting the Stealth Black color or one with 16GB of storage.To go along with the release rumors, the evleaks twitter account (@evleaks) tweeted a press render of a blue HTC One that would eventually be coming to Verizon. When you think of Verizon, you usu...]]>
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New Motorola accessory lets you "Skip" the lockscreen on your Moto X Fri, 16 Aug 2013 21:35:09 +0000 http://3081 Eli Ramos
Motorola's Skip accessory for Moto X owners is painfully easy to use, but is it needed? It'll save you a few seconds but it will set you back $19.99. If you design your Moto X through Moto Maker, the Skip is yours for free for a limited time.I'm all for whatever technology makes life a little easier, but I can't see myself spending $20 for this little clip. It's basically like an NFC sticker, but programmed only to unlock your Moto X while using a pin for security. The "Skip" itself is meant to be worn somewhere on your clothing and requires you to tap your Moto X to it, unlocking your X in the process. Since this would be something you're meant to wear, Motorola is releasing it in different colors to suit your clothing color style and/or the color of your Moto X.According to Motorola, an average user unlocks their phone 39 times, with the power user coming in at a hundred times per day. Pretty interesting statistics, but will unlocking your...]]>
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Shake your Moto Maker: AT&T Moto X with exclusive customizer launches 8/23 Fri, 23 Aug 2013 13:16:09 +0000 http://3089 Jeff McIntire
AT&T announced Friday that its version of the Moto X will launch August 23rd, with its customers getting first dibs on the Moto Maker customization tool. The device will set you back $199 for the 16GB model with a 2-year contract and the AT&T-exclusive 32GB model will put a $249-sized dent in your pocketbook.For a limited time, if you order your Moto X online using the Moto Maker customization tool, you can get a free accessory that lets you "Skip" your lockscreen by tapping your Moto X against it, which should greatly simplify the process of unlocking your screen while actually adding a layer of security. Otherwise, the glorified NFC tag will set you back another $20. My colleague Eli Ramos explores the "Skip" accessory in more detail here .If you're curious about how the Moto Maker customization tool works, I highly recommend reading The Next Web's walkthrough . You can see the "executive summary" via the article's screenshots below: If you happen to actually be inside...]]>
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Nox Launcher Theme by kovdev - an exclusive preview Fri, 16 Aug 2013 01:08:10 +0000 http://3065 Josh Ciesla
Dave Kover, a.k.a. kovdev has a history of classing up our devices with his meticulously created icons; now, the creator of Stark and Tersus brings us Nox, and grants us a brief interview as icing on the cake.Nox is a launcher theme for ADW, Apex, Nova, and Action Launchers that is scheduled to arrive on the Play Store Friday per creator Dave Kover. This theme comes packed with over 1,200 custom-designed icons, an icon mask in place so that any odd app you may have will fit in, as well as several wallpapers and docks. It can be yours for the very reasonable price of $1.99.That covers the basics - now lets really have a look! Click for larger images. Nox is a stunning set. The effect of these icons on your screen is a genuine surprise - individually, you'll see that they appear deceptively simple, merely the focal point of the icon brought out and casting a shadow. Gathered together, they present a cohesive, polished look which defies you to go back to...]]>
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HTC releases the full Humongous Tinfoil Catamaran video featuring Robert Downey Jr. Wed, 14 Aug 2013 21:50:51 +0000 http://3041 Eli Ramos
Just two days ago, HTC released a statement regarding their 2-year partnership with Hollywood A-lister Robert Downey Jr. In a move to try and dig them out of the slump they're in, their new "Change" marking campaign kicked off with small teaser trailers. The trailers were brief, only a few seconds long, showing the actor brainstorming for an acronym for HTC. He ends up landing on "Humongous Tinfoil Catamaran."Most of the full video was leaked, which probably lead HTC to conclude they might as well release the full video. The video offers more HTC acronyms and in prime RBJ form, he shows off his sarcastic, comedic side. It's definitely worth checking out and brings some "Lulz". Here's HTC's Official Statement:HTC inspires consumers to be the change makers with new creative brand platformRobert Downey Jr. ushers in bold move by HTC on new ‘Change’ brand positioningTaipei, Taiwan – 12 August 2013 – HTC, a global leade...]]>
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Nexus 7 (2nd Gen) Now Available in Canada Wed, 14 Aug 2013 21:44:18 +0000 http://3002 Eli Ramos
The official Google Play twitter account (@GooglePlay ) recently announced the release of the new Nexus 7 for Canada through the Google Play Store. Both the 16GB and 32GB versions are in stock and ship in 1-2 business days. The Nexus 7 images were also just released to Google's Official Factory Images page after a debacle with Qualcomm and the binaries from their Snapdragon chip found inside the Nexus 7. It was a ton of headaches for Googler Jean-Baptiste Queru, so much so that he resigned from his post at the head of AOSP.As if that wasn't enough, the N7 also made headlines with GPS problems, touchscreen issues, light bleed and random reboots plaguing some batches of devices. So far, mine hasn't had any of those problems, thankfully.The specs for the new Nexus 7 below:Screen7.02" 1920x1200 HD display (323 ppi)1080p HD IPSScratch-resistant Corning® glassCamera1.2MP front facing, fixed focus5MP rear facing, auto focus Size114 x 200 x 8.65 mm OSAndroid 4.3 WirelessD...]]>
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Google+ Updated to 4.1, Says Farewell to Messenger Fri, 23 Aug 2013 13:21:04 +0000 http://3033 Mike Lewis
It seems like yesterday when we were introduced to Google Plus and its Messenger application. Friends for a solid week created mobile groups and I found myself in the middle of at least a dozen conversations. Not six days from that initial release, they all completely stopped. Users went back to Google Talk (now Hangouts), or back to their favorite chat clients. Google Plus is about to release a full x.1 update and the Messenger app will not be included in it.In a post on Google Plus, Virgil Dobjanschi highlighted several enhancements coming to the next version of Google Plus, version 4.1. Here's the short list of updates that should be coming with the next refresh in the Play Store:1. Account and page switching is a lot easier2. Google Apps for Business features are now fully supported3. Google Drive photos & videos are now accessible from Google+4. Location sharing includes more controls5. Messenger is going away, Hangouts is sticking around6. Pull to refresh and more For th...]]>
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Verizon's LG G2 Signup Page is Live Wed, 14 Aug 2013 18:34:31 +0000 http://3057 Eli Ramos
Verizon is really on a roll this week, posting signup pages for three phones in three days. All three phones were expected to come to Big Red, but having their sign-up pages going live all in the same week makes me think they're right around the corner. The signup page is what we've come to expect from Verizon, giving a teaser about a new device without committing to a release date.LG's G2 was announced just a week ago and sports some pretty beastly hardware. What most people took away from their announcement, though, was the "Rear Key", which is located right under the rear camera. LG even went so far to open up their announcement of the G2 with this new feature, something people on the interwebs were talking about. LG's Rundown of the G2:PROCESSORThe 2.26 GHz Quad-Core Processor provides a seamless experience for users who like to run multiple apps at once, quickly browse the web at 4G, or enjoy smooth rendering of graphics. Dividing tasks between four cor...]]>
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Paranoid Android Halo Feature Available For Some Via Portal App Fri, 16 Aug 2013 21:34:04 +0000 http://3018 Mike Lewis
The developers at Paranoid Android have made waves in the aftermarket ROM community by producing innovative features like PIE controls and Halo to a multitude of devices. In the spirit of the open source community, those features were then open sourced. Developers at Init 2 Winit Apps have taken this information and created the Portal app for non PA users. Halo is essentially a multitasking application that places a small circle on the user's screen that can be used to jump to Messaging, Facebook, Twitter, or the default browser. It also serves as a notifier for messages for any application. The purpose of the app is to save steps between closing applications or going into the app drawer to find and load apps. This works really well for those who need a fast way to post a social status or access SMS.The halo, or portal in this case is a small circle that can be moved anywhere on the screen. It can moved or removed via a long press. The Portal app works with all applications, bu...]]>
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Rooted City Miracle: NFL reverses field, NFL Mobile now works on rooted devices Fri, 16 Aug 2013 21:33:47 +0000 http://3049 Jeff McIntire
The rooted community allegedly makes up only about 3-4 percent of the overall Android user base, but it seems we're a rather noisy and influential minority. Just like one of Barry Sanders' legendary jukes that left defenders tackling the air, the NFL reversed field Wednesday and updated its NFL Mobile app so that it now works on rooted devices.A week ago, the shiny new app got a version bump and a facelift, but left rooted users on injured reserve, no doubt due to Verizon's ongoing campaign against the rooted community. After some justifiable anger from rooted users (some of whom no doubt had a paid subscription with Verizon for NFL Mobile streaming video) and a flood of 1-star ratings in the Play Store, it seems that the NFL has gotten the message: rooted users do not take kindly to being benched.The app is still not without restrictions, however. You still need to be a Verizon customer to get streaming video on your phone and be on home WiFi to view video on your table...]]>
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MoKo Slim-Fit Multi-Angle Case for the Nexus 7 (2nd Gen.) Wed, 14 Aug 2013 12:44:54 +0000 http://3010 Eli Ramos
After a few days of the N7 being announced, Amazon was flooded with different (but similar) cases up for pre-order, with all of them being really cheap. As of this writing, the MoKo case is now $7.99 + 5/shipping. The case also comes in an assortment of colors for your choosingHere's the rundown on the specs for the case, straight from MoKo's Amazon page:Designed specifically for Google Nexus 2 7.0 Inch Android Tablet by ASUS. Access to all features and controls.Automatically wakes or puts your device to sleep when the lid is opened and closedPremium PU leather exterior and microfiber interior. Built-in stand with several angles: perfect whenever you type an email or watch a movie.Padded front cover and hard plastic back offer enhanced protection, at front, back, and all CORNERS.Lifetime warranty. Search "MoKo Nexus 2 7.0" for other styles and color options offered by BSCstore. The Outside: Looking around the case, all ports and cuts are right in line and whe...]]>
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Official CyanogenMod 10.2 Nightlies starting to Roll Out Wed, 14 Aug 2013 05:18:52 +0000 http://3025 Eli Ramos
The CM team took to their Google+ page earlier this evening to announce the rollout of official CM 10.2 nightlies based on Android 4.3. They mention that not all devices they currently support are getting official nightlies right away, but will receive them when they're ready.

As of this post, there's no official roster to pinpoint exactly which device's will have a build for them. But, if you head to the CyanogenMod Downloads page, you can see if your device has a build ready for it. Once the roster is up, this post will be updated.

Tonight, we are not building for every device we support - there are always some stragglers. The rest will come when they are given the green light and that will happen when they are ready.

- CyanogenMod on Google +
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Yes, Verizon really is getting the HTC One - its signup page says so Tue, 13 Aug 2013 23:02:31 +0000 http://2994 Eli Ramos
While the HTC One has been out on other carriers for months, and even has a Google Play Edition out, America's biggest carrier showed no sign of it. With the One's late arrival, it'll be competing head-to-head to with Verizon's new Droid lineup and the Moto X, all within weeks of each other (according to the rumored release dates).

The rumored dates of release for the HTC One kept getting pushed back throughout the month of August, with the latest being the 23rd. If that date ends up being true, how will an old phone (for the tech world) compete against the new Droids, Moto X and the not-yet-announced Galaxy Note III? Time will tell.

If you're interested in receiving information on the HTC One's release from Verizon, head to Verizon's HTC One page to sign up.]]>
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Box gets a Holo-style update, adds a drawer Tue, 13 Aug 2013 22:40:58 +0000 http://2986 Eli Ramos
If you're a Box user, you have an update waiting for you. With many cloud storage options available, Box has always worked well and has been one of the top apps for your cloud storage needs. In today's update, Box follows Google's recent app trend and brings the left-swipe navigation drawer while adding a few new features. Today's update didn't just bring a new drawer to the app, but you get a few more useful features. For example, you get new filtering options, real-time updates, and even a fancy new widgetCheck out the following changelog and video, courtesy of Box's Google Play app page:New left-swipe navigation drawerRevamped updates feed with document preview and new filtering optionsNew resizable home screen widget with scrollingAbility to sort a folder by name, date, or sizeGrid (icon) view for filesAbility to switch between multiple Box accounts from inside the appReal-time updates to offline files while inside the appLocalized file and folder sizesFi...]]>
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Google Glass Receives an Update Mon, 12 Aug 2013 21:52:25 +0000 http://2978 Eli Ramos
Google's official Google Glass G+ page released the information for its update and brings a slew of new features. The update includes new voice commands, a native video player, reminders, new cards and even Evernote support.Just like other Google apps that receive an update, it'll take a few days to reach all Google Glass users.Here's the info from their Google Plus page:Right here, Right nowAnother month, another dose of Glass goodness. Here are a few of the new features we’re releasing...Now on GlassAs you go about your day, Google Now delivers helpful cards with information you need, before you even ask. Now, when you swipe backwards on the touchpad, you’ll find even more useful information like:Restaurants, hotels, events - Be reminded of dinner reservations, hotel bookings and concerts. You’ll see these reminders for places that sent you an email confirmation.Movies - Find showtimes and movie information for nearby theaters.Emergency alerts - Change your plans on t...]]>
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Samsung's Galaxy Note III specs leaked again Mon, 12 Aug 2013 22:01:44 +0000 http://2970 Eli Ramos
According to SamMobile, a trusted insider has provided the latest rumored specs for the upcoming Galaxy Note III. Their insider also provided information that there's going to be two variants of the device (SM-N900 & SM-N9005). It will also be the same size of the current Note II, but packing a bigger screen (just like the S4 compared to its predecessor).The following specs are from SamMobile's website (the "CPU/GPU UNCONFIRMED" will likely end up being the Snapdragon 800 with an Adreno 330 GPU):DISPLAYSM-N900: 5.68 inch Full HD Super AMOLED (1920 x 1080) displaySM-N9005: 5.68 inch Full HD Super AMOLED (1920 x 1080) displayCPUSM-N900: 1.8GHz Octa-core Exynos 5420SM-N9005: CPU UNCONFIRMEDGPUSM-N900: ARM Mali-T628 MP6SM-N9005: GPU UNCONFIRMEDRAMSM-N900: RAM UNCONFIRMEDSM-N9005: 3GB LPDDR3 RAMCAMERASM-N900: 13 Megapixel with Optical Image StabilisationSM-N9005: 13 Megapixel with Optical Image StabilisationLTE CONNECTIVITYSM-N900: NoSM-N9005: YesSTORAGE *SM-N900: 16/...]]>
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Is the end drawing near for BlackBerry? Mon, 12 Aug 2013 18:25:31 +0000 http://2962 Eli Ramos
Blackberry (RIM) has put together a special committee to explore strategic alternatives, including possibly selling outright, the company announced Monday. The future of Blackberry seems up in the air, and their latest attempt at coming back (BB10) wasn't a hit as they expected. If the company is sold, it could result in a major coup for whichever company ends up with BlackBerry's patent portfolio.Blackberry has been lagging behind the mobile competition for a while, and the delays in releasing BB10 certainly didn't help the situation. While BB10 and its new hardware were upgrades from previous generations of BB devices, they just took too long to get them to the market. As time passed, Android and Apple were in the fast lane with BlackBerry trailing even Windows Phone.The company had been in trouble for a while and finally was reduced resting all its hopes on BB10. In January 2012, both CEOs Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis stepped down while staying on the board of dir...]]>
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HTC Brings in Robert Downey Jr. for new ad campaign Mon, 12 Aug 2013 17:29:11 +0000 http://2954 Eli Ramos
Once recognized as being one of the top Android manufacturers, HTC slowly took a dive to become a few steps behind their competition. With their HTC One bringing some hope back, they've recently committed to push forward with their new "Change" campaign, with [s]Iron Man Robert Downey Jr. at the forefront of a two-year, $1 billion campaign.HTC's new "Change" brand, will roll-out in three phases (Marvel Studios, anyone?) which will highlight their BlinkFeed, VideoHighlights, and BoomSound which "has changed the face of the mobile industry." The ads also consist of different acronyms being used for "HTC" and let the consumers participate in this social engagement. Along with the announcement quoted below, HTC has posted the first ad for this new campaign, in which Robert Downey, Jr. refers to HTC as a "Humongous Tinfoil Catamaran." Taipei, Taiwan – 12 August 2013 – HTC, a global leader in mobile innovat...]]>
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Verizon's Moto X Sign-up page is now live Mon, 12 Aug 2013 16:21:50 +0000 http://2946 Eli Ramos
Rumors circulating about the release of Motorola's Moto X have pegged its release mid-to-late-August, though there's still no concrete date settled as the middle of the month approaches. Still, Verizon posted their sign-up page for the Moto X and pegged its release for "the coming weeks." They also let you know that their Moto Maker service will be available later this year (possibly November, according to PhoneArena ).With the HTC One and the new Droids coming to Verizon sometime this month, it's hard to tell how well the Moto X will do. While it does have less than spectacular specs (on paper), reviews so far have been positive.More on the Moto X:Width 65.3 Height 129.3mmCurve 5.6 -10.4mmDisplay 4.7" AMOLED (RGB) / HD 720pWeight 130GBattery 2200 mAh. Mixed usage up to 24 hoursRear Camera 10MP CLEAR PIXEL (RGBC) / LED Flash / 1080p video (30fps)Front Camera 2MP 1080p HD videoOperating system Android 4.2.2Architecture Motorola X8 Mobile Computing SystemRAM 2...]]>
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Paranoid Android: What's New and What's to Come Sun, 11 Aug 2013 19:48:25 +0000 http://2938 Max Moss
Paranoid Android, one of the bigger names in the ROM scene, is always up to something cool and innovative. While some ROMs focus on speed, stability, or a close-to-AOSP feel, PA focuses on giving you new ways to use your phone with features like PIE navigation and HALO. The PA team is always trying to push the envelope. As any other ROM cooker, they have merged the new source code for Android 4.3 and gotten to work on some new stuff.Android 4.3 dropped on the 24th of July and since then, ROM makers everywhere have been hard at work porting to phones and fixing bugs. Paranoid Android wasn’t one to screw around. As with any new version of Android, certain ROM features broke and needed to be fixed.Paranoid Android is now at version 3.95 and here is what has changed in their most recent build:CellbroadcastReceiver fixJSS15J 2 second input freeze fixApp Ops “retouched” to make privacy more usableBattery/clock and quicktoggles margins fixedOption to use 2 different tokens for encryption a...]]>
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Cyanogenmod Nightlies Available For Nook HD And Nook HD+ Sat, 10 Aug 2013 22:07:08 +0000 http://2914 Mike Lewis
A few of us got our hands on the first Nook Color and found it fairly easy to install aftermarket software on or to dual boot into a couple available ROMs. The devices when rooted made fairly decent basic tablets. What they lack in camera, mic or processing power, they make up for with a nice screen, SD card expansion, and affordability. Now Cyanogenmod nightlies have come to two more models in Barnes & Noble's collection, the Nook HD and the Nook HD+. The Barnes & Nobles Nook HD can be found under "hummingbird" and the HD+ can be located under "ovation". Both devices are able to download Cyanogenmod 10.1 which means they have support for Android Jellybean 4.2.2. The Nook HD is a 7 inch device while the HD+ has a 9 inch screen and has a full HD display. According to the original post made by the Cyanogenmod Google Plus page, both CM 10.1 and 10.2 branches have been placed into their Github account. That means we should see Android 4.3 on these devices as...]]>
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Google Play Books Updated with Digital Textbook access Sat, 10 Aug 2013 21:34:40 +0000 http://2882 Eli Ramos
As a College student, the announcement of Google bringing the option for rental textbooks was one of the highlights of Google's Breakfast with Sundar Pichai event. I like to keep as much as I can under Google's umbrella, and use their services for pretty much everything, so of course, this was no different. They announced that it would be available sometime in August before school starts, and I have patiently been waiting for it. Not only does this save me backpack space (and my back), but it's supposed to save me 80% off print prices. It also lets me sync throughout my devices and on the web, so as long as I have internet access, I have my textbooks with me. The latest Play Books update brought along many UI improvements to the app, but also (quietly, I might add) brought the options for textbook rentals. There's no way to search them subject-wise, but you can search by ISBN number, author and title.While I did manage to find some textbooks that I would need, som...]]>
2882 2013-08-10 21:34:40 2013-08-10 21:34:40 open open publish post 0 0 post 0
Google finally posts 2013 Nexus 7 binaries and factory images Sat, 10 Aug 2013 00:41:56 +0000 http://2922 Mike Lewis
There was quite a noise this week surrounding release of the official binaries for the 2013 Nexus 7. Issues surrounding Qualcomm and their delay in efficiently releasing drivers lead to the resignation of Jean-Baptiste Queru from AOSP (the Android Open Source Project). Friday afternoon, after a lot of attention, those official files were pushed to the Google Developers page.The device name is "razor". Here are the factory images for the new Nexus 7. Here are the binaries for the new Nexus 7. The version of Android is Jellybean 4.3, JSS15J. It is probable that a highly respected member of the open source community posting a sudden departure hastened this release sooner than we would have otherwise expected. One would hope these kinds of measures aren't going to be commonplace in the release of these files in the future. The binaries posted are from Broadcom, Asus, and Qualcomm, giving us not only the ability to restore the 2013 Nexus 7 back to its original factory stat...]]>
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Is NVIDIA preparing to make its own tablet? Fri, 09 Aug 2013 20:42:11 +0000 http://2906 Jeff McIntire
A gadget blog called WebTrek posted a couple of "seems legit" photos Friday indicating that NVIDIA has a 7-inch Tegra-branded tablet in the works, possibly its answer to the new Nexus 7. Passed over for the Google/Asus tablet for 2013, NVIDIA has struggled to gain a foothold in the Android market with its Tegra 4 processor and has resorted to licensing its technology and producing its own devices to boost sales.Since NVIDIA's SHIELD console runs stock Android, there's no reason to think that the Tegra Tab won't run something similar. The biggest question RootzWiki members likely have is whether such a tablet would be development-friendly, as in unlockable bootloaders and adequate documentation from NVIDIA. The graphics processor-focused company has had a history of releasing incomplete documentation, but developers have still been able to build for Tegra-powered devices with some added effort. There is no reason to think that the bootloader won't be unloc...]]>
2906 2013-08-09 20:42:11 2013-08-09 20:42:11 open open publish post 0 0 post 0
Google Maps bringing local ads for your pleasure (or not) Fri, 09 Aug 2013 19:36:40 +0000 http://2874 Eli Ramos
Google's "Inside AdWords" blog posted Friday that Google Maps has been updated with a new local ads feature, which Google claims will be helpful for users and much more effective for advertisers. When you think of ads, you think of spam (at least I do), but looking over what Google plans to do, this doesn't seem too bad.When you perform a search, you get a card towards the bottom, which includes a card with the title, ad text, and the link to get directions. Not all searches prompt an ad - only those relevant to the subject of the ad. If the ad interests you, simply swipe up and tap to see more information from the ad. Once there, you'll find the address to the business, phone number, photos, reviews and more. Just like any other app that we're used to, you can also save the information for later, share the information and/or start navigating to the business. These functions help the user, but on the advertisers side, these are considered "free clicks...]]>
2874 2013-08-09 19:36:40 2013-08-09 19:36:40 open open publish post 0 0 post 0
Will Asus be making the next Nexus 10 instead of Samsung? Fri, 09 Aug 2013 19:25:06 +0000 http://2898 Jeff McIntire
It seems that Samsung will now be cut out of the Nexus line completely as Russell Holly of posted that Asus will be tapped to make the sequel to the Nexus 10 (like the Nexus 7, this reprise of the Nexus 10 will evidently keep the same name). No specs are known yet, though I highly doubt we'll see an Exynos processor powering the new tablet.Asus has demonstrated its ability to continue Google's trend towards affordable pricing on its Nexus 7 tablets, so we should see pricing comparable to the original Nexus 10 this year. Presumably Asus will continue to use a 2560x1600 display if it doesn't bump the resolution up a notch (which I doubt). However, given Google's recent experience with Qualcomm on the 2013 Nexus 7, it's not outside the realm of possibility that NVIDIA's Tegra 4 could be used for the Nexus 10. Asus tapped NVIDIA to provide the processor for last year's Nexus 7 so I wouldn't be terribly surprised to see NVIDIA's latest and gre...]]>
2898 2013-08-09 19:25:06 2013-08-09 19:25:06 open open publish post 0 0 post 0
Will Motorola be making the next Nexus phone instead of LG? Fri, 09 Aug 2013 18:29:31 +0000 http://2890 Jeff McIntire
It seems that popular leaker Taylor Wimberly is not done with Motorola rumors. He claims he has it on good authority that Motorola will be making the next Nexus instead of LG. While previous rumors had pegged LG for a Nexus 5 based on its G2 phone (you know, the same way the Nexus 4 was based on its predecessor Optimus G), it should be noted that the company itself said earlier this year it had no plans to do so.Wimberly also noted that it would not be based on the Moto X. There are good reasons why this would be the case, including the fact that the X8 processing system developed by Motorola for the X and for its new Droid lineup is proprietary, especially the natural language processor and the "contextual awareness" processor. By contrast, Google's Nexus lineup is intended to demonstrate how Android should work on any device, and while the devices have proprietary "blobs" they never have proprietary features specific to a single manufacturer.If Wimberly's...]]>
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CyanogenMod Dev Lets You Chromecast (Almost) Anything Fri, 09 Aug 2013 17:50:12 +0000 http://2858 Kevin Ethridge
CyanogenMod developer Koushik Dutta has posted a video to his Google+ page showing off a modification he has made to the ROM. The change will allow you to send video or audio from any app that uses the Android Media Player to your TV via Chromecast.

When playing a supported file on your phone you can simply swipe down on the notification bar and select the option to play on Chromecast. After a couple of seconds the file starts playing on your TV. The mod works with both local content stored on your phone or SD card, as well as remote content streamed online.

Due to the terms of the preview SDK that he is working with, the mod is unable to be made public at this time. What this does show is that anyone who has purchased a Chromecast has a lot to look forward to once this code is able to be made public.

2858 2013-08-09 17:50:12 2013-08-09 17:50:12 open open publish post 0 0 post 0
Netflix gets updated to play nice with Android 4.3 Fri, 09 Aug 2013 18:58:55 +0000 http://2866 Eli Ramos
Netflix users that used the app with their Android 4.3 device suddenly noticed their devices were going into the "sleep of death" mode. It was a really annoying bug, especially while using Chromecast with it. Every time you wanted to change your program, you had to reboot your device back up, then open up the app again. One workaround that I found that worked (sometimes) was to start your program, exit out of the app, and then open the app again when you wanted to watch something else.

Fortunately, Netflix and Google were aware of the bug, squashed it, and pushed out the update to the Play Store, according to the following changelog:

What's New
• Fixes and optimization for devices running Android 4.3.
• On the new Nexus 7 HD, this version requires all Android 4.3 system updates to be installed.
-Netflix (Google Play Store)

- Play Store changelog
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Robot Unicorn Attack 2: Just Go With The Flow Thu, 08 Aug 2013 22:54:27 +0000 http://2794 Shane Rogers
All things considered, a game about a unicorns running around isn’t exactly something that I would consider myself to be a fan of. However, make that into a robot unicorn and you just might have something there to keep my attention. Throw in just a touch of Adult Swim and you wind up with something so oddly compelling that you just might find yourself enjoying the experience that is Robot Unicorn Attack 2 . I remember when the first Robot Unicorn Attack came out, I never played it and basically counted it amongst the glut of “endless running games” that have surged in popularity in the last few years. To me, it was just another way to cash in on that popularity, no matter how cool a rainbow trailing robot unicorn is. Still, times do change, and you do occasionally find yourself giving a game a chance that you would not normally give a second glance to. Having been a fan of Adult Swim in the past, it just seemed natural to try out the old Robot Unicorn Attack 2. There really is...]]>
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Extreme Forklifting: Living The Dream Thu, 08 Aug 2013 20:13:40 +0000 http://2802 Shane Rogers
If you could have one job in this world, what would it be? If you could have a chance to play a simulation of that job, would you do it? If you’re answer to the first question was forklift driver, and the answer to your second question was “Heck yeah!” then... well, you may need to reevaluate your life goals - otherwise you are in for a treat because DevM Games has Extreme Forklifting for your forklifting pleasure. How about we just assume that you are already well past the “wait a second, is there really a forklift simulator game out there and is he really going to review it?” moment (because, let’s be honest here, you know it happened) and we can just move on with this. And yes, that was my first thought as well when I saw this gem of a title. Besides, you’ve got to love that it’s called “Extreme Forklifting” - who can possibly think of anything more extreme than moving pallets of freight around? Okay, so what is the premise behind the game? It’s really, really simple: a...]]>
2802 2013-08-08 20:13:40 2013-08-08 20:13:40 open open publish post 0 0 post 0
Google Play All Access Expands Into Europe Wed, 07 Aug 2013 23:08:16 +0000 http://2842 Mike Lewis
One of the first questions asked when Google announces a new service is the availability of that application in Europe. Expansion of services that we take for granted like Voice, Books, Music and more become available in the United States first and then gradually around the globe. European users in Austria, Belgium, France, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain, and the UK now also have access to Google Play Music All Access.All Access is a radio subscription service that allows users to create playlists, skip songs at will, download, and stream albums from a variety of labels. All Access provides music discovery as well as offline music access to many of these songs. The service in the United States is $9.99 per month and has been available since Google I/O earlier this year.Similar to the initial US offering, Google will be offering Access for 7.99 Euros (or GBP) a month if subscribers sign up by September 15th. After that, the pricing will increase. It will probably ma...]]>
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JBQ quits AOSP over 2013 Nexus 7 factory image controversy, community provides unofficial images Fri, 09 Aug 2013 17:35:13 +0000 http://2834 Max Moss
As any Nexus-tinkerer knows, a factory image is a great way to start fresh or recover from a botched flashing session that may have had just one too many mods in it. However, 2013 Nexus 7 owners may have realized that since the device launched two weeks ago, there have been no factory images or binaries posted for their shiny new device. Qualcomm's failure to cooperate with this effort has ultimately frustrated one of the Android community's key figures to the point of quitting AOSP.On the day of the exciting breakfast with Sundar Pichai, the internet was abuzz with the news of Android 4.3, the new Nexus, the Chromecast, and the sound of my wallet getting emptier as Google’s got thicker. However, not everyone was happy, and especially one Googler in particular :That feeling when lawyers sabotage the launch you spent 6 months working on? I haz it. Sad sad sad sad sad sad. If you weren’t aware, Jean-Baptiste Quéru (also known as JBQ) was the head of AOSP and definitely a guy...]]>
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Android Device Manager is live, ready for you to play hide-and-seek Wed, 07 Aug 2013 20:47:08 +0000 http://2826 Eli Ramos
Well, that was quick - it was just announced a few days ago that The Android Team was working on an application that can help you recover or wipe your device, should it go missing. The service is now live, ready for you to test it out with a game of hide-and-seek.[float left] Many Android users in the past few days began seeing the option under their security settings (settings--->security--->device administrators) for this new service. Of course, there wasn't an application yet (mobile or web-based), so it was pretty much useless at the time.[float right] It does ask and require a few permissions for you, as you would expect for the things it can do. After a few minutes of using it, I have to say that it works really well. It picked up my location for both my Nexus 7 and my Nexus 4 with no problems. It was also quick and rang both devices instantly as soon as I clicked the "ring" option. I didn't try the "erase device" option, for obvious reasons.I...]]>
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LG formally introduces the G2 to the world Wed, 07 Aug 2013 20:17:28 +0000 http://2818 Jeff McIntire
Aside from the Motorola X, the LG G2 might be the most poorly-kept secret of 2013, the extensive leaks leaving little to the imagination when it was finally unveiled Wednesday. As expected, the G2 will flaunt a Snapdragon 800 processor and a 5.2-inch 1080p display with 2GB RAM. We also knew that the G2 would be the first Android smartphone with its hardware controls on the back. Still, LG did actually have a few surprises in store for us, including some rather intriguing software features.Spec-stasy, G2-style The main specs for the G2 are as follows:Quad-core Snapdragon 800 (MSM8974) clocked at 2.26Ghz, Krait 400 architectureAdreno 330 GPU5.2-inch, 1920x1080p IPS LCD display (LG made it a point to mention that its display has over 6 million subpixels, compared to the 4 million and change on competing *cough cough* 1080p SAMOLED displays)2GB RAM with proprietary "Graphic RAM" that reduces the display's power usage by 26% on still images16GB and 32GB options for on-board...]]>
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50 on the 5th contest for developers and themers: two $25 Play Store gift cards awarded each month Fri, 09 Aug 2013 17:34:30 +0000 http://2786 Jeff McIntire
Are you a developer or themer who would like to promote your work on RootzWiki and get your name out there? Would you like to have a chance to win a little something extra as an added benefit? If so, our new contest, 50 on the 5th, could be a win-win for you. On the 5th of each month, beginning August 5th, developers and themers who maintain support threads in the RootzWiki forums and tweet those threads to their followers will be eligible to win one of two $25 Play Store gift cards awarded.Full eligibility requirements are as follows (note - for August only , entries may be submitted between now and 12AM EDT on August 15th - the winner will be chosen on August 15th.):For developers:Your app, ROM or kernel must be unique - for example, a simple unofficial compile of an existing ROM for your device will not be eligible unless it's the only one available for your device. If it's not the only one available for your device, it must be modified in some substantial and unique...]]>
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Otterbox Commuter and Defender Case for Samsung Galaxy S4 Fri, 09 Aug 2013 17:33:41 +0000 http://2233 Derek De La Cruz
As I've stated many times, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is such a light device I find it tough to hold. It is more mental than anything, but I constantly feel like it will slide out of my hands. The plastic does not help either so I counter that feeling by simply applying a case. I am going to review two cases from Otterbox, the Commuter and Defender for the Samsung Galaxy S4. Both cases offer a unique experience one from the other. Lets break them down and see what they have to offer.Otterbox is easily a top case manufacturer on the smart phone market. They have iconic cases series both of whom I will be going over right now. They support many devices but they capitalize on popular devices such as the Apple iPhone or the Samsung Galaxy line. Otterbox Commuter Case Series: Otterbox is well known for their highly protective cases. They are so protective, their “middle tier” cases provide the same protection as other more maker's flagshi...]]>
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Spigen SGP Ultra Fit (SLIM) Case & Aluminum Home Buttons for Samsung Galaxy S4 Sat, 03 Aug 2013 23:44:26 +0000 http://2225 Derek De La Cruz
Cases come in many shapes and sizes now. They provide various levels of protection to allow degrees of protection for everyone. I find the Samsung Galaxy S4’s (SGS4) plastic finish slippery, which is tough to keep a grip on an already large device. So any case helps holding the SGS4 easier is preferable, in my opinion. It all comes down to personal preference. Do you want something simple or elaborate? The Spigen Ultra Fit is for those that are looking for a simple solution. I am going to review everything I experienced with the Ultra Fit and we will find out together if it can improve the SGS4 experience.My experience thus far with Spigen cases have been great thus far, so I have high hopes for this case. They do a nice job of paying attention to detail on all their cases, especially the simpler ones like the Ultra Fit. There is nothing special with the materials they use, but they do a great job with the fit and finish of the end product. The Ultra Fit is made of poly-carbonate, w...]]>
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Cruzerlite Bugdroid EXO Case for Samsung Galaxy S4 Sat, 03 Aug 2013 03:18:45 +0000 http://2297 Derek De La Cruz
Cruzerlite took to social media to announce a release for a new case series to accompany the Androidified, Clone Army, and Bugdroid Circuit cases . The case series is Cruzerlite’s Bugdroid EXO and it is currently only available for the Samsung Galaxy S4 (SGS4). This is Cruzerlite’s second attempt at a two piece case the first being from their line called Spi-Force . Spi-Force was clearly a test run for Cruzerlite because it lacked the Android theme we are accustomed to seeing with Cruzerlite case series. That is not the case with the Bugdroid EXO, as it offers a simple design featuring our buddy Bugdroid.The Bugdroid EXO is a two piece case that consists of an inner TPU layer enclosed by an outer hard shell made of poly-carbonate. TPU is a material Cruzerlite is familiar with since that's the same material they use for all of their other cases. The combination provides two layers of protection for the SGS4. The inner layer (TPU) an excellent material designed to absorb shock...]]>
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Google wants to help you find your lost Android Device Fri, 02 Aug 2013 19:50:00 +0000 http://2778 Eli Ramos
The Android Team announced its newest creation Friday - Android Device Manager. This new application helps you locate your misplaced device by locating it in real-time on a map. If it's simply somewhere in your house, then the application can ring your device at its maximum volume, even if it's silenced. Those couches don't stand a chance!Locate and ring your misplaced deviceIf you ended up dropping your phone between those couch cushions, Android Device Manager lets you quickly ring your phone at maximum volume so you can find it, even it's been silenced. And in the event that your phone or tablet is out of earshot (say, at that restaurant you left it at last night), you can locate it on a map in real time. For more serious situations where you can't recover your device, this app gives you the ability to wipe your device of all it's personal information and data. Protecting your personal information and dataWhile losing your phone can be stressful, And...]]>
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Jelly Bean finally overtakes Gingerbread, now the dominant Android version Fri, 02 Aug 2013 17:49:47 +0000 http://2777 Kevin Ethridge
As they do every month, Google has once again released its percentages of active devices running each version of Android. Of note this time, however, is that Jelly Bean 4.1.x has finally overtaken Gingerbread to become the dominant version of Android in use today.Over the past few months Gingerbread had lost its lead when combining Android versions 4.03 and up, but now Jelly Bean 4.1.x has a full percentage point over Gingerbread, 34% to 33%. When you combine the newer versions of Jelly Bean you get an even better 40.5%, and adding all versions of Ice Cream Sandwich gets you a whopping 63% of all devices. This is good news for any developers wanting to use the more advanced features of the newer APIs without worrying about having a smaller customer base.The information was gathered by collecting which version of Android devices were running when connecting to the Play store between July 18th and August 1st. The data available also lists screen sizes and densities, as well as which v...]]>
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Astrid Closing For Good On 8/5 - Export That Data Fri, 02 Aug 2013 17:34:59 +0000 http://2722 Mike Lewis
Many of us had used Astrid at some point and set up regular reminders or collaborated scheduling with a group. Yahoo purchased Astrid earlier this year and announced that they would be completely shuttering the service. That day is now upon us. On August 5th, Astrid will be no more. They sent an email and created a blog post warning users to export their data. They also gave tips on how to get that data imported into other task management applications such as Wunderlist,, Wrike, and/or Sandglaz. The process is simple enough:Log into AstridClick username at the top right to bring down the menu.Click export your data. Astrid will then email to the address that you provided at registration the export file in a zip format. I exported my data and received it in less than five minutes. Then, depending on preference (I use Wunderlist), go to their site to easily import that data.It's never thrilling to see an original Android application join the dust heap, and I'm certain...]]>
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The Moto X has arrived Thu, 01 Aug 2013 23:00:01 +0000 http://2746 Jeff McIntire
The most hyped, most leaked and most anticipated phone of the year (in the U.S. at least) has finally been officially unveiled. Motorola took the wraps off the Moto X Thursday, revealing mostly what we already knew: the new X8 mobile processing system, a 720p AMOLED display, 2GB RAM and customizable colors. The flood of leaks that has engulfed the blogosphere left very little to the imagination, save for pricing and availability: $199 on contract (16GB version - 32GB will set you back $249) on 5 carriers, shipping late August to early September.X-Spec-tations As I mentioned, the specs were mostly what we've come to expect, as demonstrated by Motorola's eye-candified spec sheet below: By way of review, the "Motorola X8 Mobile Computing System" consists of a modified 1.7Ghz dual-core Snapdragon S4 Pro MSM8960 application processor, four modified Ad...]]>
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Riptide GP 2 Review: Vector Unit Outdoes Itself Wed, 31 Jul 2013 20:58:21 +0000 http://2665 Marvin Ferrell
When it come to excellence in mobile gaming Gameloft comes to mind and so does Madfinger, known for graphical excellence and grade A gameplay. Very few mobile developers are in that class and Vector Unit , makers of Riptide may just be at the head of it. A lot has been said about "console level" gaming making it's way to your Android smartphone or tablet and Vector Unit's titles have long been a catalyst for that conversation. Riptide is my favorite racing game and you've likely heard that the sequel was released earlier this week. I've had a few days to go hands-on with it and it's certainly worth a closer look.The original Riptide was a masterpiece and Riptide GP 2 simply raises the bar with dynamic lighting, complex shaders, and high resolution textures all in beautiful HD graphics. To say the game is visually stunning is an understatement - the game is absolutely breathtaking. It has some of the nicest water effects I’ve seen on any platform and the...]]>
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Cyanogenmod Founder Ponders The Future Of Root Tue, 30 Jul 2013 23:20:02 +0000 http://2698 Mike Lewis
I think many of us have similar first memories when it comes to our Android devices. A majority of us picked up an HTC Magic (G1), or the original Droid and eagerly rooted the device, loaded a recovery manager, and installed an array of ROMs. Root access applications came close behind that used full access to do anything from backing up application data to blocking ads. In a sure sign that times have changed, Steve Kondik, founder of Cyanogenmod asked on his Google Plus page if root access really has a future within the Android framework. Kondik was quick to follow up by assuring those who were concerned that there are no plans at this stage to restrict root access within Cyanogenmod. In his statement he reminds us, "What I want to see is the common use cases supported by the platform so that we can write more powerful apps." But the question still remains, how important is root and is now the time for applications that require root find an alternate method for accomplishin...]]>
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CyanogenMod 10.2 code merged, Focal camera in tow Tue, 30 Jul 2013 02:06:29 +0000 http://2673 Jeff McIntire
Last week I reported that CyanogenMod's Project Nemesis kicked off with a new camera app called Focal , and I said it could possibly be merged into CyanogenMod nightlies over the weekend. While this didn't quite turn out to be the case, the code did get merged into CyanogenMod 10.2 (based on Android 4.3) Monday, as CM developer Guillaume Lesniak announced .This means you could begin seeing CyanogenMod 10.2 nightly builds on with Focal included as soon as Tuesday for supported devices (remember, though, no ETAs). Also, your favorite non-CM developers can technically cherry-pick Focal into their own ROMs. However, Lesniak made it a point to mention that he will not provide any support for Focal on unofficial builds and on other ROMs. There is also no official support for Focal on CM 10.1 builds, since that version has gone into maintenance mode.Lesniak also said Focal is still considered unstable, consequently you'll see both Focal and the stock camera app on your...]]>
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Black Bear Blanc: A Chat With Jeppe Foldager Mon, 29 Jul 2013 20:13:12 +0000 http://2642 Marvin Ferrell
I recently had a chance to ask one of my favorite developer/themers Jeppe Foldager some questions. Jeppe, aka Black Bear Blanc, is one of the most prolific android themers around. He also happens to be a fascinating individual. I ask him everything from the origins of his interesting handle (Black Bear Blanc) to how he feels about the direction of user interface design within the Android OS. Its one of my favorite interviews I've ever done and I hope you enjoy it. Jeppe has also provided a list of some of his awesome UCCW skins and icon themes that I have added to the end of the interview. Without further ado,... Me: Ok first things first tell me about the the very interesting handle you've choseen for yourself? What does the name Black Bear Blanc mean for you? I’ve always liked stuff with forest, woods, deer, bears, lakes, roads and such. I like it as a contrast to the smooth cities, coolness and hectic street life. I'm from the countryside myself, and I’ve worked a l...]]>
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Chromecast Easily Exploited - Now To Unlock Its True Potential Mon, 29 Jul 2013 17:52:33 +0000 http://2690 Mike Lewis
The Chromecast received more buzz perhaps than the Nexus 7 update and the Android 4.3 update combined. This $35 device has quickly changed the landscape of bringing easy entertainment to our big screens. GTV Hacker has found the exploit to bring root access to this little device, and now all that's left is to discover or create expanded use sets for this handy little device.As most of us know, the Chromecast is a media streaming dongle that hooks into an HDMI port on most televisions. Once that attachment is made, the user pairs that device to the home network, and then that TV input services as a receiver to play YouTube, Netflix or other available streaming services from a browser or similarly paired device. Max Moss did a complete wrap up of the announcement and device here . GTV Hacker posted on Sunday that it took them little time to find the exploit and even the source of an existing bug with Chromecast. On their blog post t...]]>
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Pixuru Application Arrives on Android Sun, 28 Jul 2013 00:53:48 +0000 http://2657 Derek De La Cruz
Pixuru is a service that lets you turn pictures you took with your Android device into professional quality art. Pixuru gives users the ability to print their pictures on canvas, wood, or metal, and have it professionally framed. Pixuru, once an iOS only application arrived on Android earlier this month. Prior to the application Android users were able to enjoy Pixuru services via the web only. Now that the application has been released, the process of creating pictures into art just got easier. Pixuru is not a typical one hour print service that simply takes photos and prints them to paper. They offer great materials at an array of sizes ranging from 6x6 to as large as 30x40. I came across Pixuru when it was initially only on iOS and now I have experienced it on Android. The application itself is a port from iOS. They are practically identical providing the exact same experience. Luckily for Pixuru the setup of the iOS application was s...]]>
2657 2013-07-28 00:53:48 2013-07-28 00:53:48 open open publish post 0 0 post 0
Sensu Brush and Stylus Tue, 30 Jul 2013 00:17:16 +0000 http://2554 Derek De La Cruz
Creating art on our smartphones and tablets has become possible thanks to the availability of great applications. The missing ingredient has been a symbiance of hardware and software to create the same experience one gets from actual pencil/brush and paper. Nevertheless the technology is heading in the right direction. The best an artist can do now is accompany the artistic application with a good stylus. Let us look at the Sensu Brush, a stylus driving to improve the experience.I have experienced styluses of all shapes and sizes, but they all lacked quality in use. Most were inexpensive solutions available on Amazon for five or ten dollars. Either I would lose these cheap styluses or they would begin to fail after a couple of months. I wasted tens of dollars on those and looking back I should have simply invested in a premium stylus that would have lasted. As any touchscreen user knows, capacitive screens can be used with our fingers or w...]]>
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Knights of Pen and Paper: You Take Control Sat, 27 Jul 2013 20:52:11 +0000 http://2570 Shane Rogers
Have you ever been involved in a really well-run Dungeons and Dragons game? Or Werewolf, or Shadowrun, or, well, any number of actual honest-to-goodness pen-and-paper role-playing games? If so, then you know just how difficult it can be to get a group together, not to mention talk somebody into running one. While Paradox Interactive's Knights of Pen and Paper might not be able to completely replace that experience, it gives it a very good shot.Knights of Pen and Paper is one of those titles that has been on my radar for quite some time, it just seems like one of those games that I never really felt that I had the time to devote to. Whether for good or bad, I have been able to put more than my fair share of hours into it over the past few days, and while it does have its “pick it up and play for a few minutes” bit of casual-ness to it, there is some depth to be had as well. So what exactly is Knights of Pen and Paper? The idea is that you get to attempt to mimic the entire s...]]>
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The Tapping Dead Review Sat, 27 Jul 2013 20:31:24 +0000 http://2522 Shane Rogers
It’s been awhile since I last reviewed a last reviewed a game that featured zombies, I was beginning to wonder if perhaps the fad had run its course. Like most fads, though, this one seems to have come back around and this time it’s also toting the old-school pixel art fad. The Tapping Dead is a retro throwback to the challenging platform games of old and hails from the developers over at Crazy Cricket .The premise for The Tapping Dead is a little clichéd and to be expected when it comes to your regular old zombie theme: the zombie apocalypse has arrived, nobody knows why, and you need to escape the city to survive. Sure, it’s an overused plot device when it comes to zombie games (and books, and movies, and you get the idea), but I suppose it usually ends up working so there you go. Once you have the game installed and fired up, make your way past the title screen and you will be presented with an overview of the town. If you wait any amount of time on this screen, you will get...]]>
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Paper Strips: Manual Not Included Sat, 27 Jul 2013 20:11:30 +0000 http://2514 Shane Rogers
Be honest now, how many of you actually bother to read either a game manual or help screen before actually playing a game? Probably not very many of you, myself included. It takes a really good game to be able to introduce the player into the world and have that player teach themselves the mechanics and learn from their mistakes. Paper Strips , from Lars Kristian is just one of those games and it is a very intriguing little puzzle game that involves paper strips (surprise!) and rings. One of the first things that you will see once you start playing Paper Strips for the first time is the ever informative “How to Play” slide, which kindly informs you that you that figuring out how to play the game is a puzzle within itself. Fortunately, everything is set up relatively straightforwardly so it isn’t too difficult to get started. The player is presented with an incredibly spartan screen, with three blue rings laid on what could be considered graph paper. Along the left edge of th...]]>
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Verizon's latest Galaxy S4 patch rooted again, still no custom recovery or bootloader unlock Sat, 27 Jul 2013 19:53:03 +0000 http://2682 Jeff McIntire
The perpetual cat-and-mouse game between the Big Two U.S. carriers and the development community has entered its latest round now that a root method has been posted for Verizon's latest VRUAME7 update, which had patched the vulnerabilities exploited by Loki. Unfortunately, you still can't install a custom recovery, which means you're still stuck on the stock ROM. Still, if you use apps that require root access (Titanium Backup comes to mind) you'll likely find this method useful. Ever since Verizon patched the vulnerabilities Loki had exploited to give you bootloader unlock, root and the ability to flash custom recoveries, there has been an ever-increasing bounty for a new bootloader unlock and root method, which now stands at $2,780 for full root and recovery and $3,820 for bootloader unlock. Since this latest root method does not allow you to flash a custom recovery, the bounty remains unclaimed.Although the efforts of XDA members DooMLoRD and PWM978 e...]]>
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CyanogenMod's Nemesis project kicks off with a cutting-edge camera app called Focal Fri, 26 Jul 2013 20:25:28 +0000 http://2681 Jeff McIntire
Have you ported an AOSP-based ROM to your HTC One, Samsung Galaxy S4, Sony Experia Z or other device that shipped with an OEM skin? Do you wish you had all the camera features of those devices but still see it as an acceptable tradeoff in order to run CyanogenMod on your device? You might not have to sacrifice such features much longer, since the CyanogenMod team introduced a new camera app called Focal as the firstfruits of its ongoing Nemesis project.One of the drawbacks of porting AOSP-based ROMs onto devices that ship with OEM skins has always been that you sacrifice certain proprietary features, which have become more enticing in recent years and have often eclipsed their AOSP-based counterparts. One of these is often the camera app, into which HTC, Sony, Samsung and other OEMs have built some rather advanced functionality missing from the stock Android app. CyanogenMod seems to be making a concerted effort to overcome some of AOSP's shortcomings with its Nemesis project,...]]>
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The first Android 4.3 ROM arrives for the Verizon Galaxy Nexus Thu, 25 Jul 2013 01:39:24 +0000 http://2650 Jeff McIntire
You might have noticed that factory images for Android 4.3 have already been posted for the GSM variants of the Galaxy Nexus, and if you have Verizon's variant you might be used to being treated like the freckle-faced redhead who gets picked last for the team in gym class. If so, relief is in sight in the form of an OTA-like Android 4.3 ROM posted by RootzWiki developer baldwinguy77 .In an effort to stay as close as possible to the factory images for the GSM variants, the ROM does not come rooted. You will have to flash Chainfire's SuperSU Root Control App and ROOT zip in recovery, which you can find in the download post in the ROM thread. Although the thread title says "no bugs!" you might experience force closes if you use Google Keep. In that case, you'll want to flash this zip in recovery to fix the issue. Before you flash this ROM you'll want to flash the latest bootloader PRIMEMD04 (also contained in the download post along with the latest recov...]]>
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Google Already Pushing 4.3 to AOSP Wed, 24 Jul 2013 20:18:58 +0000 http://2634 Kevin Ethridge
Looks like Google’s not making the public wait for an official version of Android Jelly Bean 4.3 code, as they’ve already started pushing it out to the AOSP (Android Open Source Project). 4.3 was officially announced earlier today at Google’s breakfast event, along with some new hardware devices.Factory Images with 4.3 are also already available for the Nexus 4,7 and 10, as well as the Galaxy Nexus. Having 4.3 officially available means that your favorite ROM developers will soon be able to start building and updating using the latest version of Android.As my colleague Mike Lewis wrote , some updates in 4.3 include new DRM APIs to take advantage of HD content (such as from Netflix), Bluetooth AVRCP, dialpad autocomplete, easier text input and more multi-user customization, including a kids mode where you can limit their access to apps and turn off in app purchases.]]>
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Google Tries Again at the TV Game with Chromecast Wed, 24 Jul 2013 20:02:18 +0000 http://2610 Max Moss
Last summer at Google I/O, big G tried to get even more integrated into our homes by releasing the Nexus Q, an American-made media device that paired with your Android devices to bring all of your media content to your TV. It didn’t go well. With it’s high price point and low functionality, it lived a very short life and was eventually given away for free to those who preordered. This morning, Google took another swing at the media streaming hardware game, and I think they struck gold with Chromecast.Chromecast is a $35 dongle that allows you to stream content from the internet to your television. One of the major points of the devices is that it is simple to use and simple to set up. Basically, you plug it in via HDMI, turn your television to the right input, and connect to your WiFi. Then you are good to go. It is simple to use because you only have to know the UI from the apps you already use.Once it is set up, you have the option to watch from an array of apps, with more to...]]>
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Google Play Games: Your New Game Hub Wed, 24 Jul 2013 19:51:10 +0000 http://2626 Shane Rogers
For those of you who might not have been aware (and if you happen to be reading this site, then you most likely watched the live stream), today was kind of a big media day for the folks over at Google. While many people are going to be excited about the hardware, they also had a few cool items to show on the software side of things. One of those that I was glad to see, was another hub application added to the Google Play store, one that just happens to be perfect for those users who love to play games: Google Play Games . Introduced by Ellie Powers , the Google Play Product Manager, Google Play Games hooks into the social aspect of the recently introduced Google Play Services API to bring you a central place to access all the social features of any installed games that you have. It makes it significantly easier to see just how much you kick your friends’ butts in terms of leaderboards and achievements (or, just how horrible you are compared to the rest of the world). Google P...]]>
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Android 4.3 Formally Announced Over Breakfast With Sundar Pichai Wed, 24 Jul 2013 20:12:02 +0000 http://2602 Mike Lewis
Cutting-edge early adopters have been clamoring for the release of Android 4.3 for some time. Speculation and rumors around the blogosphere kept interests peaked, but the real joy comes with the formal announcement from Google. Sundar Pichai delivered Wednesday morning with several announcements including the next version of Android. Most have two main questions when a firmware update of this magnitude is announced. First they want to know what are the new features. Second, they want to know how soon they can have this next release. Pichai delivered on those questions and the impatient will not have to wait all that long for this release.First, here are the features of this next release of Jellybean, Android 4.3:Restricted Profiles - Think of this as parental controls. Many tablet users share their device with family members. These profiles allow parents to provide controls over what applications can be downloaded and how they can be played. This also can control in-app purchasing...]]>
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Google announces successor to the Nexus 7 with rear camera, dual speakers and wireless charging Wed, 24 Jul 2013 20:11:50 +0000 http://2618 Jeff McIntire
The rumors, the leaks, the speculation and the post-Google I/O wait are over. Google officially announced the sequel to the original Nexus 7 Wednesday, calling it... the Nexus 7. There are actually scores of improvements over last year's model, but probably the most significant ones include a 5MP rear camera, improved audio courtesy of dual rear speakers and wireless charging.The Nexus 7 is available for preorder on Best Buy, and will be available at Staples, Sam's Club and various other outlets on July 30 in addition to the Play Store (perhaps Google will get it right this time with availability). The 16GB model sells for $229 and the 32GB model sells for $269. There will also be a 32GB LTE model available for $349. Here's the list of improved specs and some comparisons I gleaned from Android Authority (quotes from Android Authority will be in italics):Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro processor clocked at 1.5Ghz (80% faster CPU) Adreno 320 GPU (4x graphics fra...]]>
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SwiftKey Cloud keeps your keyboard settings in the... wait for it... cloud Wed, 24 Jul 2013 17:38:51 +0000 http://2594 Mike Lewis
Popular third party keyboard makers Swiftkey announced their own cloud service on Tuesday, which will enable users to maintain settings and help keep helpful predictions consistent across devices. The rollout began initially via an email announcement to subscribers with a free link to the beta apk.Swiftkey also announced in their email enhanced predictions that stay on top of trending phrases based on current trends picked up from news and Twitter. It will also pick up expanded habits from online message archives, like Yahoo Mail, expanding from their current usage of SMS, Facebook, Gmail, and Twitter. The beta download, version 4.2, features one app for the phone and one for tablets featuring a split keyboard interface. Users can click here to access the beta site and download these new versions for themselves. Keep in mind this is a beta version, so be on the lookout for bugs, Other keyboard designers such a...]]>
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Verizon Announces Its Next Generation Motorola DROID Lineup Wed, 24 Jul 2013 17:41:53 +0000 http://2586 Mike Lewis
After a few weeks of speculation, Verizon officially announced its new line of Droid phones on Tuesday. Three new flagship phones will complement Big Red's lineup with prices ranging from $99 to $299. The phones are available now for pre-order and should ship between August 20th and August 29th depending on the phone. The three phones announced are the Droid Maxx, Droid Ultra, and Droid Mini. All three phones come with a fairly standard suite of upgrades from last year's models, all have that now familiar Kevlar backing, and will ship with Android 4.2.2 onboard. I have provided a full list of important specs for the Verizon-exclusive Droid lineup below.Droid Maxx: 10MP camera, 2MP front facing camera, Bluetooth 4.0, Droid Command Center, 5-inch OLED display, weight 4.94oz, a new mobile processing system called the X8 (dual 1.7GHz Snapdragon S4 Pro MSM8960 application cores, 4 graphics processor cores, a language processing core and a "contextual awareness...]]>
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Android Remote Desktop App "Chromoting" Enters Development Wed, 24 Jul 2013 17:38:05 +0000 http://2562 Max Moss
Chrome Remote Desktop was released as stable last January and since then, it has become an often used app of mine (especially when my grandma calls me every three days to fix her computer). I always wondered if it would ever make it’s way over to Android, and now my wonderings have been answered. Googler François Beaufort has announced on Google+ that an app called Chromoting will do what Chrome Remote Desktop does and it is currently in development.If you take a look at the Chromium code review , you will see that the project was officially started two days ago, but according to François Beaufort, “it doesn’t do that much for the moment.” On the review page, you can see exactly what it can currently do:Authenticate using a Google account on the phoneQuery and display the host list from the Chromoting directory serverConnect to and communicate with the host service over XMPP/ICEEstablish peer-to-peer channels for communicating with the host service And what it can’t currently do:D...]]>
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APK Security Hole Repaired - As You Were Thu, 18 Jul 2013 15:25:19 +0000 http://2457 Mike Lewis
I am sure like most of our readers, I responded to the news of the security hole within Android applications and the Google Play Store with a bit of a yawn. What we all should be aware of though is that flaw has been repaired. Google has sent out the patch to their OEM partners and most devices should have incremental repairs done, if it has not been patched already. ZD|Net reported on Monday that Google had advised them that a patch was sent to the OEM's. Here's an excerpt:Gina Scigliano, Google's Android Communications Manager, said that while Google didn't have a statement, she could "confirm that a patch has been provided to our partners - some OEMs, like Samsung, are already shipping the fix to the Android devices." I think most of us tend to scoff at these news stories because the malware requires a lapse in good common sense to be hoodwinked into downloading a bad APK. We know not to install third party applications without vetting them first. And in...]]>
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Nexus 7 Images Leak Ahead of 7/24 Android Event Thu, 18 Jul 2013 15:27:24 +0000 http://2538 Mike Lewis
News leaked earlier on Thursday about an event being held on July 24th. The announcement details breakfast with Chrome and now Android head Sunder Pichai. The event will be held at 9AM Pacific time and thanks to some recently obtained images, it looks like we may know one of the devices that will be announced. The first Nexus 7 was announced at Google I/O in 2012. The smaller, more portable tablet has been sold millions of times over worldwide and it appears the Nexus partnership with Asus will continue for the second release. The first device sold with a 1280 x 800 resolution, weighed 3/4 of 1 pound, ran a quad core Tegra 3 processor running at 1.3GHz. It had 1GB of RAM and sold in 8,16,or 32GB of internal memory. The device also featured a single front facing 1.2 megapixel camera.The new Nexus 7 does have significant beefed up specs including a 1920 x 1080p display, running a Snapdragon S4 quad core processor with 2GB (maybe as much as 4GB) of internal RAM and 16 or 32GB internal...]]>
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Android 4.3 build for the Nexus 4 leaks out Thu, 18 Jul 2013 10:15:26 +0000 http://2546 Max Moss
Early last evening, a post was made in the Nexus community on Google+ of a screen shot from a Nexus 4 displaying that it was running Android 4.3. At first, people were sceptical, but apparently the radio and kernel are hard to spoof. The community went to work right away and got a system dump from the owner of the Nexus 4, but not without some trouble.Two weeks ago, Jeff Williams says he bought a Nexus 4 on Craiglist from a Googler and just yesterday he was checking out the system info when he found out that the phone was actually running Android 4.3.Yes, I know this sounds fishy, but this is the real deal. Several community developers have gotten their hands on it and have started going through the files. Something like this happened back in the pre-4.0 days with a Nexus S that was sold running 4.0.After posting to G+, a couple Reddit posts popped up calling for help and they were quickly answered. Within a few hours, an IRC channel(#android43) was made and a group of people (Int...]]>
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Verizon tries to "Edge" out T-Mobile's new upgrade plan Mon, 15 Jul 2013 23:06:36 +0000 http://2530 Jeff McIntire
It seems that T-Mobile's "Boldest Moves Yet" has had some major ripple effects across the mobile industry in the U.S. Just days after T-Mobile announced its "JUMP!" upgrade plan, Verizon thinks it has an answer. According to Droid Life's sources , Verizon will be announcing the "VZ Edge" upgrade plan on August 25.Verizon's plan differs somewhat from T-Mobile's plan in several important areas. First, VZ Edge is designed to be an update to Verizon's existing installment plan - you'll be able to upgrade your device once you've paid half of the price of your existing device in installments. Second, Verizon's installment plan is spread out over only 12 months, as opposed to 24 months in T-Mobile's case. That means your device installments will be twice as high. Third, there is no mention of a premium payment for VZ Edge aside from the $2 monthly finance charge (you pay $10 per month for T-Mobile's program and...]]>
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Moto X Getting $500 Million Marketing Blitz, Hitting Verizon Late August Thu, 11 Jul 2013 16:28:26 +0000 http://2498 Kevin Ethridge
News and rumors continue to surface regarding Motorola’s upcoming Moto X. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Google has given Motorola the go ahead to run a $500 million marketing campaign for the device, and a leaked Verizon road map is showing a launch date of August 23rd.The phone will be available on all 4 major US carriers, as well as at least one regional carrier. If you order online you you should be able to order a custom color and engraving, while picking one up in a store will give you less options. We don’t yet know of the release date for other carriers, and as the launch of the S4 shows, it could be anywhere from the same week, to a month before or after Verizon.This phone has generated the most buzz for Motorola since the launch of the original Droid, and adding a major marketing push only makes sense. With any luck Motorola and Google will get be able to get a lot of people talking about their latest phone, and make it one that people will want to own, des...]]>
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Sony's Xperia Z is officially available on T-Mobile - too late? Thu, 11 Jul 2013 13:18:34 +0000 http://2481 Jeff McIntire
The Xperia Z was an exciting phone 4 months ago, but you couldn't find it in U.S. carrier stores. Now that T-Mobile officially announced that it added the Xperia Z to its lineup, you have to wonder if it's too late for Sony's current flagship phone to make a major impact in the U.S.The Xperia Z's specs are nothing to sneeze at, of course. Like the top-shelf competition from HTC and Samsung, the Xperia Z has a 1080p display and 2GB RAM. The Xperia Z also packs a 13MP Exmor RS camera, comparable to the 13MP camera on the Galaxy S4. The HTC One has a 4MP Ultrapixel camera, but since there is much more to a camera than its megapixel count, this camera might also be considered competitive with that of the Xperia Z. The main difference between the phones spec-wise is the Snapdragon S4 Pro on the Xperia Z, which falls slightly short of the Snapdragon 600 chips flaunted by the Galaxy S4 and HTC One.The biggest problem Sony faces, though, is that customers who haven't alr...]]>
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T-Mobile announces 4-line family plan for $100, no credit check required Thu, 11 Jul 2013 13:18:29 +0000 http://2489 Jeff McIntire
Do you need an affordable four-line text/voice/web plan for your family but don't wish to go through the hassle of a credit check and don't want to pay prepaid rates? If so, you might be interested in a new family plan announced Wednesday by T-Mobile. The new plan gives you four lines, each with unlimited text/voice/web and 500MB of high-speed data for $100 plus taxes and fees, according to the "Uncarrier."Beginning July 14, 2013, you can get one of these plans for your family with a down payment "roughly equivalent to one month's bill" and pay $50 for the first line, $30 for the second line and $10 for each additional line (meaning a family of six could each have unlimited text/voice/web and 500MB of high-speed data for $120, for example). You can tack on 2GB of high-speed data for an additional $10 per line, or you can tack on unlimited high-speed data for $20 per line. If your four-member family has a voracious appeti...]]>
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T-Mobile expands LTE coverage to 116 metropolitan areas Thu, 11 Jul 2013 13:18:24 +0000 http://2473 Jeff McIntire
T-Mobile has a great deal of catching up to do in order to compete with AT&T and Verizon's LTE coverage, but the "Uncarrier" announced Wednesday that significant progress has been made, noting that its LTE network now reaches 116 U.S. metropolitan areas.Boasting speeds that scored in the upper 50s (Mbps) and lower 60s in Engadget's testing , Big Magenta's LTE footprint is growing faster than previously planned, according to the carrier's press release. T-Mobile claims to now be able to reach 157 million customers, far ahead of its previously-stated mid-2013 goal of 100 million customers. By the end of the year, the carrier had planned for its LTE network to reach 200 million customers - it appears to be well ahead of that pace.Most prominent among the 116 metropolitan areas T-Mobile boasts LTE coverage for include New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, Dallas, Seattle, Atlanta and Miami. The relevant excerpt from T-Mobile...]]>
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T-Mobile offers JUMP! to protect your investment in more ways than one Thu, 11 Jul 2013 13:18:18 +0000 http://2497 Jeff McIntire
Protection against malfunction, loss, theft, damage, and now even depreciation can be yours for $10 per month on T-Mobile, thanks to the new JUMP! plan the "Uncarrier" announced Wednesday.The plan works as follows: after you've been enrolled in JUMP! for 6 months, having paid a total of at least $60 so far, you can upgrade your phone twice every 12 months in addition to your standard loss/theft/malfunction/damage protection. You have to turn in your existing phone "in good working condition." Naturally, those of you who take advantage of this plan, unlock/root your phones and install custom ROMs/kernels/etc. on them will want to return to stock and re-lock your bootloader before returning them.The new device is financed using T-Mobile's new Equipment Installment Program (EIP), and after turning in your existing phone you can enjoy the same up-front price that new users pay. In a world in which new phones are becoming obsolete every 6 months...]]>
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Calls Can Now be Made from Hangouts via Gmail, Google+, and the Chrome Extension Thu, 11 Jul 2013 13:18:11 +0000 http://2465 Max Moss
When Google first announced Hangouts it wasn't the messaging app that all of us were expecting, but it was still a solid, usable, and useful app. Since then we have heard that the team has been working on adding new features, and today we have seen the first of those features: voice calling.Google's official Gmail blog calls this "the future of Google Voice." They are allowing you to make voice calls to a phone number via Hangouts in Gmail, Google+, and the Chrome extension. While international rates still cost money (albeit very cheap), calls from any country that has Hangouts to the US or Canada are free. They are also allowing voice calls and video calls in the same Hangout. This works the same way as it did before in GTalk before Hangouts got rid of the feature.At this point, this feature is only available through Gmail, Google+, and the Hangouts Chrome extension and it will be rolling out to everyone in the coming days. However, there is no word on when the mobi...]]>
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Great X-Pectations: Will the Moto X Live up to the Hype? Mon, 08 Jul 2013 23:40:32 +0000 http://2450 Marty Eich
Holy Motorola rumors, Batman! It has certainly been a busy week for anyone following the flurry of Motorola leaks and rumors coming out in recent days. In what has seemed like forever, rumors of the Moto X has gone from the Motorola flagship of the future, to the XFON, to a midrange "you pick the parts, we build it", back to the Moto X which is customizable externally, but not internally. Here's a recap from the many leads Rootzwiki's followed recently.August launch date in the U.S. with the rest of the world getting it in Q4"Industry-leading" battery life (à la the RAZR MAXX?) due in part to the sensors being able to operate at low energy levelsA combination of mid-range and top-shelf specs720p OLED displayDual-core Snapdragon S4 Pro MSM8960 CPU clocked at 1.7GhzAdreno 320 GPU2GB RAM10MP rear cameraStock Android 4.2.2Customization via 16 color options for backplate and trim, text engraving and a preinstalled wallpaper of your choice$299 full retail...]]>
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A Look At The New Yahoo Weather Fri, 05 Jul 2013 16:39:17 +0000 http://2394 Mike Lewis
Many of you may have received an interesting email from Yahoo. The former search and current content company has made a push to recently to provide their services across the Android platform. Their new weather application also links to our personal Yahoo accounts, but has a few unique features and includes a little Flickr integration..Most weather applications come with their own unique ecosystem. Some of them are based around a system of widgets, some are based around services such as, AccuWeather, Weatherbug, etc. Yahoo weather gives users the feel of a dedicated application, has the widget support, but to this point, does not show ads. Yahoo is bound to change this to occasionally show some ads, but for now, it's just a weather experience with photos.The app itself is very simple. Users download the app, they sign into their Yahoo account (and Facebook optionally), then the app syncs to that users locations and provides a sliding Holo-like interface that displays...]]>
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Mighty Dungeons: It's Hero Quest Resurrected Fri, 05 Jul 2013 16:32:35 +0000 http://2426 Shane Rogers
How many of you out there remember sitting around the dining room table along with a handful of friends, huddled around one of the coolest board games that you had ever seen? Was it Monopoly? Nah, too boring and long winded. Backgammon? That’s a joke, right? No, this game was Hero Quest and was seriously fun and entertaining. Now you can experience a game that very nearly replicates the experience, in the form of Laylio Games ’ Mighty Dungeons ! Games like Hero Quest were quite often compared to their pen and paper brethren game, Dungeons and Dragons; however, the board games were significantly easier to set up and get into. Mighty Dungeons is about as close to Hero Quest as you can get, with the bonus that it even draws some similarities with D&D in that you can submit new character ideas and quests back to the developer and see them implemented in game (more on that later, though). For those of you who might not be familiar with the formula that is the lifeblood of Mig...]]>
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Motorola X to include "contextual awareness" and discreet language processors? Thu, 04 Jul 2013 18:48:37 +0000 http://2449 Jeff McIntire
Would you like to take a photo with your phone by flicking your finger (you know, without having to mash the power button and swipe to the camera lockscreen widget in Android 4.2 or open the camera app manually in earlier versions)? Would you like your phone to know when you are driving and automatically engage the speakerphone when you answer a call? These are just a couple of possibilities that the Motorola X could bring to your Android experience, if recent reports are to be believed.While the Motorola X is expected to have a combination of mid-range and top-shelf specs, the biggest selling points for the phone will apparently be the customization options (color/engraving/wallpaper) and the impressive array of sensors that the phone is expected to flaunt. These sensors, tied to a standalone "contextual awareness processor," could potentially give the X an unprecedented level of functionality. It also appears that the Motorola X will have a discreet language processor, wh...]]>
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Motorola X To Have 16 Color Choices, Engraving Options, and Selectable Storage Size Thu, 04 Jul 2013 01:16:09 +0000 http://2441 Jeff McIntire
According to a recent report by ABC News and a related report by Slashgear , the Motorola X phone will be available in 16 different colors from which you can choose a combination of one for your backplate and one for your trim. You will also apparently be able to engrave it (text only) and upload a photo to Motorola's website to set as your wallpaper.Despite some of the more far-fetched rumors that have surfaced you won't be able to customize the internals, save for the storage. Whichever options you choose, your phone will have a 720p display, a 1.7Ghz dual-core Snapdragon S4 Pro MSM8960, 2GB RAM, a 10MP camera and enough sensors to make the Galaxy S4 jealous. I might also point out that if each person's Motorola X had a unique combination of specs, how could there be a consistent development community around the device?While ABC News (sometimes the mainstream media does indeed get the goodies before the Android blogs) reported that you'll be able to choose your co...]]>
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Aviate Gives You Card-Based Home Screens Based on Time and Location Tue, 02 Jul 2013 02:07:34 +0000 http://2433 Max Moss
Some people love their homescreens chock full of widgets and apps, others prefer a minimal style, and then you've got those who go all out with different themes and widgets to create an experience like nothing else. Some people go for practical homescreens while others go for a style they can show off any chance they get. A new launcher replacement called Aviate tries to do both and, I have to say, it’s a pretty cool launcher.Aviate is a card-based launcher that looks like few others before it. It looks nothing like Google's stock launcher or anything that ships on any Android device on any OEM. It has a whole different idea behind it than most launchers.The Google Play page for Aviate describes it as “an intelligent homescreen that organizes your phone around your lifestyle.” It will change depending on the time of day and location and bring apps to the main screen that it thinks will be most useful for you. For example, when you wake up, it will give you weather informatio...]]>
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PSA: Google Reader Closing and All Access Pricing Changing On July 1st Sun, 30 Jun 2013 17:17:26 +0000 http://2410 Mike Lewis
The end of June will be a busy one for Google. After eight years, Google Reader will be no more on July 1st. Also, effective July 1st, pricing for Google Play Music's All Access will go to its new price of $9.99 a month. Now that you've been warned, here are my thoughts on both. Many including myself bemoaned Google for shutting down Reader after their March announcement. Since its inception in 2005, I was a daily user of the service. I had news reading via Reader down to a science. I would scan for any news that occured overnight when I woke up every morning. At lunch, I would check my tech feeds for anything noteworthy. That was when tech media on the west coast started waking up. By five in the evening, I made one last scan of news. I felt constantly on top of any news relevant to my interests and it was all done in one space.Since that dreaded closing announcement, I have been trying to settle on one of many virtual RSS aggregation homes. The past few months I have...]]>
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Magic The Gathering 2014 For Android Hands On Wed, 31 Jul 2013 20:19:43 +0000 http://2362 Marvin Ferrell
In case you are not familiar with Wizards Of The Coast's world famous collectible trading card game "Magic: The Gathering", it took the world by storm in 1993 and continues to dazzle its more than 12 million players worldwide with beautiful artwork and deep strategy. One of the many MTG products is a annual digital version of the card game that spans multiple platforms including PC, game consoles, and now Android. Each game represents a battle between mighty wizards, known as "planewalkers", who employ spells, items, and creatures depicted on individual Magic cards to defeat their opponents. This follows a similar theme as the old Dungeons and Dragons games and anyone familiar with those will instantly be comfortable with MTG’s deep lore and character driven narrative.For those who have never given the annual Magic: The Gathering video games a shot I will go ahead and let you know it may not be exactly what you expect. Full-on deck tailoring is not just how the...]]>
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Friday's Big Question: How Much is Riding on the "Google Play Edition" Experiment? Fri, 28 Jun 2013 20:53:00 +0000 http://2386 Marty Eich
Google Play Editions Released Although many people were disappointed by the lack of Android hardware announced/released at Google I/O this year, many were surprised by the decision by Samsung/Google to release a Google Play Edition of the Galaxy S4. Subsequently, HTC announced that their flagship device, the HTC One, would also receive the "Google Play" treatment.This week, both devices were released, along with a "Developer Edition" S4 for Verizon owners. Just how much does Google have invested in this quasi-Nexus experiment?Not Quite a Nexus Experience On launch day whispers began that the Google Play Editions may be less Nexus-like than advertised. Unlike the Nexus model, where updates come directly from Google, word got out that updates for Google Play models would come from the OEMs themselves. Any Verizon customer would tell you that such an arrangement would be troublesome, to say the least. But, as Droid Life pointed out, none of this should have been...]]>
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Purported Android 4.3 firmware for Google Play Edition Galaxy S4 leaked for developers Fri, 28 Jun 2013 13:21:52 +0000 http://2378 Jeff McIntire
You may have heard the rumors regarding the successor to Android 4.2.2 and by now you might even have a piece of the newest version of Android already on your device. SamMobile took it a step further Friday with a leaked build for developers of what it claims to be the latest and greatest from Google: JWR66N, also known as Android 4.3.What SamMobile posted Friday is intended for developers to play with and to build custom ROMs from, not for you to flash on your Galaxy S4 (unless you don't mind potentially bricking your device). In SamMobile's words:Do NOT flash this firmware on your Galaxy S4! Our advice is not to flash this firmware on your standard Galaxy S4 (GT-I9505/GT-I9500) as you might brick your device. Please check forums like first. If the build pictured by the screenshots from SamMobile's post looks just like the stock firmware on the Google Play Edition of the Galaxy S4, there's a good reason for it - according to SamMobi...]]>
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CyanogenMod 10.1 becomes General Release Build; New Changes to Nightlies Thu, 27 Jun 2013 19:57:04 +0000 http://2330 Derek De La Cruz
The CyanogenMod team has announced some new changes to the CM ROM. As of yesterday, CyanogenMod ended the “Release Candidate” phase for CM 10.1 and have are now treating it as a general release. This is great news, as being an indicator of the maturity of the ROM as it is now ready for prime time. The CM team also announced that Privacy Guard is now merged and will be supported for all future nightly builds.CM 10.1 General Release: I have checked Get.CM for the new General Release builds and they are now live. Currently the only devices that will receive the general release builds are devices that had been receiving current Release Candidate builds. Unfortunately, the team has no plans on incorporating devices that did not get Release Candidate treatment.They also mention that there are unsupported devices like those that are powered by Tegra 2 and many of the Samsung Exynos based devices. The recommend to check back in a week, as they will be providing a status report on those de...]]>
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Sony Unveils Smartwatch 2 Wed, 26 Jun 2013 22:59:35 +0000 http://2338 Derek De La Cruz
Sony took the morning to announce their newest generation SmartWatch, the SmartWatch 2. Clearly, Sony did not think too hard on a name as they decided to keep it simple. If the eye test is any indication, it seems as if Sony took the time to improve their SmartWatch. The SmartWatch 2 has a more polished user interface, built-in NFC, bigger screen with better resolution, and is "water resistant" so long as you don't actually get it wet. The SmartWatch 2 has 1.6-inch (220x176 pixels) Transflective LCD display, which should help you to read your watch while in sunlight. It is a touch screen so it will support touch and swipe gestures. The watch is made of aluminum and plastic, and it said to be water resistant. By water resistant they mean splashes and rain. You cannot shower, bathe, swim, or go snorkeling with your SmartWatch 2. The spec sheet indicates that the battery life of the SmartWatch 2 is b...]]>
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New Offers and TV Cards Added To Google Now Wed, 26 Jun 2013 21:54:44 +0000 http://2354 Mike Lewis
Many of us have become accustomed to our new mobile assistant. Google Now notifies us of traffic conditions, weather, local events, stocks, and more. Wednesday afternoon, Google announced the addition of two more cards sure to remind us how close they really are to our everyday lives.This update will roll out immediately per their post via update to the Google Search app. Here is the announcement made from the Android Google Plus page Wednesday afternoon about these two new cards:TV Cards: If you have an internet-connected TV, Google Now can help unlock more information about what you're watching. Just connect your Android device to the same network that your TV is on and tap “Listen for a TV show” in Google Now. We will show you information, like where you've seen an actor in the cast before, or more information about the people mentioned in the show. So if you were watching Nik Wallenda cross the Grand Canyon this weekend, with Google Now, you could learn that the “King of...]]>
2354 2013-06-26 21:54:44 2013-06-26 21:54:44 open open publish post 0 0 post 0
Unlocked Google Edition HTC One And Galaxy S4 Now Available Wed, 26 Jun 2013 20:35:15 +0000 http://2346 Mike Lewis
You know we love carrier- unlocked devices. You know we love devices with unlocked bootloaders. You know we love Nexus phones and AOSP. Google today finally unveiled and made the "Google Edition" HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S 4 available in the Google Play Store.We had known for some time these devices would soon become available and now they are officially for sale. You can click here for the Google edition HTC One, available for $599.00 and you can click here for the Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition here for $649.00. Both devices are unique in comparison and are the flagship phones of both OEMs.These phones come out of the box running stock Android, version 4.2.2. They will stay within the AOSP tree for as long as they can function and be first in line for stock updates. Best of all, for those who prefer a better (or different) than stock experience, both devices will be a breeze to root and run aftermarket software. The HTC One features a 4.7 inch screen, pus...]]>
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CyanogenMod Team Introduces New Quick Camera Feature Wed, 26 Jun 2013 19:40:11 +0000 http://2322 Derek De La Cruz
Did you ever find it annoying the process you had to go through just to snap a photo? Apparently you were not the only one. Nebojsa Cvetkovic (member of the CM team) is the developer that created the feature in hopes to make taking photos just that much easier. Nebojsa has integrated a tile into QuickSettings that functions as a small camera. By sliding down on your notification bar to get to QuickSettings you will see a tile and with the simple tap it will start the preview. Think of it as a very tiny camera application in your QuickSettings. The subsequent taps will take pictures of what is being displayed in the tile. Nebojsa indicates that "It attempts continuous auto-focus if the device supports it or otherwise focuses after the first tap." Once you have completed taking the photos, simply close the notification drawer and the camera will automatically close. All pictures taken via this feature are at full resolution and same...]]>
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Sony's Xperia Z Ultra formally introduces the Snapdragon 800 to the world Tue, 25 Jun 2013 12:56:27 +0000 http://2314 Jeff McIntire
You may have heard the saying that "everything is big in Texas," and evidently the design team behind Sony's newly-announced Xperia Z Ultra wants you to think the same of its creation. Featuring a 6.44-inch Full HD display, a 2.2 Ghz Snapdragon 800 processor and a 3000 mAh battery, you could argue that everything is big in the Xperia Z Ultra as well.Did Sony finally get its smartphone display right? If you can palm a basketball you might be able to operate this phone in one hand, but you would probably still need to use your other hand at some point. At 6.44 inches, the Xperia Z Ultra has the largest display yet seen on a "phablet" unless you count the 7-inch Asus Fonepad as a phablet (personally, I would call the Fonepad a tablet with phone functionality). The Ultra's 1080p resolution is on par with 2013's flagship phones from HTC and Samsung, though the pixel density will be lower due to the larger size.The display has been a sticking point for Son...]]>
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Withings Pulse Fitness Tracker available for Pre-Order Mon, 24 Jun 2013 18:52:18 +0000 http://2305 Derek De La Cruz
Withings announced Pulse, the Fitness Tracker back as CES 2013. It is a competitor that will go up against the currently available likes of Fitbit, Nike Fuel Band, and Jawbone Up. Withings Pulse was to set launch at the end of March 2013 but it was pushed back. The time has finally come and the Pulse is now available for preorder. Customers can now go to to place their pre-orders for the Pulse for only $99.95. The product pages indicates that if the Pulse is pre-ordered it would be set to ship out "within the next 30 days." Pulse is a fitness tracker that helps monitor items like steps taken, calories burned, heart rate, and sleep duration, just to name a few; we've got the entire list for you at the bottom of this article. The heart rate function works by sliding your finger over the sensor that is located on the back of the Pulse device. The data is gathered and synced to your smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0. You can view your data on your Android devi...]]>
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Cruzerlite's Androidified, Clone Army, and Bugdroid Circuit Case Series for the Samsung Galaxy S4 Tue, 30 Jul 2013 14:16:36 +0000 http://2209 Derek De La Cruz
Cruzerlite has released cases that we love for many of the Android devices that we own. For such a popular device like the Samsung Galaxy S4, it is not shocking that Cruzerlite has released their top three case series: Androidified, Clone Army, and BugDroid Circuit. Today I have for you each of those cases for the Samsung Galaxy S4. I am going to break down each one and we are going to see how well they perform in everyday situations and if the designs fit nicely with the SGS4 physical design.Cruzerlite’s beloved cases are all made of the same material, Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). TPU is a class of polyurethane plastics that is easy to mold, transparent, and study when modeled. TPU is known for being good against damage, does not attract as much lint as rubber, and can be modeled into some cool designs. Since Cruzerlite uses the same material for each of these case series, the experience of the case is actually the same. The only difference is the design they you that make th...]]>
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Eyelord: It Goes To Eleven (GGE) Sun, 23 Jun 2013 00:41:47 +0000 http://2153 Shane Rogers
For those of you who have been around the Android scene (specifically the Android gaming scene) since the beginning of what seems to be the dawn age, you probably remember what it was like trying to find even one good decent game. It was a nightmare. For what was the longest time, there were very few decent games, and one of the most often suggested games was Bonsai Blast . Or maybe it just seemed to be that way in my circle of friends. Either way, remember the time I’m talking about - the G1 days - people would complain, generally very loudly, that the one application was taking up the vast majority of their storage. I mean, come on, the app was over 5 meg! I know many people who would only install the thing when they wanted to play it. Ah, but I begin to digress. Today’s phone storage is nowhere near as precious of a commodity, thankfully, and today’s game comes from a similar mold as BB did - it too is a “match three” bubble track game - but weighs in at a hefty 110+ meg. I...]]>
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X-Doria Dash Pro and Dash Icon Case for Samsung Galaxy S4 Sun, 23 Jun 2013 00:23:00 +0000 http://2161 Derek De La Cruz
The Samsung Galaxy S3 was the single most popular Android device in 2012. Selling millions of devices makes you popular, and that’s a great thing if you are interested in accessories. Accessory manufactures develop and release accessories for devices that will bring them a profit. So when the Samsung Galaxy S4 (SGS4) was announced everyone expected it too was going to be popular because the Galaxy brand is heavily marketed and is usually the highest selling Android device. I have been seeing many accessories marketed towards the SGS4 and a new brand that has come across my desk is X-Doria. X-Doria, mainly a case manufacturer for iOS devices, has recently entered the Android ecosystem by releasing some cases for the SGS4.We'll be looking at the X-Doria Dash Pro and Dash Icon cases for Samsung's latest flagship phone.This is the first time I have ever used an X-Doria case on any of my devices. They are testing the waters by offering three case series for the SGS4. I have for y...]]>
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AT&T Offering Half Off Many Smartphones Sat, 22 Jun 2013 19:22:54 +0000 http://2289 Mike Lewis
Dallas based AT&T has made a few bold moves this week to attract customers. Earlier this week they announced their updated GoPhone pricing and now they are offering 50% off many smartphones like the Galaxy S4, the Galaxy S4 Active and the HTC One. The one-time activation fee also seems to have been waived for these devices for added savings. The promotion runs through June 30th. By visiting the AT&T promotion page, I was able to select one of the higher-priced phones, select a one or two year contract, choose my data plan and finally see the 50% discount in the shopping cart. This only applies to contract plans, but it is interesting to see a carrier offer a one-year plan. The other three big US carriers only offer prepaid options or two-year contracts.Are you tempted by this offer? I have three months remaining on my Sprint plan and I'm nearly salivating at this offer. Paying a hundred bucks for a top-of-the-line smartphone is far more enticing than the normal going r...]]>
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AT&T GoPhone Plans Updated Sat, 22 Jun 2013 18:30:00 +0000 http://2273 Mike Lewis
On Friday, AT&T formally announced updated pricing for their GoPhone program, making the changes to their contract-free plans in an evident bid to keep them competitive with T-Mobile's new "Uncarrier" plans. The new pricing plans actually look fairly good on paper. Consumers have a choice of four different pricing tiers. At $25 per month, you get 250 minutes, unlimited picture messaging, SMS, and international texting to Mexico, Canada, and 100 other countries. An additional $5 per month will give you 50MB of data. At a combined $30 per month, you could conceivably skirt by for cheap if you rarely use your mobile phone and you only need enough data to stay on top of emails. For $40 per month, you can get 500 minutes and unlimited SMS, and another $5 will net you 100MB of data.Their so-called truly unlimited packages come at $50 and $60 per month. At $50 per month you get unlimited talk and texting with no data. You could call...]]>
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Plume Gets A UI Refresh Sat, 22 Jun 2013 18:08:58 +0000 http://2281 Mike Lewis
Twitter is one of those ecosystems that changes slowly. The look and feel of the applications, on the other hand, changes at a fairly rapid pace with prevailing design trends. Third-party Twitter apps are no exception and Plume made a bit of a UI update with their latest release, version 5.21.The changelog is as follows:- refresh of the UI design- fix storing user colors- remove Twitgoo picture upload as it's not working with API 1.1 I'm fairly certain few will miss Twitgoo, but it is a testament once again to how Twitter has almost completely shut the door on third-party development. The meat of the change came in the form of a rather shocking font change. Upon reloading Plume after the latest update, I was treated to a new font. Being accustomed to change, I gave the new font a try. A few minutes later I found the option to revert back to the system font.Unlike newer clients such as Falcon Pro, Plume has not run into token limits, since it was grandfathered into Twitter...]]>
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Friday's Big Question: What are your thoughts on the Galaxy NX camera? Sat, 22 Jun 2013 00:53:21 +0000 http://2265 Marty Eich
With the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy NX being the first mirrorless professional-grade camera with interchangeable lenses that runs Android as its operating system, do you see the NX as the next wave of the future that you're willing to hitch your boat (and around $1,500) to, or is this another niche device decive for a niche market?Yay, the Leaks Were Accurate Doubling down on the risk Samsung took by gluing a mid-range point-and-shoot camera to the back of Galaxy S III (Samsung Galaxy Camera), Samsung announced yesterday the Galaxy NX, a mirrorless shooter with a 20.3MP APS-C sensor and interchangeable lenses. If you're interested in full specs and rundown of what the NX offers, check out what Jeff McIntire had to say about the announcement.While most of the blogoshpere seems crazy excited about this camera, Samsung may be biting off more than it can chew with the NX. Here's why...Android Android's best quality may not benefit cameras long-term....]]>
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Professional-grade camera, meet Android: Samsung unveils the Galaxy NX camera Fri, 21 Jun 2013 21:32:04 +0000 http://2241 Jeff McIntire
An Instagram-shooter this is not. Samsung unveiled an Android-powered camera with the photography chops of a professional-grade camera and the versatility of a flagship Android device. The Galaxy NX camera was announced Thursday at Samsung's Premiere 2013 event in London, promising to take a huge leap forward from even last year's beastly Galaxy Camera .The specs for this camera are as follows (including some explanatory information I dug up for those of us who are relatively new to the world of photography - this will be useful if this becomes your first professional-grade camera):Camera and display:20.3MP APS-C CMOS sensor (APS-C stands for Advanced Photo System type-C, a sensor format in cameras for those of you who didn't eat your photography-flavored alphabet soup for lunch; CMOS stands for Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor - it's the sensor for digital cameras - basically the digital equivalent of film)4.8-inch HD TFT LCDSVGA EVF (an 800x600 electronic vi...]]>
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Vector Unit's Riptide GP2 is coming very soon, and it looks great Thu, 20 Jun 2013 01:14:57 +0000 http://2217 Marvin Ferrell
You may remember the slight mishap encountered when Riptide GP2 was demoed at Google I/O, but I can assure you that the game is coming along just fine and multiplayer mode via Google's new Play Services APIs works great. Thanks to the very friendly guys over at Vector Unit who always answer my queries, I have been assured everything is working fine and Riptide GP2 is getting very close to release. Just in case you're from the "Show-Me State," that's exactly what Vector Unit is doing with its latest trailer for the game.Players of the first game already know what to expect from Vector Unit a breakneck pace, near-perfect controls, and water effects and physics that make you stop to make sure your device is still dry. From the looks of the trailer, we can expect Vector Unit to reprise its excellent graphics, gameplay and physics with Riptide GP2. If you're concerned that the first Riptide GP was initially released only for Tegra-powered devices, it does not lo...]]>
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Augmented Reality Game DROID COMBAT - MISSION ALPHA now available for select devices Sat, 22 Jun 2013 01:13:15 +0000 http://2201 Marvin Ferrell
Augmented reality games are all the rage since Ingress took the Android gaming world by storm. Verizon of all companies (in partnership with MunkyFun Inc) has thrown its hat into the ring with DROID COMBAT - MISSION ALPHA, which features the same aesthetics as Big Red's Droid phone advertisements and is now available for select devices in the Play Store . I had a chance to go hands-on briefly with the game this afternoon and it’s … well ... very interesting. It features a campaign mode which pits you in a series of battles against computer-controlled opponents. I made short work of about 8 of them just a few moments ago, but the beauty of this game is in its multiplayer mode. As you win matches you gain more credits to spend on weapons and upgrades for your Droid robots (giant mech). You can also scavenge by using your camera to scan the area which overlays reality with items and opponents from the world of D:Com. I was able to scan right here at my desk and find a cache of mis...]]>
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Aviary Gets A Revamp - Version 3.0 Released Thu, 20 Jun 2013 02:32:36 +0000 http://2193 Mike Lewis
Some of us will not admit to it, but we do like to occasionally touch up our camera phone pictures. For example, Adobe, Snapseed, and PicSay have enjoyed widespread popularity, as has Aviary. The latter was given a full version bump to 3.0 Wednesday, bringing a UI overhaul and new and improved photo editing features with it.Aviary, inc. describes the changes version 3.0 brings:This version has been completely redesigned and features a beautiful new interface. It's faster, cleaner, and easier to use. Plus:+Enhance has been enhanced! Hi-Def sharpens and defines, Illuminate fixes lighting issues, and Color Fix does great color correction.+New Effects make your photos look beautiful. Check out the Woodland pack - perfect for outdoor photos! Aviary is not new to the photo editing game. Over 3,500 applications use Aviary features for photo editing within their own applications. Not including embedded Twitter integration, it had already edited over three billion photos by M...]]>
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Rockmelt crashes the Android news aggregator party (or is it the Android browser party?) Wed, 19 Jun 2013 23:48:45 +0000 http://2185 Mike Lewis
The rumors of Rockmelt's perpetual decline have been greatly exaggerated. The social-minded browser has had many revamps over the years on the desktop, but now find themselves following prevailing trends and joining the mobile space with their initial Android release.The goal in this initial release is to attract users that want a clean interface with simple interactions and sharing. Here is that initial feature set from their change log:- Navigation that appears when it's needed and disappears when it's not- Elevator buttons to ensure that you get new content and go right back to where you left off- Landscape and portrait views- Plus all the normal stuff that makes Rockmelt great There was a day I used Rockmelt to share quickly from the variety of social networks that I followed daily. As the landscape has changed, this mobile browser/news aggregator features a simple, seamless way to share articles with friends regardless of network. Like other popular third-party b...]]>
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Dolphin Browser Updated To Version 10 Wed, 19 Jun 2013 22:25:53 +0000 http://2177 Mike Lewis
Many may have given up on seeking out or using third party browsers on their Android phones since the release of Chrome. Still, you might be surprised to find out there is still a growing competition in the third-party mobile browsing market. Dolphin, one of the original third-party browsers, has refused to go away quietly, updating its browser to version 10.0 Wednesday with major improvements in tow.The latest release comes with a variety of updates in tow:+New UI design+Web App Store: Easily add popular web apps to your home screen+Home screen now supports drag & drop grouping of speed dials into folders, with 60+ speed dial slots+Dolphin key: single swipe access to browser menu, tab list or Gesture/Sonar+Search directly within Amazon, Twitter, Wikipedia, eBay, Youtube, Twitter or Facebook from URL bar+Flash support can be re-enabled in settings+Themes & Night Mode have been updated for v10. Install the updated versions from Google Play The features for this application m...]]>
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Humble Bundle with Android 6 gives you its latest indie gaming collection Sat, 22 Jun 2013 01:15:29 +0000 http://2169 Shane Rogers
The fine folks over at the Humble Bundle have announced the next version of everybody’s favorite package of indie-developed games and once again we of the Android persuasion get to partake in the bounty as well. The Humble Bundle with Android 6 has been released, and for the next two weeks - give or take - you can pick up some DRM free copies of some of the more unique games you may or may not have heard of.Let’s get the basics out of the way first - for those of you who maybe haven’t heard of the Humble Bundle here is the deal in a nutshell: you name your price (yes, that includes a penny if you are inclined to be so cheap), as well as how you want those funds to be divvied up. You can send all the cash to the developers, to charity (The Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Child’s Play Charity ), or to the Humble Bundle guys, however you decide. If you pay more than the average - currently at an amazingly low $4.30 - then you also gain access to a couple of extra titles....]]>
2169 2013-06-22 01:15:29 2013-06-22 01:15:29 open open publish post 0 0 post 0
ZZZ-specs leaked for Motorola X-Phone Sat, 22 Jun 2013 00:52:50 +0000 http://2137 Jeff McIntire
There was a time, if you remember, when Motorola dominated the Android landscape with the original Droid in late 2009. Motorola stayed competitive through the next 2-3 years in terms of hardware if not in sales. It seems that the company has taken the year off in 2013, at least until the launch of the highly-anticipated X-phone. If the specs leaked Saturday for the X-phone turn out to be true, it looks like the flagship hiatus will continue.A source with a proven track record took to Twitter early Saturday morning to leak the following specs for the X-phone:A 1.7 Ghz dual-core Snapdragon S4 Pro (the MSM8960 - the only dual-core variant of the Snapdragon S4 Pro)A 720p display of unknown size (other rumors have it pegged at 4.3 inches)2 GB RAM16 GB storage10MP rear camera / 2MP front-facing cameraAndroid 4.2.2 out of the box Unless this phone sells for less than $200 full retail, it will likely be a non-starter for AT&T and T-Mobile customers, who can get the quad-core Nexus...]]>
2137 2013-06-22 00:52:50 2013-06-22 00:52:50 open open publish post 0 0 post 0
Are you taking notes? Samsung should face stiff competition this Fall Sat, 22 Jun 2013 00:53:58 +0000 http://2129 Jeff McIntire
For the last two years, Samsung has had the "phablet" market mostly to itself. In 2011, there was no phablet market to speak of, as Samsung was the first major manufacturer to take the risk of creating a supersized 5.3-inch phone in a world of sub-5-inch displays. Although the phablet market has gained quite a few competitors since then, none of them could match Samsung's S-Pen functionality. This year, however, at least two major super-sized phones are expected to provide fierce competition to the Galaxy Note 3, each expected to include a stylus.The Sony Xperia Z Ultra ("Togari") and HTC One Max ("T6") are both rumored to launch in the second half of the year, as is the Galaxy Note 3. Each is expected to include a stylus, sport a 1080p display and be powered by the Snapdragon 800 (looks like Samsung is sitting the year out for the most part with its Exynos 5 chipset). The Xperia Z Ultra is expected to have a 6.5-inch screen while the Galaxy Note 3 and HT...]]>
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Did the next Nexus 7 just visit the FCC and Bluetooth SIG with LTE on board? Fri, 14 Jun 2013 18:57:14 +0000 http://2121 Jeff McIntire
Still more rumors surfaced Friday about the next Nexus 7, based on visits to the FCC and Bluetooth SIG by an Asus tablet called the "K009" and also tagged by Asus as a "Nexus" tablet. In addition to the previously-rumored 1920x1080 display and the Snapdragon chipset , it appears that this year's Nexus 7 could ship with LTE on board.Friday's episode of intrigue and innuendo also contains some disagreement over which Snapdragon CPU will power the "K009" tablet. Bluetooth SIG claims we'll see a Snapdragon 600 chipset, while the FCC filing contains a reference to the "APQ8064" chipset (a Snapdragon S4 Pro). To be brutally honest, there is little real difference between the S4 Pro and the 600, save the 600's 200Mhz bump in maximum clock speed and its support for the latest in mobile RAM technology, the LPDDR3 chip (I seriously doubt we'll see LPDDR3 RAM in this year's Nexus 7). Whichever CPU the tablet sports (I'm leaning heavi...]]>
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Friday's Big Question: Does Google play favorites with iOS? Sat, 22 Jun 2013 01:12:00 +0000 http://2097 Marty Eich
Breaking News... Google will sell more mobile advertising than the rest of its rivals combined for the second straight year, according to a new forecast that highlights the expansion of the Internet search leader's moneymaking prowess from personal computers to smartphones and tablets. Google made a metric ton of money this year , surprise, surprise. This should be no shock to anyone, nor should it be that the Mountain Valley company made this money not on device sales, or OS licensing, or patent trolling, but on ad sales. Like Facebook or Yahoo or any Internet-based company, Google's revenue stream is dependent upon its ability to sell consumer coverage to advertizers. And business is booming, apparently, not just because of Android's popularity (see: 900,000,000 device activations), but because of Apple's .Say What? "'The recent growth in usage follows Apple (AAPL)'s decision last year to drop YouTube as a core application in the iOS software for...]]>
2097 2013-06-22 01:12:00 2013-06-22 01:12:00 open open publish post 0 0 post 0
Play Music gets updated, allows you to control your data consumption and your sanity Thu, 13 Jun 2013 22:35:30 +0000 http://2113 Jeff McIntire
Are you on one of those infamous tiered data plans while also trying out Google's new All Access music subscription? If so, you might have been in for a nasty surprise the last time you checked your data usage. It seems that the new app was quite the data-hungry megabytivore , gulping data down like there is no tomorrow. Fortunately, Google updated the app Thursday to allow you to rein in the data usage.Personally, I switched to tiered data last Fall, because I needed unlimited voice and messaging more than I needed unlimited data. I had never even come close to using my data allotment, but I had also never tried anything like All Access before. Fortunately, I didn't have to suffer the shock myself because I had mostly used Google's new music service on WiFi.When I made a comment some time ago about the app's insane battery drain , a colleague of mine who was (fortunately) on unlimited data mentioned that his app had insane mobile data drain as well - it had sucked d...]]>
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Google+ gets a new menu and sync across devices Thu, 13 Jun 2013 21:06:50 +0000 http://2105 Jeff McIntire
Continuing the long run of Google app updates that began just before the I/O conference is the latest entry, Google+. Yes, the app already received a huge update that included Snapspeed photo editing and a new look and feel, but Google clearly isn't finished with this app yet. This time, Google+ gets sync across devices and a new menu that mimics those of Google's other app updates (such as Gmail, Play Music and Drive).Sync across devices basically means that if you dismiss a Google+ notification on one device, be it your PC via the browser, your tablet or your phone, it will be dismissed on all of your other devices as well. You will no longer be nagged multiple times for the same notification. Also, your notification panel will have a separator between your read and unread notifications. Other features included in th...]]>
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The CloudBuilder project: build for Android in the cloud with help from a "doctor" Thu, 13 Jun 2013 09:33:02 +0000 http://2018 Jeff McIntire
Do you want to build for Android but for one reason or another cannot install Linux on your PC? Does your PC lack sufficient CPU power, RAM or storage to build ROMs, kernels or apps for Android? If for any reason you can't use your PC at home to build for Android, you might want to try building in the cloud using the CloudBuilder project by RootzWiki member Dr_Drache .You can request access to Dr_Drache's buildbox in AndIRC's #linux channel . His server has the following specs, which should be more than sufficient for most building tasks:Currently, the buildbox is an IBM X3550 with...Dual Quad core Core2 Xeons32GB ram592GB of 10,000 RPM SAS (Serial attached SCSI ) storage, in Raid 10 configuration100/10 megabit Internet access Dr_Drache is in the process of installing a Dell C6100 with...8 Quad core Xeons with hyper threading (64 logical cores, or "threads") clocked at 2.6Ghz, which is comparable to four Intel Core i7-3770K's overclocked to 4.5ghz96GB ram25...]]>
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Google shows off a new way to visualize trends in Search Wed, 12 Jun 2013 22:34:05 +0000 http://2073 Marvin Ferrell
Google Trends Visualization is a very cool new way to see what's trending on Google Search in real time.The chart consist of whats hot in over forty different topics and in typical Google fashion it's customizeable. You can see the charts one element at a time or you can use the handy tool seen in the upper left hand portion of the screen (see screenshot), to expand it to a 5 x 5 grid. The trending topics come in various colors and move around the pages-titled interface with pizzazz. The topics jump and change tiles according to what is trending, and when I first saw it I found myself staring in amazement. It's really a unique and innovative way to see what's going on in Google search. Unfortunately for now, the tool is only available in the US, though users can select to see trending topics by country. The countries for which you can see trending topics currently are Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Japan, Russia, Singapore, Taiwan, the United Kingdom...]]>
2073 2013-06-12 22:34:05 2013-06-12 22:34:05 open open publish post 0 0 post 0
Gameloft Set To Release Visually Stunning Racer Asphalt 8 Wed, 12 Jun 2013 21:57:49 +0000 http://2081 Marvin Ferrell
Visually Stunning. The two words that come to mind when I consider what Gameloft has shown of Asphalt 8, their new racing game that will be arriving on Android soon. As a long time fan of the series I'm always thrilled to here that new one is on the way, and per tradition, one of the best parts of the game will be it's 99-cent price tag. However, as you will see there is much more to be excited about in Asphalt 8, as you can immediately see from the following screenshots. The graphics are shockingly beautiful, but Asphalt 8 comes with much more than a fresh coat of paint. Asphalt 8 features 8 all-new maps from the Nevada desert, the city streets of London and a return to Monaco for fans of Asphalt 7. The new tracks also focus on environmental effects and they will play a much bigger part in the races in Asphalt 8. For example, heavy rain in London will make your car slide all over the road. I loved how alternate routes play a big roll in Asphalt and this one will be no exc...]]>
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Is Cid going incognito? CyanogenMod founder teases upcoming privacy mode Wed, 12 Jun 2013 21:20:01 +0000 http://2089 Jeff McIntire
If you've been following the news lately, you likely noticed the recent revelations that the NSA and Verizon have taken the "Share Everything" plan to a whole new level . Unsurprisingly, it has since come to light that Verizon is far from the only network sharing your phone records with the government. While Steve Kondik (aka Cyanogen) won't be able to protect your personal data from your carrier and the NSA, he did make known his intention to protect it from apps running on your device.Before I go any further, I must clarify that this is not an anti-malware solution - it's designed to allow you to restrict which known apps have access to your information and to what degree. This primarily applies to apps that you knowingly installed on your device. If you're rooted and use apps that require root access, Kondik said "all bets are off," meaning that such apps can be designed to bypass the privacy feature he's working on. The way it works from an...]]>
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FiOS On Demand Released For Android Wed, 12 Jun 2013 14:51:51 +0000 http://2065 Mike Lewis
Are you a Verizon FiOS subscriber whose household is dominated by Android? Do you wish you could watch movies and TV shows through your FiOS subscription on your Android phone or tablet? If so, your wait is officially over (sort of), with the release of FiOS Mobile for Android (months after iPad and iPhone customers have had the privilege of viewing on-demand content).Here is the core functionality of the Verizon FiOS On Demand app:• Watch select live streaming TV channels from your device, anywhere in your home (* requires both FiOS TV and FiOS Internet service, as well as subscription to any of the channels you wish to watch)• Access your Flex View content from anywhere, and browse over 40,000 titles in the Flex View On Demand library for great movie deals and exciting new TV programs• Manage your DVR recordings, check the status of your DVR, and schedule new recordings from anywhere (* requires a DVR)• Use your mobile or tablet device as a remote control while in your home (*requ...]]>
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Google Purchases Waze, Officially Tue, 11 Jun 2013 16:53:53 +0000 http://2057 Mike Lewis
Tuesday morning laid aside any speculation about the future of popular crowd-sourced traffic app Waze. Google announced on their blog that they completed their purchase of the social-minded live traffic app. This purchase is a clear move to augment Maps with up-to-date live traffic data, which has long been the bane of any real-time mapping system. The rumors started to swirl last week that Google would be making this purchase at around $1.5 billion (US). Final numbers of the sale were not announced by either company at the time of this post, though Apple had also been rumored to bid on the Israeli based company earlier this year (so whatever the amount is, Google clearly beat out Apple).In the statement released by Google they stated, "To help you outsmart traffic, today we’re excited to announce we've closed the acquisition of Waze. This fast-growing community of traffic-obsessed drivers is working together to find the best routes from home to work, every day."...]]>
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Cruzerlite Introduces Bugdroid Exo for Samsung Galaxy S4 Tue, 11 Jun 2013 16:27:53 +0000 http://2010 Derek De La Cruz
I am sure many of you know Cruzerlite - they have been supplying us our favorite BugDroid-themed cases for many of your popular devices. We have seen the Androidified (A2), Clone Army, and the BugDroid Circuit case for the Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4, Galaxy Note, Galaxy S3, and many others. Recently, Cruzerlite has added BugDroid Exo to its catalog, though it is currently only available for the Samsung Galaxy S4. Cruzerlite's first attempt at a two-piece case was the Spi-Force for the Samsung Galaxy S3. Now they are introducing the next generation two-piece but this time with some Android flare. It is nice to see Cruzerlite step out of their bread-and-butter comfort zone with the traditional TPU case and venture out to something new. What makes their TPU cases desirable are their cool Android-themed designs. BugDroid Exo aspires to give you the best of both worlds: two layers of protection together with an Android theme we have grown to love. The BugDroid Exo is a two-layered case...]]>
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Paranoid Android makes Halo Open Source Tue, 11 Jun 2013 16:17:10 +0000 http://2049 Derek De La Cruz
Paranoid Android's latest feature, a FaceBook Chatheads-style notification system called HALO, has already had an eventful history. The developers for Paranoid Android started with a demonstration , released test builds , and then entered HALO into beta testing . In the latest step in HALO's progression, the Paranoid Android team announced Monday on Google+ that they have released the source code for the popular new feature, meaning that developers of other ROMs can now enjoy some Halo in their own work. The Paranoid Android has released the source code on Github and it is available now, split into Part 1 and Part 2 . The Paranoid Android team states that "HALO is still in beta, code has not been cleaned, support for TabletUI and PIE is unfinished, among other minor things." However, they are claiming that HALO is good enough to be released.If you want to try the feature out for yourself on Para...]]>
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Ingress Updates - UI Changes, Extra Augmentation, Mods Mon, 10 Jun 2013 21:47:12 +0000 http://2041 Mike Lewis
As the number of active players in the Ingress universe slowly creeps up, Niantic Labs just released still-private beta version 1.28.1 on Monday with several moderate changes to the look and feel as well as support for future mods such as Currents, Heatsinks, and more.The changelog alerts users of the following changes:+ Vectoring to nearest Portal(s) when none are found in Scanner map view.+ Support for Link Amp, Heatsink, Multihack, Force Amp, and Turret MODs.+ Bug fixes and performance upgrades.As most of you know, Ingress is a massively multiplayer online game (MMOG) played mostly on mobile devices. Using augmented reality and a player map, players from two factions vie for global control by hacking portals placed at strategic locations. These locations turn out to be anything from cultural centers to historical markers. The latest upgrade features some bug fixes and improved smoothness which is always welcome for this beta application. There were also a few minor tweaks to the...]]>
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HTC Begins Replacing Executives, Appoints Lorain Wong As VP Global PR Mon, 10 Jun 2013 21:14:16 +0000 http://2033 Marvin Ferrell
HTC has started filling executive positions that had been vacated en masse in recent days, beginning with the appointment of Lorain Wong as VP of Global Public Relations. Wong now takes the reins of HTC's Global PR efforts, which have arguably been lacking in recent years. Members of the press, analysts and many consumers must now wait to see if HTC will promote its devices with a more concise and effective message under Wong.In her new role in HTC, Wong will also be managing internal communications which is a big deal for global companies. To put it another way, she makes sure the left hand knows what the right hand is doing, which is very important in order to maintain a consistent public image around the world.Wong brings a lot of experience with her, including 25 years of marketing, communications and media experience. Her last post was as Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communications for Pacnet where she managed a global team delivering corporate media and analysts...]]>
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S-Off achieved for the Droid DNA and HTC One Sat, 08 Jun 2013 10:21:09 +0000 http://2026 Jeff McIntire
Just over two weeks ago, a new S-Off method was teased for the Droid DNA and the HTC One, which is capable of bypassing the bootloader lock Verizon had reinforced with its 2.0.x firmware updates for the DNA. The method, called "Moonshine," was posted late Friday night on XDA, as was another S-Off method called "revone." If you got a Droid DNA with the 2.0.x firmware out of the box, you can finally gain full access to your device.If you have an HTC One on the other hand, all carrier variants of the device already have official bootloader unlocks available on HTCDev (even AT&T hasn't gotten around to blocking the HTCDev unlock for its variant, despite having made known its intention to do so). In the unique case of the HTC One, simply unlocking the bootloader gives you Nexus-level access to your device. For this reason, many of you might not have as much incentive to get S-Off on your device as, say, a Droid DNA owner who got stuck with Verizon 2.0.x firmwar...]]>
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Is AT&T close to defeating the Loki bootloader script for its Galaxy S4? Fri, 07 Jun 2013 18:13:23 +0000 http://1994 Jeff McIntire
The perpetual cat-and-mouse game between the Draconian Big Two Carriers and the development community just went another round, as it appears that AT&T has a patch in the works that renders the Loki bootloader script for the Galaxy S4 unusable. According to RootzWiki supermod designgears , the aboot file for a possible AT&T patch in the works is resistant to the Loki script, and Loki creator djrbliss is aware of the issue.The aboot file designgears tested is part of a build for the Galaxy S4 Active SGH-I537, but is also coming in an update for the AT&T Galaxy S4 (SGH-I337). In the wake of this news, I suggest that those of you who are on AT&T and intend to get a Galaxy S4 (but haven't yet) should get it as soon as possible, before this new aboot file is included out of the box. Those of you who already have the AT&T Galaxy S4 should not accept any OTA updates. If you're already on a custom ROM, you probably won't be prompted to install this update to...]]>
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AOKP Ribbons - a screenshot tour Fri, 07 Jun 2013 06:29:54 +0000 http://2002 Jeff McIntire
One of the latest major additions to the AOKP feature family is Ribbons, in which apps, navigation bar actions and other action shortcuts are placed on slidable "ribbons." These ribbons can be swiped in from the right, left and bottom edges of your device and can be added to the notification shade, the quick settings panel and the lockscreen. This screenshot tour will explain the basics of AOKP's latest signature feature.I'll start by showing you the ribbons themselves. In the article header and the first screenshot below, I went with the default icons for app and action shortcuts, but on the rest of the screenshots, I decided to show off the fact that you can use custom icons for each shortcut. I also used a semitransparent green ribbon background on the one that swipes from the right edge, and I on the third screenshot in this group I used the "action icon matches text color" option. If you want to use a ribbon on the bottom (not pictured), you have to eith...]]>
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ParanoidAndroid's HALO Feature Enters Beta Thu, 06 Jun 2013 22:38:38 +0000 http://1986 Max Moss
Because Paranoid Android is always adding new features that push the limits of Android, the developers always seem to be releasing alpha builds, which might scare off a lot of the more casual users. If you are hesitant to live on the bleeding edge by running alpha builds, you might be a bit more comfortable testing your feet in the beta waters, where Paranoid Android's HALO notification system now resides.Paranoid Android made a big splash in the Android ROM community when they allowed any supported device to run a tablet UI and set custom DPI settings for each app. The developers made more waves when they gave users the option to change the colors of the UI for each individual app. Then they introduced PIE controls to their ROM, allowing for a full-screen experience without the need for an on-screen navigation bar.Recently, they have been building a new feature called HALO, which is a Facebook Chathead-like experience that puts all of your notifications in a “halo” that pops up...]]>
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Stock Google Keyboard Swipes its Way into the Play Store Wed, 05 Jun 2013 22:27:43 +0000 http://1978 Max Moss
In the past few months, we have seen many Google apps normally integrated into Android (or gapps packages for us AOSP-based ROM flashers) released as standalone apps in the Play Store for everyone to enjoy. Joining this group of apps Wednesday was the stock keyboard that we saw ship with Jelly Bean, available for download now.The keyboard that came with Jelly Bean (now called “Google Keyboard”) introduced Google’s version of Swype, which they call Gesture Typing. The keyboard also works for 26 different languages and has next-word predictions and current-word completions, along with a very accurate auto-correct function and voice dictation. What's interesting about Google putting this in the Play Store is that they seem to be moving towards a separation of Google apps and Android. Now, they can update all of these core apps without updating Android. This also seemed to be a theme at I/O this year. This should allow for more often updated core apps while OS updates actually...]]>
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Gameloft Releases First Gangstar Vegas Dev Diary Wed, 05 Jun 2013 21:14:12 +0000 http://1962 Marvin Ferrell
For a little while now Gameloft has been teasing the latest game in their popular Gangstar series, Gangstar Vegas. Despite the obvious resemblance to Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto games Gameloft has managed to push the envelope of what we think is possible on Android devices with each successive title. Up until now Gameloft has used teaser images of the game's infamous criminals to tease the title, leaving fans a bit frustrated that very little had been shown in the way of gameplay. Perhaps in response to these concerns, Gameloft has released the first episode in a series of developer diaries taking us inside its Montreal studio, and what we found out was that they have one massive game in the works. How big? Nine times bigger than Gangstar Rio with highly-detailed environments which are true to the iconic city of Las Vegas, from MMA arenas to Casinos for gambling.Gameloft has also made some advances under the hood with brand new driving mechanics powered by the Havok physi...]]>
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Is Sony's Xperia Z joining the Google Edition club? Wed, 05 Jun 2013 22:11:09 +0000 http://1970 Jeff McIntire
Hot on the heels of the announcements of Google Editions of the Galaxy S4 and the HTC One comes a rumor that Sony's flagship Xperia Z might be joining the Google Edition club. Sony is already well-known for its developer-friendly policies, so it wouldn't be much of a stretch to imagine that these rumors could be true. On the other hand, since Sony has already published AOSP source code for the Xperia Z, it seems a bit redundant to me for Sony to release a Google Edition.As I mentioned before in another article , Google Edition phones strike me as a media ploy for OEMs while giving Google a wider selection of devices in its Play Store catalog (a "win-win" right?). For that reason, Sony might indeed release a Google Edition of its phone for GSM networks. Incidentally, I suspect the real reason we don't see Google Edition devices available on CDMA networks is that CDMA binaries are closed-source and it was like pulling teeth to get CDMA blobs released to AOSP for t...]]>
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NVIDIA Demos Digitizer-Free Stylus Technology Tue, 04 Jun 2013 23:17:41 +0000 http://1946 Marvin Ferrell
You may have noticed the barrage of new tech and devices coming out of Computex, one of the largest annual technology exhibitions. This year NVIDIA had a lot of things to show from battery saving screen technology to new devices. One of the demonstrations that stood out for me was put on by NVDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang in which he showed off a remarkable new stylus touch method based entirely on software. The new feature was demoed on a prototype 7 inch Tegra 4 tablet using what's called a "simple" stylus - another way of saying it does not require a digitizer - and features sensitivity down to the millimeter.This technology allows the device to pick up on various levels of pressure sensitivity, allowing for some very precise calligraphy. Software-based processes in the background that utilize NVIDIA's GPU cores to handle rate of detection also promise to improve battery life over traditional digitizer based screens with stylus support. One example of the ability of this...]]>
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Falcon Pro hits 2.0, beta available through the new Play Store Beta feature Wed, 05 Jun 2013 23:10:34 +0000 http://1954 Max Moss
Falcon Pro, one of the most popular third-party Twitter clients in the Play Store, is getting some very cool updates in the coming days, as announced by the developer, Joaquim Vergès. Joaquim took to his Falco Pro Twitter account late last night to announce and tease some new features, themes and a beta release.Joaquim announced that Falcon Pro would be taking advantage of the Play Store’s new beta feature, and first up for the beta testers is Falcon Pro V2.0. The beta is available now, and you just have to join the Falcon Pro Google+ community and become a tester through the link posted there. After that, update the app from the Play Store and you will be on V2.0.In the beta, you have access to a new all black theme, as well as updated “flatter” grey and white themes. They are pretty slick looking, and while I really liked the old themes, I think these are just as good or better. Falcon Pro was known for it’s Google Now card style, but now it seems like there is just one gian...]]>
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Red Box Instant Available For Some Google TV Models Tue, 04 Jun 2013 20:42:18 +0000 http://1938 Marvin Ferrell
Possibly lost in the shuffle of major product and platform updates at Google I/O was the announcement by Verizon and Redbox that Redbox Instant was coming to Google TV. The wait is officially over, as Google announced the arrival of Red Box instant for Google TV devices Tuesday via its Google TV blog. Instant access to some RedBox programming will now be available for viewing on the big screen if you have a RedBox subscription. Device support is limited however, a symptom of a larger problem that continues to plague Google TV.Redbox Instant availability on Google TV is naturally good news for the platform overall, but many Google TV users own first-generation devices for which Redbox Instant will not work because of the lack of DRM support in those models. Still, when the Android 4.2 JellyBean Update arrives for Google TV in the coming months it should greatly expand the list of supported devices. For now, though, Redbox Instant only works on the 47G2 and 55G2 Google TV-enabled S...]]>
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Gmail 4.5 Released with a Refreshed Interface and the New Gmail Tabs Mon, 03 Jun 2013 21:58:07 +0000 http://1929 Max Moss
Google recently updated its desktop web client to include 4 new tabs that intelligently sort your email into Social, Promotion, Updates, and Forums. Today, the Gmail team has released an update to the mobile app on both Android and iOS that brings these new tabs and a few more features to your mobile device.Over the winter, the iOS Gmail app was updated to include an updated interface that was much prettier than the interface on Android. Many Android fans felt a little bit betrayed, but we waited, and hoped , and waited some more. Finally during Google I/O, a new interface was teased during one of the developer sessions and we knew an update was near. The wait is over, as the app update was finally released today.Right away you will see the slightly tweaked inbox view. Instead of having that boring grey man if a contact doesn’t have a contact picture, we now get the first letter of the sender’s name. This has been on iOS for months, but it is a welcome change to the Android app. Al...]]>
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Big Red gets the Big One - HTC One officially headed to Verizon Mon, 03 Jun 2013 23:19:14 +0000 http://1937 Jeff McIntire
After the rumors, the standard corporate denials, the renewed rumors from those who didn't buy the corporate denials and the "leaks," it's finally official: the HTC One is coming to Verizon. The VZWNews Twitter account announced Monday that "it's coming...later this summer" with Verizon's LTE basebands in tow.Most of the specs we already know - a quad-core 1.7Ghz Snapdragon 600, a 4.7-inch 1920x1080 SLCD3 display, 2GB RAM, 32/64GB storage, dual front-facing speakers, etc. What we don't necessarily know is what version of Android it will carry, though rumors suggest Android 4.2.2, presumably in the form of Sense 5.1.Naturally, I expect Verizon to follow AT&T's example of locking the bootloader in order to preserve the "quality user experience" on its network (translation: fewer returns from people flashing custom firmware and "forgetting" to mention that detail). Of course, S-Off (thus bootloader unlock) has already been...]]>
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Vine App Hits Android's Play Store Mon, 03 Jun 2013 18:13:32 +0000 http://1921 Mike Lewis
Fans of short looping videos will be excited to hear about the launch of Vine for Android. The application, which is owned by Twitter was originally released solely for iOS January, 2013. The initial release for Android still is missing a few key features, but is a serviceable release for anyone using Ice Cream Sandwich and newer.Here are Vine's initial features for Android:• Unlimited uploads and free• Instantly post videos on Vine, then share to Twitter and Facebook (more coming soon!)• Find, follow, and interact with people close to you• Explore trending posts, featured hashtags and editor's picks• And so much more. The setup is simple enough - you are greeted by a fast-moving hot air balloon, after which you can either create an account or link it to your existing Twitter using its OAuth. Using Twitter authorization was just two taps for me and my account was created. Once inside the application there are 4 scrollable tabs, using a similar interface as the native Tw...]]>
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Crashlytics for Android Released, debugging made more efficient for developers Fri, 31 May 2013 19:59:35 +0000 http://1905 Derek De La Cruz
Are you an Android developer having difficulties managing your crash reports and detecting the main cause? The Crashlytics team posted an announcement Thursday claiming that relief is now available via Crashlytics for Android. The popular service that started in iOS has made its way to Android, bringing all the features iOS developers have been enjoying for quite some time now. The Crashlytics team says that they are out to build the "most powerful, lightweight crash reporting solution for the Android platform." Crashlytics is said to delivers real-time crash reporting across all devices. Crashlytics breaks down every bug by device model and version, which helps to divert more of a developer's time to fixing the issue rather than finding it.The Crashlytics SDK for Android is available now. Crashlytics Tools work seamlessly with IntelliJ, Eclipse and Android Studio (beta), bringing you bug report information in an environment you are already familiar with. Its IDE plugin...]]>
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Google Search Now Includes Nutrition Information Fri, 31 May 2013 19:42:09 +0000 http://1889 Derek De La Cruz
Have you ever wondered the nutritional value of the food you eat? If you do a simple Google Search on this information, it will bring up the correct information but from many different sources. As nice as that is you still need to click the link to view that information. Thursday, however, Google announced yet another improvement to its search engine. Google Search will soon include a nutritional information panel in the search results page. Google took to its Search blog (Inside Search ) to announce this handy update, which is powered by its highly-touted Knowledge Graph . In Thursday's announcement, the Google Search team indicated that you will be able to find extensive nutrition information for over 1,000 fruits, vegetables, meats, and meals in search. The new Knowledge Graph-powered information panels are a design I have grown to love. The data comes in the form of cards on mobile device screens, much like what we have seen from Google Now. In a desktop browser it is more...]]>
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Friday's Big Question: Are you getting a "Google Edition" Device? Sat, 15 Jun 2013 18:14:18 +0000 http://1913 Marty Eich
Two "Developer Edition" and two "Google Edition" devices were announced in recent weeks, followed by the bomb that Dennis Woodside dropped that the Motorola X-Phone is coming out in "late summer." This week's Friday's Big Question wants to know if you are interested in any of the candy that's been waved in front of you lately.It seems as though HTC has been playing the reactionary role rather than the proactive one lately. First, Wall Street clamored for years that Facebook needed to deliver the Facebook Phone that everybody wanted. Who caved and made the phone that about twelve people actually wanted? HTC. Then, Samsung made waves (I guess) by announcing a "Google Edition" which had by far the funniest crowd response ever (*chirp chirp*). Who recently caved and announced a "Google Edition" to their flagship device? You guessed it, [s]Blackberry HTC. If you're looking for a cost/benefit analysis of HTC and Samsung...]]>
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New profiling app uses new Google location APIs, changes device settings based on location Sat, 22 Jun 2013 01:16:10 +0000 http://1873 Jeff McIntire
Have you ever wanted to automatically turn your WiFi off when you're no longer in range of your home network? Are there any other settings you would like your phone to automatically change based on your location? RootzWiki and Team Kang developer Stevespear426 has developed an app to do just that, taking advantage of some of the new location APIs Google unveiled at I/O and a rewritten version of Geofences developed by Steve himself.Fences takes advantage of Google's new location client APIs, which enable a location lock accurate to within a roughly 15-foot radius in some cases, even if you only using one of the three location services (GPS, WiFi or mobile network location services). The high level of accuracy can pinpoint your location within a mall, for example, meaning you won't have to go hunting for the nearest physical mall directory (of course, this example assumes that the mall's layout information is accessible to Google).As I mentioned earlier, Steve rewro...]]>
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Google Announces HTC One Google Edition at D11 Mon, 03 Jun 2013 18:17:01 +0000 http://1881 Kevin Ethridge
Clearly, the D11 conference in California is a far bigger draw for breaking news than CTIA was. After Wednesday's announcement of the Moto X comes an announcement Thursday morning by Google’s Senior VP of Chrome Sundar Pichai (who also heads Android these days ) confirming the rumors that HTC will release a “Google Edition” of the HTC One running stock Android. The phone will be unlocked and will work with AT&T and T-Mobile . It will be available June 26th for $599, undercutting the Galaxy S4 Google Edition by $50.This phone, like the Google Edition S4, will be sold through the Play store at the full retail price on June 26. The One comes with an unlocked bootloader, 32GB of storage, and the required LTE, HSPA+, and quadband GSM/EDGE to work on AT&T and T-Mobile (unsurprisingly, still no love for the CDMA Verizon and Sprint networks). With both the Galaxy S4 and One available unlocked and running stock Android, Google is adding a lot of options for people who...]]>
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X-phone is Now The Moto X, Coming This Summer Mon, 03 Jun 2013 18:16:43 +0000 http://1865 Kevin Ethridge
At the D11 conference yesterday, Motorola Mobility’s CEO Dennis Woodside revealed some details about the much rumored X-phone, specifically that it will be called the Moto X. He stated that it will be available by October, but in a later press release Motorola stated it would be available this summer.During his talk he referred to the phone as having the ability to “know when it's in your pocket, we know when it's in your hand, it's going to know when you want to take a picture and fire up the cameras." This is likely powered by the new APIs Google unveiled during I/O, taking advantage of a combination of sensors (which would logically include a gyroscope, an accelerometer, a barometer, an IR sensor that detects hand movements and a proximity sensor, among others). The Moto X is expected to have an extensive list of sensors to rival or even surpass the Galaxy S4 .Unlike previous phones from Motorola which were Verizon exclusives (with similar devices released on oth...]]>
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Verizon pushing major OTA for Galaxy S III - multi-window and more onboard Thu, 30 May 2013 01:21:07 +0000 http://1857 Mike Lewis
If you run stock on your Verizon Galaxy S III, you might be interested to know that Big Red announced a fairly large update to its Galaxy S 3 on Wednesday with new features including multi-window, best shot, Samsung gallery and a few more minor enhancements. The update should start pushing over the next several days.Here is a full list of updates and enhancements per the announcement:Access your Wi-Fi connection easily on multiple devices when in Hotspot modeUse 'bill to my Verizon Wireless Account' when buying apps from Google PlayAccess phone screen without unlocking device when connected via Bluetooth headsetUse two apps simultaneously side-by-side with Multi Screen and Multi WindowCategorize and display images, photos, and videos with Samsung GallerySync two deices and sh are content seamlessly with S Beam's Auto Share ShotTransfer content easily between devices with Samsung Smart Switch toolGet popup suggestions from Page Buddy when connected to accessories like a w...]]>
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Paper Galaxy: It's Full Of Stars Wed, 29 May 2013 14:47:37 +0000 http://1841 Shane Rogers
Some days you just want to sit back, relax, unwind and have a nice stress-free couple of minutes: just you and your phone. Well, okay, maybe that’s not really the case. Let’s say that sometimes you just want to play a fun little game that requires somewhere between zero thought and absolutely no thought at all. If that’s the case, then you might want to give Liquid Entertainment’s Paper Galaxy a look. A mashup of an endless running game and platform jumping game, it’s up to you to get the playful little blue moon back to mother Earth - and out of the jaws of the evil crab nebula. Perhaps you're wondering "how in the world does a moon get lost from Earth?" Simple, it chases after a pretty little butterfly. Sure, these games very rarely make any kind of sense, but let’s be honest here, we don’t play these games because they make sense. Our little blue moon - aptly named Luna - has wandered out into the vastness of space chasing after silly little butterflies, and sudd...]]>
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Chip Chain: Match Three, Vegas Style (GGE) Tue, 28 May 2013 17:47:11 +0000 http://1833 Shane Rogers
I admit it, I have a bit of a problem when it comes to “match three” games - I just can't seem to avoid at least giving them a chance. There are a fortunate few that are able to bring just enough of a difference to the table to actually make them interesting. They come in role-playing types , building types and even old-school types , each uniquely entertaining in its own way. I also have to admit that when I first saw Chip Chain show up in the Play Store I was not all that convinced that it would be my cup of tea but decided that I would go ahead and give it a go. From the developers at AppAbove Games , Chip Chain brings with it a touch of strategy to the fold that is the match-three genre. Centered around the idea of being seated at a casino game, Chip Chain presents you with a playing board that you and the dealer will slowly fill with numbered chips (to go along with a few ‘X’ chips thrown in for good measure). The idea is absurdly simple - match groups of like-numbered...]]>
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New Gmail Screenshots Leak - Brings Tabs, Navigation, Enhanced Holo Sun, 26 May 2013 00:15:16 +0000 http://1849 Mike Lewis
The internet buzzed late this week after leaked screenshots were published hinting at some enhancements to the current Gmail desktop application and Android app. Photos posted by The Next Web and picked up by others show a more tabbed interface on the desktop similar to other updated Google services. Along with those updates, a slightly different user experience was shown with categories (aside from the existing labels) to help keep emails properly tagged. Our colleague at RootzWiki Derek De La Cruz wrote about the new Gmail search last week. These steps enhance and better integrate Gmail with Google Drive, Calendar, and other properties. With an updated user interface for both the desktop and Android app, Google is aiming to make the experience more seamless and provide a more consistent experience. Could these changes be Google's response moves made by Microsoft to push its [s]Metro "Modern UI" design into its full suite of desktop and mobile applications? http://t...]]>
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Android 4.3 camera outed in YouTube video - a screenshot tour Mon, 03 Jun 2013 18:24:10 +0000 http://1826 Jeff McIntire
Earlier Friday morning, a Nexus 4 on a trade show floor was pictured running Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, sparking a new round of "ooh - Android 4.3 in the wild" and "something looks fishy but the photos still look promising" speculations, but another development in the afternoon weighed in heavily in favor of the picture being real. A video was posted on Facebook (then copied to Google+, then to YouTube...) showing the Android 4.3 camera in action. Once again, I'm here to take you on a screenshot tour of the improvements Google made to the general UI. In Android 4.2, when you tap on the settings button on the lower right or long-press in the preview itself, you get a circular array of settings controls. The only problem with the circular layout is that your finger blocks you from seeing some of the controls. In Android 4.3 it appears that the controls have been rearranged to fit in an arc above the finger (why didn't they do this the first time around?). Without...]]>
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AT&T and Verizon Galaxy S4 Bootloader Bypassed with New Tool Called "Loki" Thu, 23 May 2013 22:47:07 +0000 http://1825 Max Moss
A while back, we found out (to no one’s surprise) that Verizon was locking down the bootloader on the Samsung Galaxy S4, but we were surprised when we found out AT&T was also doing this. Thankfully, the development community has pulled through and found a way to work around this. Dan Rosenberg (djrbliss) had unlocked the bootloaders on the AT&T and Verizon variants already, but just Thursday he published an explanation of how the unlock works and a Git repository to aid developers.Rosenberg has been a key player in the bootloader unlock and root game for some time, having developed solutions for many other devices that were locked down, like the other US variants of the S4 and the infamous Motorola bootloader . He seems to take pleasure in “breaking kernels” and hacking into bootloaders without leaks, as stated on his Twitter.He had tweeted at the beginning of May of a tool that would hack the AT&T S4’s bootloader, but didn't release the tool to the public until...]]>
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Improvements to Gmail Search to include emails, Google Drive docs, and Calendar Events Thu, 23 May 2013 22:27:41 +0000 http://1785 Derek De La Cruz
The new features for Gmail just keep coming. In this month alone the Gmail team has announced the ability to send money to users via email , merge your storage with that of Google+ and create calendar events from email information. Some companies would hold off and bring these features under one "revolutionary update" for maximum news coverage. Not Google, though - it releases them when they are ready and make a simple announcement through their respective product blogs, including Thursday's announcement of revamped search functionality in Gmail.When you search through Gmail the results will now show related entries from Google Drive documents and Calendar events in addition to emails. If you are like me, a stickler to having my information properly organized, this feature is simple but impressive.I have documents and calendar events that supplement some of my emails, so it recently hit me how annoying it was to have to open three tabs (Gmail, Google Calendar, and Goo...]]>
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Google Chrome Receives "Richer Notifications" Thu, 23 May 2013 21:56:12 +0000 http://1801 Derek De La Cruz
We have seen floating notifications before from many different services and programs. Back in January 2011, Google announced desktop notifications for email and chat messages. We still use this notification system today, but now Google is taking it a step further. The Google Chrome team took to its blog Thursday to announce it is bringing "richer notifications" to Google Chrome and the feature is already available through the beta channel .What exactly does "richer notifications" mean? The standard notifications include one function that allows users to click on them so they would be sent to the source. The Chrome team has redesigned the entire notification to make it look "beautiful, useful, and engaging." Engaging is exactly what it is now. Depending on the notification it will display text and images that will include action icons within the pop up. This is to help users perform respective actions for certain notifications, for example replying to an emai...]]>
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Developer Editions of the Verizon and AT&T Galaxy S IV models "coming soon" Thu, 23 May 2013 21:01:11 +0000 http://1817 Jeff McIntire
Samsung's Galaxy S IV already has a Google Edition of its flagship available sans the locked down bootloader, so why announce that developer editions for AT&T and Verizon "coming soon?" At least two reasons come to mind: the Google Edition is only compatible with GSM networks (thus Samsung is throwing Verizon customers a bone), and the Developer Edition will have all the TouchWiz-based goodies since it does not come with stock Android out of the box.The CPU powering the Developer Editions will be the Snapdragon 600, clocked at 1.9Ghz - otherwise, the specs are identical to all other current variants (I suspect the real reason the Exynos Octa-based version is not more widely available is that Samsung simply can't make enough of its own-branded CPU at this time). Of course, the Snapdragon-based variants are already more developer-friendly, which accounts for the early availability of custom AOSP-based ROMs for most of them.As I mentioned in an earlier article ab...]]>
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More indications of a HTC One Google Edition surface, possible announcement within two weeks Thu, 23 May 2013 19:49:28 +0000 http://1809 Jeff McIntire
Russel Holly, who accurately predicted the Galaxy S IV Google Edition (which many of us thought would never happen as recently as one day before its announcement at Google I/O), now has unearthed new evidence that HTC may follow suit with its One flagship and may even announce it within two weeks.It is unclear whether such a device would be sold in the Play Store, but it is likely that it would only be compatible with GSM networks, and it may or may not support AT&T and T-Mobile's LTE networks. Of course, the regular edition of the One already has bootloader unlock and custom AOSP-based ROMs available for most variants, not to mention that an unlocked Developer Edition is already available. Still, getting AOSP on the HTC One takes some doing, so a Google Edition of the One might still be a hit for the struggling Taiwanese manufacturer. Besides, Samsung's Galaxy S IV Google Edition was a big hit with the media despite a Developer Edition coming soon and many current...]]>
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